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Cleveland Show CANCELLED [Tour]

Published: December 6, 2010 in Strange Music by

Cleveland Rocks, but unfortunately Tech N9ne will not be rocking Cleveland as planned. We regret to inform you that the Cleveland show at the Agora, originally scheduled for 12/15/2010, has been cancelled. The reason for the cancellation is that the promoter failed to follow thru on ANY of his obligations to make this show happen and simply failed to uphold his end of the agreement. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and appreciate your support! We will return to the Cleveland area as soon as possible and hope to see you all there!

  • Baybgirl12718

    thats cuz the ppl at the agora suck ass and should not have dogged my girl jennith who pushes and promoted ALL of techs shows, the CTS holds the shit down, and the promoter thought he could do it all himself, and told jennith that, well she let it go and recalled all her street team members told them to stop selling tickets for him, and look where that got hom, no where, i guess next time he will give us street team members the respect we deserve, or next time tech will stick to peabodys like he always does. Mad love tech sorry that the agora ppl are as u would call them slackers LOL….

  • AnDy CaPPa

    Don’t know why you wouldn’t want a ready made street team that knows what they’re doing to help you promote what could’ve been a big show. Sounds like the promoter sucks. Oh well…

  • This is really unfortunate. We tried our hardest to spread the word and make this show a success for the fans on very short notice but many things were just simply out of our control. Thanks for your support, Jess. I have to clear this up though. It wasn’t the Agora’s fault, the show promoter was an independent buyer who booked at the Agora.

  • I find it absolutely amazing that the show promoters are now telling people that this was my fault, and that I gave it bad publicity and was “fired” by Strange because of it. The lengths people will go to, lol.

  • Chimpnchains

    Fuck the promoter what about the fans I put off going back to california to go to this show WTF this really sucks

  • Morgan420misty

    that jus sucx but then again peabodys is a way better spot then the agora. cant wait for the return

  • The promoter rented out the Agora. Its NOT the fault of the Cleveland Agora that the show was canceled. Next time they need to book and deal straight with the Agora and not with an outside promoter. We got screwed too. open date, nothing booked and my time spent to promote this show was wasted.

  • We didn’t even know here that you were canceled till fans started to tweet us. Some pro, didn’t even call the venue.

    Dates still open……

  • I’m glad to see the show has been rescheduled to February. Can you please change this post to reflect that? Thanks. Looking forward to seeing you.

  • ^^ Truth. It’s really unfortunate that this happened, because we were looking forward to working with the Agora.

  • ^^ Truth. It’s really unfortunate that this happened, because we were looking forward to working with the Agora.


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