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Tech N9ne ‘Ego Trippin’ Music Video [Video]

Published: November 28, 2010 in Tech N9ne by

Coming straight from the Bad Season mixtape, the official “Ego Trippin” music video has hit the web. As some of you may recall, Tech N9ne and Strange Music were on location in New York City to shoot the video. “Ego Trippin” features Krizz Kaliko, and special cameos by Kutt Calhoun and DJ Whoo Kid in facepaint. The gritty video, shot through a fish eye lens, gives fans a look at the bizarre world of Tech N9ne. The video is slightly out of sync with the audio but we will be on the lookout for a sharper version to replace the one currently available.

Watch “Ego Trippin” here or scroll down below.

  • nice video the only thing i notice is that the lip-syncing is off at a bunch of parts

  • only thing i can say about the video aside from it being dope is that there are some issues with the lip-syncing. at a bunch of parts you and krizz’s lips are moving out of sync with the lyrics maybe I’m seeing it wrong but other than that good video

  • Doug B.

    I’m beginning to think that the sync is off on purpose. The quality of his work is always on point so why would he let this video slip and be less than perfect or not what he wanted? Then again…who knows? Haha! Either way…Great song and cool video!

  • video response in sync up now!

  • Salahuddin Jitmoud

    Great song/video!
    And here’s one with a better sync: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTDqNkmxGB8

  • shits dope but why is it out of sync that fuc’n annoys the hell out of me.

  • love tech n9ne music

  • Sky

    Hell yea that shit was buggin me too lmao

  • Jeff Nelson


  • Anonymous

    Hope you guys can fix the sync issue and maybe link us with a fixed version (yeah, I saw the links).

    Great taste in cars btw haha, sweet video.

  • awesome fish eye!

  • Smalone44

    Ya I like that! Tell them not to trip. Then, well hey, you warned them. That’s fair!!
    Tech N9999ne!

  • G-Ko
  • Bgrill

    i hate it, i enjoyed the chorus though

  • Fuzzys420

    I love this one!

  • O.G.

    it’s iight but u cant knock it cuzz u dont know whats up.1 day ya’ll will grow up & be able 2 relate 2 all tech n9ne’z music.THIS IS GROWN FOLKS MUSIC!!

  • I can’t get enough of this song! Good work Strangers!

  • me

    Is this the actual song? The version I heard had, I think DJ Whoo Kid, after the first verse say,”
    Yo, play that again” and it does. Also, in the first refrain, after Krizz Kaliko says,” When we bust they clap their hands,” there are two gunshots. Was that just the version of the song I heard or is it the official?


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