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Hopsin Meets Tech N9ne [Social]

Published: December 15, 2010 in Tech N9ne by

Hopsin, the Funk Volume MC and Strange Music fan favorite, recently had the chance to meet one of his favorite artists, the one-and-only King of Independent Hip Hop, Tech N9ne. On therealtechn9ne.com Hopsin left the following post in the forum with the picture you see to your left:

No im not getting signed to strange so dont think that. I just wanted to inform you and tech and I have met. I was out in Kansas and i had to chance to stop by and meet up with travis. He got a phone call in the office and said that tech was on his way because he wanted to finally meet me. Tech said that some of his fans had been mentioning my name to him at shows n stuff and thats how he heard about me. I just wanted to let you guys know that this was a big accomplishment for me being in the strange office knowing that I do all of my work out of my basement of my own home. It goes to show that if you put your mind to somethig then the law of attraction will bring you good things. Its all about hard work and dedication..The fact that “ME, marcus hopson, the special ed kid from school” made enough noise to catch the attention of “TECH N9NE!” is probably one of the biggest feel goods ive had up to date. I know hes 1 billion times busier than I am, and the fact that he stopped whatever he was doing to come down and meet me really meant alot to me. So thank you guys for spreading my name to him and everyone else, i really appreciate it. This site has been VERY benifitial to my career! Oh yeah and right when i met up with travis at the office he immediately started laughing sayin “i got your voicemail that you left a while back, you are crazy”. i didnt think he had heard it, lol. if you havent heard it then youtube “hopsin calls strange music”.

Could a Hopsin/Tech N9ne collaboration be in the works? To listen to Hopsin call Strange Music and leave a message for Travis O’Guin click here or listen below.

  • Wikkidmusic

    hopsin and tech would be a dope collab.. hopsin gets better every time i hear him.. hop on that track tech itd be dope

  • Dope!! Lets see a collab from these two, possibly even a hopsin-strange contract?? Do it!

  • Swanee

    Hopsin is the illest doing it right now! The next big thing in the underground imo

  • I respect this kids hustle. I know the forum cats are really into him.

  • lol tech lookin all christmasy

  • hopefully some sort of music collab will come out of these two meeting

  • Who ever is managing this page…THANK YOU for changing Hopsin’s label. This is Funk Volume…haha. Turn it up!!!

  • better than useless records eh??

  • SIGN HIM, just dont do one track. you will be passing up a master at the craft.


  • Angel Basquez

    Wow Thats Fuckin Crazy I Herd Hopsin For The First Time Just A Couple Days Ago N’ I Was Wachin His “Sag My Pants” When I Seen The Gates Mix Plate Poster In The BackGround Then I Knew Tech N’ Him Was Ganna Do A Song Soon. HopeFully Us Fans To Tech N’ Hopsin Herd A Great Collab!! Both Real Artists.


    TECH is dope hough yu gt to admit dat i went to his cocert at summer jam ya he go hard nobody out there mess wit his music wat yu wnt wat yu need wat yu havnt wat will it be all i need is heenisie ya boii dope tech

  • G1d3on 91

    I think hopsin were a good choose for techs new album! A collab were amazing! FTI 3?!

  • This is the Collab i really want to hear. I can give a shit about Yelawolf, Daddy Yankee or Wayne.

  • Dood

    these two would be the best team no joke. hopsin has crazy potential and tech is a master at the game. if hopsin signs with strange i wont even need to listen to anything else haha forreall though i would love to see hopsin and tech doin a song together and if they make albums. o shit this is exitin!!

  • Hopsin is my favorite rapper in southern cali and can rock a show. sign this crazy fuck! …please

  • Chrisncool

    i just heard about him a couple days ago too and i already watched all his videos and have his first album. I’m gonna buy his album “RAW” when I get the chance (I’m 16-yrs old and don’t have a credit card, obviously, so I gotta wait till my parents can help me out. I give them cash, and they buy it with credit.)

  • I couldn’t ask for anything more than Hopsin getting signed to Strange Music. It would make my day, my week, my month, my year AND MY WHOLE LIFE !

    Sign him !

  • 3tch3r

    Dude Tech, you gotta sign this Killa Hopsin, or do a WHOLE collabo with him. HOPSIN & TECH N9NE!!!!!!!!!= Mainstream Destruction!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • HOPSIN should have been on Losin’ My Mind from BAD SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    REMIX please……

  • grhyme

    if hopsin is tryin to get on strange, i say sign him, the dude has mad talent, i bump hopsin every time i get in the whip.

  • Str8twiztid17

    Haha! Im not gonna call Psy, thats not my cup of tea. HAHA!

  • hopsin is buns, hes an actor and has no freestyle ability. used routines with industry woes, contacts, his fans are mostly cornball juggalos and white kids who skateboard in eastern europe. hopsin has collaborated with so many dorky white kids that he cant be taken seriously and anyone who would sign him or even risk doing a track with him is doomed to have that backfire on them. This kid needs a new marketing gimmick cuzz the eminem flowstyle with ascending and crescendo hook angst is crap , sounds like diddy riding led zeppelins tune kasmere. his skating sucks too, wanna be atwuan dixon, this kid is an act from moms basement that some people bought into, ruthless got smart and dumped his ass

  • Logo


  • LOL @ “Im not guna call Psychopathic, thats not my cup of tea.”

  • Selec_tiv

    hopsin belongs to strange. you need to sign him up tech!!!!#@$@!$@!$!$!@$

  • Skrillaa

    Hopsin isa a shtty rapper and deff does not belong on strange music with tech n9ne he aint anywher as good and never will be.. Shit if hopsin gets sighned i might quit listenin to anythin strange puts out. Thatd be wack for tech to even think about it. Hopsin is a pussy and has shitty flow

  • jammie.

    lmao! i love hopsin & tech n9ne, if they sign… holly shit that would be amazing.

  • Tyrel Clifford

    I don’t think that Hopsin should have to sellout to be a success.
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