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EXCLUSIVE: Big Scoob And Glasses Malone Argue At Meet And Greet [Video]

Published: December 29, 2010 in Big Scoob by

What happens when you put two egos from separate hoods on the same bus for over a month? Check out this clip we got from the VIP Meet and Greet in Kansas City, when Scoob and Glasses Malone get into an argument about cars. It’s Old School VS. New School as Scoob and Glasses debate the “new hotness” against anything made before 1973. The results are hilarious and the effects can be seen on E-40’s face, caught between the two loudmouths, looking simultaneously amused and exhausted. The climax happens at 2:47 when Scoob sums up his entire point and dramatically yells:

“I don’t want nothin’ older than a ’73…nigga!”

Watch below to watch the playful @!#@-talking session in action:

  • “You just gonna take my toothpick?” lmfaooo Mugs is a fool

  • “You just gonna take my toothpick?” lmfaooo Mugs is a fool


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