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Tech N9ne Shares Lyrics From Planet-Bound Cut Entitled 'Brightfall'
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PISSED: Tech Hits Twitter In Response To KC Star Review [Social]

Published: November 18, 2010 in Tech N9ne by

The Kansas City Star published a review of Tech N9ne’s Seepage EP today. The review, for the most part, is a typical write up of Tech’s music and the basis for the EP. The author, Joel Francis, really helps set the tone of the dark music on the EP, and seems to have a good handle on Tech N9ne’s catalog. In trying to highlight the darkest points of the CD, the author had the following to say:

The blackest moment is the brief “Bite Me.” Stopping shy of two minutes, the song opens with a snippet from an unmade porno before Tech N9ne fantasizes about vampirically raping a “teen ho.” The female-sung chorus of “bite me/excite me” suggests the act is consensual, but the screams and pleas to stop through the song’s fade reveal the truth. The sick savagery is reinforced with a creepy violin loop that recalls the “Transylvanian Lullaby” in “Young Frankenstein.”

Tech took exception to the comments about rape and voiced his concern over his official Twitter. Turning to his fans for their thoughts, he tweeted this:

“Help me out Yaw! If dracula bites a girl against her will its not rape right?”

That’s more like assault right ?”

Well maybe even attempted murder cause dracula kills but not rape right?”

He later showed his concern over the article as well:

Well why the Fuck the kc star say I’m raping a teen on BITE ME?”

she asked me to bite her DURING consensual sex then I bit all the way and she said stop biting.”

They said I’m talkin bout raping a teen Ho when she was down for the sex PLUS asked for the biting!”

I won’t take slanders like this. She was all the way wit it till I went super nosferatu on her! NOT RAPE!”




Obviously disheartened by the words chosen in the review, Tech N9ne has shown that he is not shying away from voicing his opinion.

Click here for the full review.

  • JosH

    I think the important thing is that he’s ‘raping’ or ‘biting’ a TEEN.

  • Fezzman

    Good for you. Voice your concerns and feeling on the situation or those mother fuckers are gonna think you don’t take it lightly and agree and he’s gonna think he interpreted some revealing shit that’s really him not listening well enough.

    The song bangs, you didn’t do a damn thing wrong.

  • Fuck that. KC Star can suck a dick. Tech aint no rapist. Bitches get freaky and shit happens, so fuckin what. I can say I’ve had girls ask me to bite them too. Aint nothin wrong with it. He’s not out there cuttin em open and drinkin the blood. ALL I HAVE TO SAY FOR KC STAR IS SUCK A FAT ONE

  • SiCa

    This wut happens wen tech gits fam.. see if he was underground nobody would care.. but now he gots alot of people listen’n to his music.. people look to damage his image… but tech shouldn’t even reply.. just ignore the bullshit

  • BIG teddy

    That is some bull. The song goes on to say, “19 shouldn’t be so damn freaky”, so the teen is an adult!!! Tech don’t worry about this bu11sh!t. Maybe if these assholes would listen to the whole song and not take it outta context there wouldn’t be a problem.

  • Merv

    I posted this on Techs FB wall. And I stand behind it!

    Damn Tech. Don’t be THAT guy. You especially already know that every song can be made in to something it isn’t. You’re blowing up right now, and you’re looking REAL bad stressin this shit man. Don’t let this music make your life. Let your LIFE MAKE THE MUSIC HOMIE!

    KCK got ya back!

  • i love getting bit! n if i told tech to bite me i would of said the same shit like nooo dont stop…. but in reality i would want him to bite me harder thats just how we females r sometimes stupid ppl like kc star just tryin to make tech look bad fuck them!!! they can suck a fat dick!!

  • That Reviewer is an Idiot and sucks at his job, because he can’t understand the song when the lyrics are clear. If Tech said he pulled her hair in the song, i’m sure he would of added that he was trying to Decapitate her too, lol

  • So fuckin What @josH haha, it says in the song she’s 19, last time I checked it was legal to get wit a 19 year old chick lol. And besides you know These young chicks these days all be freaky, so it ain’t nothin that he was bitin on the chick. Your Fam and those close to you will understand that it ain’t nothin like that, they’ll always stand by you no matter what, fuck those who try to irk you, cuz jus like the darkness they tryna murk you

  • rellik213

    yo noone should be reviewing if they dont know what they are talking about if they actually listen and interpret the song right this review would of never came out like that i say kc star got it fucked up they obviously shouldnt be doing music reviews if they suck at it, keep it up tech your doin you dont stop that its just hater type shit n we all know how that goes but your fans lovin it tech, good shit XD

  • I read that stupid ass article. They didn’t even listen to the song!!!! Where in the song did RAPE come in. If you don’t get the song don’t do an article on it. They are lucky if Tech doesn’t sue. He has too many young female listeners for people to be calling him a rapist of teenage girls. I listen to the song like 5 times a day and it didn’t sound like rape to me.

  • ooohhhh…i get it, There Tryna Bring Him Down Now, Since He’s Gettin’ Attention From The iNdustry, and it’s Sad That’s it’s in His Own Hometown…SMH! Now We See How Much #POWER The iLLuminati Has!!!

    Fuckin’ BloodSuckin’ Extortionist!!!

  • Fuzzys420

    the guy from kc star ………..hard up haha

  • Dicedas

    Tech N9ne has the stupidest fans. Time 4 every1 2 form a mob and lynch a small, local, newspaper journalist 4 what? He REVEIWED A SONG. He didn’t call Tech a rapists. He simply heard the song, said what he thought was the concept and that’s it. No charges pressed, no law involved, just words in a newspaper. Whoa man, Tech’s losing it. 1st the whole Seepage beef w/ the fan, then spending alot of time posting unworthy nonsense on his website and calling it news, now this overreaction. This is what happens when you carry yourself a certain way. When are rappers gunna grow up and quit putting themselves in situations w/ women. I know the young lady isn’t the cause of this ruckus but it’s still a representation on how stupid rapper/entertainers are. It’s kinda not all their faults bkuz we’re the idiots that worship these entertainers so obsessively that they start believing they’re God & condone and defend everything they say & do but if we heard some everyday Joe Smoe doing the same exact things (i.e. a 40 year old man fucking and biting a “Teen Ho” till she bleeds) we’d be like no trial, no jury, hang that man. I know it was consentual I’m simply making a point. He’s lucky that girl isn’t getting the law involved bkuz he’s black and we saw what happened 2 Tyson, Pac, Mystikal ect. Plus all that King Of Darkness, It Was An Accident, I just wanna be a normal boy shit would’ve been used against him. Hell, even X-Rated got life for the shit that came out of his mouth on tracks so it’s not far fetched. Also why is Tech so pissed about what his kids teacher and his preacher are gunna think when they read the article because 2 me there’s a couple of things Mr. Yates over looked. First of all HE wrote a song about biting a “Teen Ho”, He glorifys bitches & strip clubs and money, HE openly challenges God’s existence, HE acts all surprised when dark shit happens when he’s the one that calls HIMSELF The King Of Darkness. None of that sounds like he gives a fuck what preachers or teachers care about. Grown men shouldn’t be acting like children, complaining about the situations they create for themselves. He’s not exactly living the holy life. So here’s a thought: Quit fucking 19 year olds ( you damn near 40) and take responsibility for the words that come out of YOUR mouth Mr. Yates. Complaining about a lil ol article on FaceBook doesn’t sound like something a King Of Darkness would do. Yall need 2 calm down and quit forming an angry, digital lynch mob just bkuz your God got mad @ words on paper.

  • Damonkeyhga

    dam its just a song, sounds like the journalist guy twisted words to make it seem like the song is so evil, i love dat song, i keep reapeting it, yea its a crazy song buts not like im inspired to now go and bite a bitch n make her scream, its music, Tech should be pissed, they choose one crazy song to analyze n ignore all of his other countless classics. KC star, one article of slander will not stop the rise of TECH N9NE, keep doin wat your doin tech!

  • Hah…..spoken like a true lil faggot ass bitch. It’s haters like you who make my day. How long did it take you to type all this shit up? NOBODY GIVES A FUCK WHAT YOU THINK….however; the fact that you typed a damn journal saying a whole bunch of nothing is really pathetic….you really have nothing else to do? Hey…..I have an idea for you…..why don’t you drive to a bridge, tie some concrete blocks around your ankles and take a flying leap into the river!! You are fuckin pathetic…

  • Nick W

    Dude, think about it..
    Ever heard of an eighTEEN year old or maybe even a nineTEEN?
    You’re doing the same thing the reviewer did, selective listening.

  • Seen the tweets and ran out and bought the KC Star.

  • thats fucked up! look at all the other singers and bands and artists that say that shit, and they arent being prosecuted cuz of what they say. I was raped when i was younger, do you really think id be behind Tech 100% if thats whats being said? Ima writter too, mostly dark poetry, I write fucked up shit, its called Imagination and TALENT. Tech has so much talent why should he be censored???

  • Hell yeah. Dont take this slanderous asshole’s shit. Youve had enough people defame you during your career and this guy went way too far. Were all behind you and we wont stand for this type of disrespect either. Fuck KC Star for not checking their information and fuck that pathetic excuse for a writer. Tech deserves a huge apology for this.

  • kid your a fucking retard, why the fuck would you post this shit on tech’s blog. obviously your crying out like a bitch nigga for some attention if you claim his fans are stupid then why comment on something there only going to read… same with tech, whats the purpose of the letter to get him pissed and write something at you to make you feel important? or do you really have no life and write a fucking book about somebody you dont even know to shit on them. well your still talking shit behind a computer tech n9ne is doing big things, and ofcourse his fans are going to defend him, you are on something made for them… and shit i love techs blogs its a wonderful thing.


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