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Tech N9ne Responds To Fan On [Social]

Published: November 1, 2010 in Tech N9ne by

Looks like Tech really is spending a lot of time on We came upon this forum post entitled “Tech and Strange are playing us for fools, and we are falling for it!!!!” in which a fan basically states that EP releases are just a way for Tech to make some quick bank at the expense of quality product:

“First let me say this even though you probably will berate me anyway…I used to love Tech N9ne, I have purchased every album from the Calm Before to Seepage, Tech used to inspire me because he seemed to be an artist that cared more for fans than money, more for artistry than fame, a real nigga who spit from the heart…

so maybe he been reading too much of his positive press, or maybe like in the interview he wants his fans to suck his dick…but give us incomplete songs and labeling it an EP like Lost Scripts and Seepage is just not right…Bite Me would have been a full track on an album, not one verse, Seepage seems like it was just cut short….the third track on the album is an INTRO!!! He charges us six dollars for that…Just like Lost scripts you can see these were tracks that were either unfinished or not up to par so instead of making a mixtape or just releasing them as bonus tracks, he charges us for it…Tech and Travis probably take baths in the money laughing at how easy it is for the sheepeople to buy this bull…

Again I know yall gonna cuss me out of say I ain’t a real fan, and I don’t care…as a Tech fan I just want him to keep it real, keep it G….just say this is some shit we wanted to get more money for….re-release KOD with these songs as Bonus tracks, but stop treating us like we are zoombies that will buy anything you put your name to…if 6’s and 7s is like this, then I will say thanks for the memories tech, wish him well, and be one less Tech fan…I got made love for 9 though, I just want him to stop being about the flash and cash and be about the music that made him the Hip Hop President he is today!”

Tech took little time to respond, and said the following:

how and why the fuck would i rap about biting a chick for more than 1 verse if it only happened with a particular chick ? this mutha fucka must have forgot i write MY LIFE? the money comes when i do my SOLO albums weirdo. i dont have to do ep’s, mixtapes, collabos or anything for you for that matter if thats how you feel that im just raking in the dough of a 5 dollar cd i did and didnt wanna for my fans. you two dollar mutha fucka. i want my fans to feel what i feel inside is why i do extra.”

Is the fan’s criticism justified? Click here to be directed to the forum post.

  • Hurricane9919

    i feel that it is important to release new ep’s and what not to raise money or whatever reason. I do understand why this person may be mad but it is to be looked at by a business standpoint also. Tech can not operate if he does not have funds. But also I feel that Tech needs to calm down with his responses to his fans. I am a die hard Tech fan and ill rep S & M for life but i feel that Tech needs to listen and appreciate his criticisms as he does his compliments. Lashing out at fans is not good for reputation and ego.

  • Yeah, I saw that. Psycho Bitch!

  • SO are u and lil wayne gunna colaborate and make a record together ckuz i am lookin foward to it both of u r amazing artists nd i would like to hear u two make a couple songs together

  • Megan Cederberg

    Fuck that fool. Tech ur the fuckin best.

  • I can agree only to a point. There’s just too many motherfuckers hopping on his nuts like they did Dylan when he picked up an electric guitar, and it turned out Dylan’s best shit was Blonde on Blonde and Highway 61. I mean…fuck. And to get mad at him for making a song with only one verse?! I didn’t know there were any obligatory time limits for rap songs!

  • T9X

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I saw that forum on TRTN. I didn’t think Tech would’ve ripped that guy a new asshole like he did but he sure fuckin’ did. I had also wished Bite Me was longer even before I heard Tech’s side of why the song was only one verse & I still dug the track. And after hearin’ Tech’s side of that story, it makes sense on why he only had one verse. People just look for any reason to hate on this guy.

    This is the result of you, thinking unclear, callin’ me weird, thinkin’ I’m a devil so you niggas don’t cheer, I don’t give a fuck what you think of TECCA NINNA THIS YEAR!!!

  • The Satanist Kid

    Tech keep doin what you do! your doin a good job and stupid mother fukkers like this aint gonna stop you, your just gonna KEEP ON KEEPIN ON!!!!

  • Motherfuckin rite homie……..that’s a load of fucking crap……..tell em how it is tech

  • Mrmurda1


  • Trojan17

    tech n9ne. let him know. at least tech is being real and not fake or just lettin it pass. if you were being criticized- you’d respond in some kind of way too. TECH N9NE TILL THE GRAVE!

  • Autumn Rimer

    I think tech should just ignore these idiots. fans are gonna go back and forth, and even some will say stupid shit just like we do to our own friends and family. I liked seepage, it was nice to just get some new stuff from him since I just saw him in Cleveland. I think it’s neat that he puts out the EPs, usually artists only do that when they are new, but I think it lets you inside the artist. Tech stop waisting your time yelling at people that don’t deserve the time.

  • Earth Angel

    Tech needs to start growing up… he’s pushing 40 and still wants to get his 18 yr old female fans to suck his d%^*… As much as that man keeps sinning is no wonder why he can’t stay out of the darkness… it’s gonna follow him until he starts really trying to live better for himself, his mom, and his kids… God forbid his kids suffer because of his ill actions. Sin open the doors for the darkness to enter and demons to take control… Tech is no God, but they will make him believe he is and when the bad things start happening he will look back and wonder why. The answers are already there, take the key and open the door already.

  • A TON of underground artists charge this much (and more) for their work…. Albums 5-10 songs deep will cost between $5 – $15 on the regular.

    I felt like Seepage was intended to be a “hook-up” for the real fans. It’s not often we’re let into someone’s intimate feelings…or frame of mind, like we were with Seepage. The argument shouldn’t be about Tech charging $1 per song on a 6 – track collab. (Just my opinion)….

    I’d pay $6 for Trippin Comin by itself = FIREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  • Entertained

    The interesting thing about Tech N9ne lately is he’s actually cussing his “fans” out for disliking his new “path”. I guess being a Hip Hop Artist is 1 of the professions where you can cuss out your customers. I like the fact this guy spoke the truth that alot of “fans” are feeling right now. This guy wasn’t rude or judgemental in my opinion it just sounded like he was disappointed in what Tech was putting out which he’s entitled to do because HE BOUGHT TECH’S MUSIC. If I buy something I own it and can say whatever I want about it. I agree that Tech’s new stuff isn’t that good. Last time I checked we still have freedom of speech. Just like everyone has been telling this guy if you don’t like it don’t buy it, well Tech if you don’t like some opinions don’t read it. It probably doesn’t matter to Tech but he lost a fan on this one. I guess to live in Tech’s world you have to have a Tech Tat and no opinion 4 yourself. Just keep saying he’s God and smile and shut the fuck up. I’m going to follow the advice of all you remaining Tech fans and not buy his music or go to any shows anymore. I’ll be damned if an entertainer(which Tech is no matter how much his fans try to deify him) is going to cuss out the people that made him rich then expect my money. That’s like paying for a steak at a resturant, not liking it and voicing that opinion then have the manager cuss you out for voicing your displeasure. Any normal person wouldn’t go back to that resturant but I see people applauding Tech 4 his comments. I hope Tech loses alot of fans over this because I feel what he did was juvenile (he called the guy a weirdo. That’s what my 4 year old niece and nephew say to each other when the tease each other) also it was disrespectful. I was going to give All 6’s & 7’s a chance but after his response to this fan, Tech has got has last dollar from me. Also I already got my ticket to Tech’s up coming show and I’ma scalp it as well. I hate when entertainers act like more then what they are. Tech is an entertainer not Jesus Christ. Once your brand of entertainment is no longer entertaining our business is over. No need for name calling though remember at some point that guy you cussed at use to buy all your stuff and probably has been to alot of your shows. I’m not sure if he still is a fan after that cause I wouldn’t be. If he isn’t a fan anymore that’s 2 fans Tech lost 2day. May not seem like much but keep saying fuck your fans who don’t like your blood homey and calling fans weirdos and 2 dollar muthafuckas and you might wake up 1 day w/ alot less fans and some serious problems moving records. Shouts to the man who spoke his mind and yall won’t have to waste time saying I not a fan and stop buying his music because like I stated earlier I’m not anymore and I won’t ever again.

  • Fezzman

    You guys need to grow the fuck up and open your mind. Illogical ass mother fuckers just runnin’ their mouth. HOW ABOUT 32 TRACKS ON KILLER? And EVERY fucking song beats the god damn block down and fucks you up lyrically. Get the fuck out of here you cheap ass bitch nigga fan. You have no problem paying him 10 bucks for 32 tracks but the moment there isn’t all this EXTRA shit you aren’t diggin’ it? SORRY ‘N SHIT bitch why don’t you write some lyrics for us to hear it? You need to think before you fucking speak. Anyone on here saying anything negative needs to go fuck off. IF YOU DON’T HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY, GET THE FUCK OFF THE SITE. Go listen to the fucking radio and buy that CD for 13.99 and have only 3 tracks you can even stand for more than a week. Get bent dude. I could fucking rant at you mother fuckers all day. You aren’t no fucking fan. You’re just some bull shit ass wal-mart shopper trying to get a bargain for your money. No one told you to buy the damn album. You don’t have 6 dollars to spare then don’t fucking buy it. Apparently you have internet. If you are trying to save money then call up COMCAST and cancel that shit. Fucking fake ass bitch. Irritating this guy, you done listened to the fucking track apparently. Give the nigga a fuckin’ break. You just talking out of your ass.

  • Str8 up Tech!! Thats what we love about ya dawg, the fact that you wright ya life. This idiot just wanted something to bitch about. Much Family Love to ya nigga!! Ya know the Juggalo Fam will alwayz have ya back and support whatever ya do. Fuck that ass hole.

  • Kauwed

    moth fucka…. tech should be able to do wat ever the fuck he wants…. hes doin us a favor asshole




  • I died a little @ the “you two dollar mutha fucka” line! HAHAHA! Fucking love you Tech, nothing will ever change that!

  • All I gotta say to the assholes that think they gotta bitch about how much they gotta pay for lyrics someone wrote and bitch bout how short or how long the damn track is DO IT YOUR DAMN SELF THEN!!! If you think its so damn easy I would love to see your bitch ass write one and demo it, until then SHUT UP!! To all the assholes that tell us to grow the fuck up cuz we listen to Tech, well y’all know right where to shove that shit. You don’t know us so don’t fucking judge us. Lastly, to the fucker that says Tech is a sinner well then ain’t we all?? Last time I checked I sure as hell wasn’t perfect!!! Tech keep doing what your doing hun, your doing awesome!!!

  • One_theory_mex

    we can go on with one less fan fuck that foo…TECH N9NE

  • HAHAHA mayn that dude sucks .. he put out the worst argument lol no sense whatsoever

    just thought id throw it out there .. but tech dont “cuss his fans” he cuss the people (or fans) THAT DONT LIKE IT!!
    n most tech fans i know are down with the switch .. its cool that he dont wanna just kill shit and kill him
    shiiiiiittttt dudes been the king of darkness forever let him fuckern party now haha
    n just like he said on harvey dent “if you dont like the new shit go buy the old shit”

    LOL im still laughing at dude that got told by tech hahahaha shame

  • HAHA for real ..techs already got worldwide army fuck that dude
    much love from australia

  • Twb1003

    First off Tech you have every right to put this dude on blast, if he felt cheated he didn’t have to buy it, Me personally have been a fan for about ten years and never considered myself as a “juggalo” or what not, Im just a fan of true lyrical content from you to Chamillionaire to dudes like Nas you are within those ranks each being different in your own way, but what he don’t realize is that you could be puttin your shit out for far more expensive prices then what they are. And i feel you are doin that for your fans not just true fans or real fans but for who ever wants to become a fan. Wasn’t like this kid couldn’t have checked the songs out on youtube or sum shit before he purchased. i’m behind you for what ever path you so choose to take even if you decide to go mainstream who cares as long as you are still makin good fuckin music and put on the best shows in the game who gives a fuck. What other rapper out there wants to come back to wichita ks twice a year every year no one but tech cuz thats real love for his fans. Broham do your thing

  • TheRepresenta’

    I kinda’ get the feeling that everything started with that wayne collabo…. that’s strange… the other thing is that i don’t get why people are mad at tech for what he’s doing i mean he’s an artist and he grows and we grow or fall with him, so the moment he goez up we go too and we gotta be happy for that… you can’t expect that he’s gonna be silent forever not saying anything to people disrespecting him but sayin they love him what the ? Besides people give him that shit all day 24/7 lately that hez trippin or that hez not him anymore and hes away from his kids and touring trying to satisfy ur thirst of darkness or what ever, call it a stress or what ever but hez givin his life towards music trying to reach everybody around the world being him, he hasn’t really shown his new him entirely for us to judge it and who the fffff are we to judge anywayz, its freedom of speech right ? so if we say what we wanna say he will say what he wanna say, we can express and he can express can’t really get that… and if ya don’t wanna buy albums dont buy em, so what if ya bought them ? u are just one in a million can really one opinion matter, what if we all come with different demands towards tech, does he need to satisfy all of them or does he needs to follow his mind ? HE HAS TO EXPRESS HIS MIND not OURS thats his job… damn i wuz just gonna write couple of linez


  • Twb1003

    First off Tech you have every right to put this dude on blast, if he felt cheated he didn’t have to buy it, Me personally have been a fan for about ten years and never considered myself as a “juggalo” or what not, Im just a fan of true lyrical content from you to Chamillionaire to dudes like Nas you are within those ranks each being different in your own way, but what he don’t realize is that you could be puttin your shit out for far more expensive prices then what they are. And i feel you are doin that for your fans not just true fans or real fans but for who ever wants to become a fan. Wasn’t like this kid couldn’t have checked the songs out on youtube or sum shit before he purchased. i’m behind you for what ever path you so choose to take even if you decide to go mainstream who cares as long as you are still makin good fuckin music and put on the best shows in the game who gives a fuck. What other rapper out there wants to come back to wichita ks twice a year every year no one but tech cuz thats real love for his fans. Broham do your thing

  • Hurricane9919

    yea i hear that and i can see why tech is pissed. i would probably be too if everyone was telling me i was wrong and calling me a sell out. And i can see it being very stressful but yelling at fans is going to do nothing to harm to him. of course doing projects with lil wayne and switching his style is going to offend and turn off some of his fans but when people see him cussing them out its only gonna drive new fans away. everyone just needs to realize that he is experimenting in new styles and its his own expression of his feelings. therefore everyone needs to give him a chance and if it doesnt work hey “sorry and shit” rite

  • trezodone

    if you hate on tech n9ne then fuck you! yo and yo moms !

  • I have much respect for Tech for constantly cranking out new tracks, unlike other artists who take several years to drop a so-so album. I don’t think Tech was too harsh at all in his response. He shows nothing but love for his fans then this motherfuck comes on here stating his opinion in a negative manner. I certainly didn’t ask for his opinion. W/e tho. Keep doin’ your thing Tech. You’re still the realest/most talented artist that I know of, and even though you’ve come so far now I still feel that you don’t get the respect you deserve, and to that hatin’ ass kid I say “Yada Yada Yada, nigga. That’s just talk!”

  • he can have his oppion…BUT he tryna say that the music wasnt worth $6…in so many words.

  • Haters Gonna Hate.
    I ve been a TECH fan since the very beginning. Having grown up and partying in KC has giving me the opportunity to have run into Tech in multiply settings. Whether it be at Diamonds Joes (strip club) hammered or a restaurant ,he has always been appreciative of me being a fan…Hell one time i was at a WWE event at the packed ass Sprint Center walking down the corridor and the next thing i know Tech is standing in front of me telling me he liked my jersey (tech football jersey) and thanks for the support . I mean how many other rappers would go out of their way to catch up to me and start a convo amidst 1000’s of people and then later bullshit with me for 5 minutes instead of spending that much needed time with his fam who he was there with.
    If you ask me in having the chance encounters thru the years he has gotten nothing but Humbler .

  • I love it when Tech gets on there and puts people in their place. Lol.

  • Jammal111

    Fezzman thank u for bein a real strange tech fan everybody is so fuckin negative man wtf for let tech do tech if u dont like it so fuckin be it what reason do u have to hate on him for techs doing what he fuckin loves to do which is speak his life and speak out what hes going thru yea bite me was one verse o the fuck well if thats all the nigga had to say about a bitch biting him then so be it shit in so many words i couldnt do a hole 3-4min song about a bitch biting me lol shit and yall sayin ur not gonna buy his shit or support him for a fan or xfan now said on here yea he said what he said but ur really gonna follow and listen to dude “o im not gonna go to his show now cus he disrespected another person” and ur really gonna sell that ticket noing dam well tech rocks the fuck outta shows wat a dumb ass nigga all tech did was speak his mind and be a real nigga dude that posted the shit should no how to take critisism of his own remember ur dealin with a REAL NIGGA! “CHECK YO TEMPETURE”

  • Dukecityspecialist

    Hey I thought I was supposed to be the 1 writing some of these blogs??? WTF happened????

  • thats dudes opinion and it sucks!

  • fuzz

    funny how this dude has been fan for so long and loved tech n9ne and prob always asked for more and more greatness…

    tech obv realized this as he is putting out absolutely everything he makes for the fans about his life…

    then this dude criticizes it as being incomplete or unfinishd..thts why its an EP..end of story…

    as tech said he doesnt have to do anything unless he wants to..its his music about HIS life..

    as far as charging for an EP that this dude labels as unfinishd..who cares..he is an artist and a label why wouldnt they make money off it… also he puts all his music on to dl for FREE u “2 dolla ***** *****”

  • Fuzzys420

    Tech N9ne is a beautiful soul, and ya, jealousy is a sickness, Dude, go get some meds. What do you do for a living? I’m sure I could find a way to criticize!!!!! Peace……..Asshole

  • zacwilde

    HELL YEAH TECH… YOU SHOULD GO SLIT THAT MOTHER FUCKERS THROAT HAHA…. if that mother fucker would actually listen to the shit you said about the album he would know… but just for the record ill explain for you…. SEEPAGE EP was 6 beats that were never used from K.O.D and tech just happened to stumble upon them when big krizz got horrible as shit news bout a homeboy from the days…. so fuck you, you dumb mother fucker for talkin shit to tech. we got soldiers everywhere that will whoop yo fuckin ass homeboy… LOVE YOU TECH always got your back even tho you dont really even need it haha… but for real.. much love from IOWA dog. get back at it… shoot me a post if ya want.. later man

  • zacwilde

    fuck you to entertained… you guys dont know shit… get a job and you could fuckin afford a 6 track EP…. fuckin christ dude…

  • APric694

    For real fuck that motha fucka!!! Tech is all about his fans and people think he isnt now cause he is talking to Wayne n shit. Thats a load of horse shit. People like that kid complained when The Mixed Plate came out cuase it wasnt dark enough, so now Tech come out with a Dark EP for his All 6’s and 7’s album that is gonna be comin and he is complaining about it. FUCK YOU FUCKER!!! TECH IS SO REAL WITH HIS MUSIC!!! I feel that seepage EP sooooo damn much. I had a friend just die in a fuckin car accident and it has been one hell of a dark time for me and listening to that gives me hope about things going to get better. That I’m not the only one feelin down and Low like this!! Only Tech could do that for me!!! I LOVE STRANGE MUSIC SO DAMN MUCH!!! THEY WILL NEVER CHANGE AND JUST LIKEP PSYCHOPATHIC SAYS FUCK THE HATERS BITCHES!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!! STRANGE AND PSYCHOPATHIC FOR LIFEEEEEE!!!!

  • Stamina would have been a full song on an album! Not… Oh wait 😛

  • Entertained

    Even so, it’s still just an opinion regardless of what was said and it’s not wrong to say something isn’t worth the amount of money it was sold 4 if you bought it. My main point was Tech talking shit to people who give him money. There’s not alot of professions where you can cuss out the people who are spending THEIR money in hard financial times to make your dreams come true and still remain loyal. Any other profession, customers wouldn’t be repeat customers after those statements.

  • Entertained

    It’s pretty simple. Talk shit to your customers, you lost me as a customer. Doesn’t help either that TGMP and Seepage (which I paid 4 both) were subpar in my/alot of fans opinion so there’s merit right there not “hating”. Tech isn’t God. He’s a black dude whos JOB is to ENTERTAIN. So with that said I look @ it from a man’s point of view. I don’t care if you’re Denzel Washington or Barack Obama. If I give you money to entertain and you feel it’s ok to disrespect the customers that give you money, I’ll spend my money esle where. I’m not @ all concerned about Tech’s show (apparently as much as you are) because it seems you can’t fathom me selling my ticket (Actually made a profit off of it). Tech is entertainment not part of our families and it wasn’t simply just “another person” he disrespected, it was a PAYING customer. Big difference there to me. Tech works for his paying customers not the other way around because last time I checked he hasn’t paid any of his customers ever. Once Tech becomes the customer I’d understand it being ok to talk shit to the people he paid for his entertainment. It’s strange to me (no pun intended) how alot of his fans follow him like he’s Moses. I know he’s talented but I still can’t understand why people worship someone Aaron Yates made up. (Essentially, at the end of the day, Tech N9ne is as made up as Alonzo Harris from Training Day). I’m not saying you’re one of those fans but judging by the”dumb ass nigga ” comment you probably have a Tech Tat. I don’t respect entertainers/anyone that spits in their PAYING customers faces and I don’t pay my money towards something I don’t respect. Lastly, this is my PSA for 2011. JUST BECAUSE YOU DON’T LIKE SOMETHING DOESN’T MAKE YOU A HATER! If you read both comments from the original guy that started all this and my comment you might find that it’s just 2 guys little ol’ opinions. No disrespect, no shit talking, no cussing Tech out, NO HATE. Just a little ol’ opinion. Thanks for your opinion though Jammal111. Besides the “dumb ass nigga” comment, through the remainder of your writing you made some points.

  • Entertained

    You’re welcome to your opinion zacwilde and I do have a job. My issue was never with money it was with famous cats talking shit to people that are paying them. You might ACTUALLY buy that “King Of Darkness” stuff but to me he’s just a black dude that raps well. I admire the passionate anger though that you have for a rapper you’ll never be friends with.

  • Entertained

    LMMFBAO! Threats from the killa state of Iowa… this post is classic! Also saying you love another man(and typing it in all caps like you’re screaming it from the rooftops) and 4 Tech 2 “shoot me a post if ya want” doesn’t mesh well with all the tough talk zacwilde. It’s kinda more groupie-like then soldier. I’m just saying… Love the post though kid I actually laughed audibly the whole time I was typing this! LOVE YOU ZAC always got your back even tho you live in Iowa haha … but for real… much love from KCMO dog….. shoot me a post if ya want.. later man… Thanx man you really made my day with this 1, great laugh out loud.

  • Fuzzys420

    Hey Tech, keep selling em any way you want. I don’t know what’s up with these haters? I get a lot of your music free, when I attend a VIP. What I pick up on the side, at your shows are half the price of mainstreeeeeem man, and twice as BAD! You’re blest, your music is blest, and so is Strange Music. Don’t let em bring you down. peace

  • Fuzzys420

    p.s. damn you fine!

  • Steffarley

    Right On!!!
    As T9 says: “F.T.I”
    Download it, if ya got a problem… Did’nt cost me $6!!
    S&M 4 Life….

  • Nicksworkspace

    This shit is crazy.What cant people realize that peoples gotta get money.What he does he does for his family(family:not just blood everyone that is close you would die for).sadly enough this world is built on aint got em you aint makin shit.have you seen a tech cd.that shit aint just 12 tracks and its over.That shit is packed every bit of 70 min.everyone is entitled to thier opinion so is tech.tryin to make it big and have your shit heard is what every artist wants.If he wants to blow off some steam by cussin its his right.this world needs to stop with the sensorin of shit and realize thats how most of us brings out raw feelings.Plus if you dont wanna pay for the shit it.if you like it buy it to support.thats how life works you like it you invest and in return you get to keep hearin new shit from your fav artist.If you end up goin your diffrent ways just do it.dont say nothin and no one gets hurt.

  • WOW! Really? You gonna write some shit out of a $6 CD? If you do the math….if the tracks were released as singles released on iTunes, it be more then $6!

    You just need to look at all the things Tech has done…shit don’t get more real then how he’s been treating his fans! Real Talk!

  • David F

    well!……..all i have to say is… I’ll respect tech n9ne no matter what. If he needed to find a way 2 make a buck so be it. People need 2 make money homie. If u dont like his style or music DONT TALK. BOTTOMLINE. What if u jus lost ur job or came off ur grind to make music instead of pushin an a punk wanna question how u make money?……EXACTLY….We are all human…. And Tech… keep doin what you doin and GOD bless you and your mom in this hard time. (and thats how u show respect you poor excuse for a fan)

  • David F

    Enough your not a fan get off the site you and the rest will be ignored by all including Tech from this point on. Go live life. Clown luv to all

  • Entertained

    Sensitive, sensitive, sensitive. It’s just my opinion man. Last time I checked the 1st ammendment still applies in America. I guess words are more powerful then we give them credit for. But for real I’ll get off the site. No disrespect intended on my previous post David F. Don’t be surprised though if I throw my 2 cents in after Tech makes that track w/ Wayne. Also this subject is actually boring already. Every1 recycles the same opinions on here extremely incapable of individual, objective analysis. Lastly if I didn’t buy GMP & Seepage I would of shut the fuck up on this matter. But since I DID buy them (plus every album subsequent Calm be4 The Storm) and TECHnically bought that ticket(plus many more tickets I’ve purchased and actually attended the shows through the years) I sold, I feel it’s my right, NAY, my duty to @ least speak my piece. Human luv to all.

  • Kaotictoons

    this asshole is stupid as shit these ep’s are like mixtapes a lil sumthin to warm u up for the new upcoming project an an of corse like alot of people when it comes to tech they think to deep into things or about things complaining about $6 wtf for 5 or 6 dope ass tracks quit buyin em if its braking ur bank “G” lol listen to the lyrics its always is real shit he spits n if u watch or read all his interviews he always lets u know exactly wut to expect so its fukn annoying when people act suprised when they hear shit he said gates was gonna b the complete apposite of kod a more up beat type shit so no suprise he warned u so why get upset wasnt like other artist not fully explaining there albums just boastin that its another classic when its not lol if ur really a fan an truly understand him an his music u will know an appreciate all that he does every album i heard him explain what to expect an every time it was on point ive been a fan since 02 n he has always been the same an honest wit his music n to his fans its funny when people can talk shit bout a artist so hard when they respond to defend themselfs or what ever the case is its like what the hell how dare he resond n say something in ther deffence hes got a ego blah blah n shit like wtf he loves his fans an does so much n they accuse him of shit cuz of deffending himself if u can dish out shit dont get mad if they get back at you dont say it if u dont want a response keep it to urself i no everybodys etitled to there own opinion its are rite n shit but with ur opinion there is always gonna be a response or a reaction so dont be suprise when u get one lol

  • Juggalizzle13

    Man, Some Technicians are FUCKIN TRIPPIN!! Tech Don’t wanna fuck 18 year old bitches, he wants a grown ass freak, just listen to “I Love You But Fuck You”. For real, Mu Fuckas don’t understand the industry n how much money it takes to put out an album professionally. Because if you did, and you understood business, you would understand that the return on an album with only 6 songs is nowhere near what it would be for a full length LP, mainly because, people like me, that LOVE Tech, and now all his albums, may or may not buy a EP. If you’re pissed cuz you spent 6 bucks on an album you don’t like, the only one to blame is yourself, for buying something b4 you read a review. QUIT BEING PUNKS and just ENJOY MUSIC!!!! Thats what it was created for! Besides, WTF is 6 bucks?? You can’t even buy a gram of chronic for that!! LOL

  • Hunterish_Airman

    Yo Tech is right. A little angry from hearing such ignorance.. I can’t blame him though. This nigga needs to get a life and stop penny fucking tech’s music. I’ve seen your profile and you use it just to hate on Tech. What in the hell are you doing on here? This site is for the love, but you know what?? If you haters, it means you stood up for something. So FUCK OFF HATER

  • Ampedryder

    It is worth so much more my brotha

  • Unitethenorth

    As an independent artist/fan of hip-hop i see what Tech is doing. These days in order to get your name out there you have to flood the market with your music to feed your fan base. which is the reason why people release mixtapes on a regular basis. As a long time Tech N9ne fan id gladly pay $6 for an EP if it will support him and his movement since as an artist myself i know how hard it is when your independent to get exposure. and furthermore why would you complain about paying $6 for CD anyway. Do you have any idea how much it cost to produce and distribute an album, a lot more then $6. Tech keep doing you and supplying us fans with real music cuz lord knows we need it, from all your fans up here in AK

    D The Lyricist of UTN ( signing off

  • Whatever u say dude. it was jus my opinion 2. im an american too sheesh….. no need to start a war. And u call me emotional O_o Lol

  • Puretoxic81

    I don’t belive this bullshit…man stop jumpin tech ever piece of shit jumps tech for some bullshit reason they just decide to throw out. FYI man he is one of few rapper’s that doesn’t do it for money he does it for his fans n shit so before you go jumping up on tech look before you act.

  • Justin to the knoben

    Tech can do whatever the fuck he wants i say good job keep it coming cant wait to hear the next

  • If you don”t want to pay for his music, download the shit for free, Tech’s been fucking supporting a site where you can download his music FOR FREE, it costs NOTHING, and people are still bitching.

  • i aint bitchin, new tech shit or a pack of cigs, lets see, well thats pretty fuckin easy! some new tech shit to distribute to the ears of my homies, i dont care if his shit cost 50 bux for 6 songs i’d pay it

  • Jhette gonzales

    tech is a real nigga that makes real music! good music is good music is good music! so everybody especially long time fans need to keep there little egos out of it! real recognize real yada! so if u dont like then dont buy plane and simple i dont think anything else needs to be said! tech u keep doin what u do! spirit has found celebration through u tech and thats as real as it gets

  • Jhette gonzales

    opinions are like ass holes everybody has one so shut the fuck up!

  • Hardstylemoses

    your album flopped no disrespect because im a technician and been one for 8 years also know the pledge. Dont get me wrong i love tech n9ne but 6’s and 7’s flopped because of your disrespect towards a juggalette on twitter a few months back. many juggalos didnt buy your album for that reason and if you thought that having lil wayne , yelawolf and busta rhymes to boost your sells or to gain more fans , you were wrong you just lost more fans then ever. Technician Out ! 

  • CubanJuggalo

    i understand what your saying btw Woop Woop ! ahahaa …. but how would you feel if you were on tech’s twitter page and commented something saying , ” Tech you sold out man wtf ext.” and tech replied fuck you bitch i dont give a fuck what you think to a juggalette(you). and many other juggalos saw this comment, he basically dissed the whole family by saying that.
    Plus how are you going to say fuck the industry and fuck mainstream and all this bullshit and then you go and make a song with a whole bunch of mainstream rappers not even on techs level? if ur going to bust a move like that then dont even say fuck the industry you feel me?


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