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‘Bad Season’ Mixtape Now Available For Free Download

Published: December 23, 2010 in Tech N9ne by

Christmas is here a few days early and Bad Season is finally upon us! After months of intense anticipation, Tech N9ne, DJ Whoo Kid, and DJ Scream proudly present the official release of Tech N9ne’s debut mixtape: Bad Season. Featuring special appearances from Travis Barker, Ubiquitous and Godemis of the almighty CES Crew, and Strange family artists Krizz Kaliko, Kutt Calhoun, Jay Rock, and Big Scoob, Bad Season is a wake-up call that the music industry so desperately needs. DJ Whoo Kid has already gone on record to say that in his ten-plus years of experience in mixtapes, Bad Season is one of the best mixtapes he’s ever released. Now the gift is yours! Featuring songs like the Dr. Dre produced “Hard Liquor” with Travis Barker on the drums, the soul-anthem “Ego Trippin'”, the raw and ready “Table and Chest Stress”, and the dirty “Sex To The Beat”, Bad Season is already set to be the gift that keeps on giving for years to come. Click here to download your free copy of Bad Season today. Happy Holidays from Tech N9ne, DJ Whoo Kid, and DJ Scream.

  • Anonymous

    Great mixtape. But 192kbps is fucking ridiculous! Tech deserves 320 if you’re not giving us .flac. The sounds quality is shit. A total clash with the banging tracks on it.

    Come on XXL!

    Love the tracks though, don’t get me wrong.

  • Not6996again2003

    it would be nice to meet him in person. i have one of travis’ business cards from when they was in bluesprings,mo. now they’ve moved to lees summit. its to far for me to get there no transportation. keep it up you sound great man. peace out richie and joni weeks. ps i got fired from my job cause my boss was jealous that i was gonna get tikcs for the indep. events center. oh well see you soon at the next concert hopefully!

  • Tech, I been saying it all over, the mixtape is the mother of all bombs! Thanks for giving it away.

    Just one thing though… You got a higher quality version? 320kbps would be ill instead of 128…

    But keep up the grind. STRANGE set the trends.

    When you coming to England bro???

  • Shits sic so far cant wait to bump it in the car

  • BEAST MODE…..Thanks for the early Christmas present… hold on dude your ass is about to take it to new levels with this one man……CONGRATS DUDE

  • That should be in 320! What’s up with destroying peoples ears like that? It’s easy to rip that in higher quality, people have fast internet, hard drives don’t cost anything.
    Please get us a decent bitrate version. It’s ridiculous to distribute your music in 128 like we’re in 2002.
    Thank you.

  • I’m listening to the mixtape now, and upto now i think its pretty good. and im glad it dropped early, because it sure is a early christmas present. Congrats and thanks for the great music.

    Support from England Fam

  • Besiktas JK
  • JokasChild

    yeah…we killin em all Tech
    spreadn the sickness…
    Its Bad Season all year baby…STRAAAAAAANGE!

  • strange<3errr

    there is seriously no better artist to be a fan of….so good to the fans
    tech n9ne all mother fuckin dayy and nightttt

  • all about LOOSING MY MIND!!!!!!!

  • This shit is doper than a pound of uncut.

  • T9X all day, every day. No rapper compares, no rock music out does. TECH N9NE !!!!


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