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Good Reason For ‘Bad Season’ Delay

Published: January 21, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

Sometimes the best takes a little longer. For all of you fans waiting for your CD version of the Bad Season mixtape, we have some important news: first off, we are blown away by the number of preorders we’ve received for this CD! Thanks for showing your love for Tech N9ne and the whole Bad Season project!

Because of your amazing response, manufacturing hasn’t been able to keep up with our requests for the quantities we need to fill your orders and with Tech’s hectic schedule travelling the country recording his new album, we still want to find time to make sure he gets all of these signed for you! It pains us to have to tell you, but there will be a slight delay in getting these discs out to you – but only because we want to make sure that Strange Music keeps providing you with the best! We hope to have all these shipped from our warehouse by Monday 1/31 – you will receive an email with your tracking info once it leaves our warehouse. Thanks for your understanding and keep an eye on your mailboxes cause your autographed copy of Bad Season will be heading your way soon!

  • Anonymous

    Autographed! That’s dope!

  • Jray280

    thats whats up im glad you let the fans know this kind of stuff

  • Yall needa recognize a REAL artist… No other artist would keep their fans updated with this kinda info, they wouldn’t take the time to autograph every mixtape like my nigaa TECH N9NE while staying busy putting together the hottest album that’s gonna B droppin this year All 6’s and 7’s can’t fuckin wait.. Keep it STRANGE FO LIFE… Much love to you Tech from
    TUCK-TOWN Arizona a.k.a. Tucson

  • Unfortunately I can’t order it before after February 1st. LOL! But maybe I’ll be lucky and there will still be some signed copies left 😛 haha. Anyway, I’m gonna it no matter what.

  • Lordh

    Strange is always doin it for the better so it could ship a month from now any loyal tech fan nows its worth the wait!

  • Nice! I’m so glad the pre order is successful. Also, Thank you Tech N9ne for an autographed copy.


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