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Favorite Scoob Guest Verse Of 2010? [Poll]

Published: November 16, 2010 in Big Scoob by

It’s been a year since Monsterifik came out, but since then we’ve been able to hear the big fella throw his weight around with some notable guest spots. The following verses are what happens when you let a Damn Fool in the studio…

“Keep It One Hunit” – Tech N9ne Collabos – The Gates Mixed Plate
“I play it by my own rules, damn if I’ma change”
says Big Scoob on this testament to keeping it one-hundred-percent. With fellow MCs Tech N9ne and Glasses Malone, Scoob lays it down to let the world know that the day you catch him slipping is the day he’s a dead (Rogue) dog.

“In My Dreams” – Krizz Kaliko – Shock Treatment
Big Scoob came from the gutter, raps for the gutter, and is starting to finally see his way out of the gutter. This verse deals with overcoming the conditions of Scoob’s past life and how he’s dealing with the present. Coming from a life of gang banging to see yourself on stage in front of thousands of people screaming “Salue” must be a dream indeed.

“A**hole” – Tech N9ne – Seepage EP
Scoob just doesn’t give a @!#$, and lets it be known on this verse on Tech’s latest release. Despite not being as lyrical or complex as other MCs in the game, Scoob reminds everyone that in his world, none of that matters: “I’m not a rap cat, gives a fuck about your vicious flows / Big homie stay strapped with the fo’, so I got heat to blow.” Here Scoob shows a total disregard (if not contempt) for the “standards” of hip hop, saying: “Ya might win a battle, but I’LL !@#$ you up!”


  • Sir Earlgenius

    Hot Damn it man! I saw you guys at Blondies in Detroit and you muthaphunkas kicked ass! I came in some flip-flops shorts and a tank top. When i left, i had on shorts! Hellified show! Me and my partna snuck around back, and we met big Krizz, and Brutha lynch! What a nite! My fav was when you came on and did tha damn thang, even if only for a short set. Strange musik is tha shit, especially wit so much ‘hog in their style!’ Famlay, Im like you, “i only know hard”!~EarlGenius


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