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Tech N9ne, Fans Respond To XXL World Premiere Of ‘Table And Chest Stress’ [Song]

Published: December 21, 2010 in Tech N9ne by

XXL magazine has been showing a lot of love for Tech N9ne and Strange Music and they continue to give fans what they want by releasing yet another track from the Bad Season mixtape “Table And Chest Stress”. The track features Tech rapping the way he learned how: no beat, no melody, just Tech’s words over the rhythm he creates from beating on a table and his chest. Tech recorded “Table And Chest Stress” completely live with no overdubs or pre-recorded beat, just like in the cafeteria back in the day. “Table And Chest Stress”, according to Tech N9ne, was one of the “surprises” for his fans and despite an overwhelming amount of feedback, a frustrated Tech explains:

“This was one of the surprises for the fans! I’ve been rapping that way (beats his chest to the beat) since I was in the 6th grade. That was supposed to be a part of the surprise with the mixtape. Now they might as well release the whole damn thing.”

Of course Tech is referring to the highly anticipated Bad Season mixtape presented by XXL magazine. Tech further explains:

“They [] drop a song last week and then yesterday… then today! The whole damn thing comes out Thursday– why don’t they drop the whole fuckin thing today, then? That’s why (one of the reasons) I don’t do mixtapes. I just want it to be a surprise for the fans…”

It’s obvious there isn’t a shortage of fan support for the track being that the post has already generated more than 50 comments, and all the while support keeps pouring in for what will become an early Christmas present for most of his fans. also can’t be to blame and in fact, XXL should be credited for the amount of support they have put forth in releasing Bad Season, which will be Tech’s first mixtape. Especially during the past few weeks, it’s been eventful to not see a tweet mentioning Tech N9ne–you fans certainly have a way in provoking one of the best hip hop magazines to join you in a conversation on Twitter–and for that, we are grateful. The entire hip hop community is buzzing now with the release of three songs (so far) from the Bad Season mixtape: “Ego Trippin”, “Hard Liquor” and now, “Table And Chest Stress”.

In addition to releasing the new track, what do you think about all the support XXL has been showing the King of Darkness? You may have heard in the DJ Whoo Kid interview where he mentions that he and 50 Cent first heard of Tech N9ne from XXL’s editor Vanessa Satten and it seems like there is always something about Tech N9ne mentioned on their Twitter account. In fact, over the past day especially, it seems like they have a lot to talk about whenever it comes to rap and Tech N9ne.

What do you think of the “Table & Chest Stress” track? What do you think of Tech N9ne planning surprises for the fans in his releases? How about the overwhelming support Tech and Strange are receiving from XXL? Why do Tech N9ne fans show so much more support than fans of mainstream rap artists?

  • Anonymous

    One of the dangers of dipping your head into the mainstream puddle. Don’t worry Tech, we still got you!

    [edit]: Track’s a fucking banger! Man my car radio’s gonna be ecstatic over this shit!

  • Etownmn651

    I think Either way Tech!
    so weather the whole thing or one song gets released
    it will always be BEAAASSSTTT!!!!!

  • Breezy b

    yeah i wanted it to be a surprise but idc about the early releases. the songs are all the shit especially “table and chest stress”. it doesnt mean i wont be completely wowed by the other songs. and the support hes getting is amazing. i hope he keeps climbin to the top…i wanna be a fan that can say yeah ive loved his music for a long ass time..its about time people knew whats right under their noses. fuck normal shit i want strange.

  • @TechN9ne = Best Artist/Rapper ALIVE!!!

    from: Yours Truly [@BooGiEMuNStaH]
    Your Self Proclaimed “Sin-StAtE TechN9Cian”

  • RydaFoLife

    So much for ” I don’t go mainstream, the mainstream goes Tech” Looks like you found out the hard way nigga. Maybe next time you won’t let these cats control your shit. No hate, I got mad love for Tech, but he should’ve seen this coming from the industry. To them, it’s all about the almighty dollar sign. Good luck pimpin, I won’t buy that shit because it’s XXL, but I will download it, and pass it out to my homies.

  • griptippzy

    What the hell are you talking about man? Buy what? It’s a mixtape and its free!! XXL is just presenting it and you can download it free off of their website on Thursday. This has nothing to do about the almighty dollar sign because there is no money involved in this mixtape.

  • Strangemami10

    ireally appreciate the ~table&chest stress~ comin straight from tha n9ne’s heart as always. Techs music gives me the chills everytime! ! icant even help but ta feel the realness <3 i adore that he like to suprise his fans, iget so hyped to hear a new sonq& i completely understand his frustration that thez fools would put it out w/o his consent… its hiS SHIT!!! Respect .mutha sukkkas, he does his part, let him do wat the fuk he wanna do! tech will soon blow, "don't doubt it how loud it blows"!!! TECH IS THA BEST FUKIN RAPPER IN THA WORLDDDDD. REAL RECOGNIZE REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* support till tha day we die !! much luve to tha strange!, beautiful♥

  • Fuzzys420

    ORIGINAL! Love it Tech. Thank you!!!!!!!


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