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Tech N9ne Fan Expresses Mainstream Concern On Insane Radio [Social]

Published: January 20, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

As Tech’s popularity continues to grow so does the fear that Tech will lose the authentic touch that brought him into the hearts of so many fans across the world. Jared, a fan from Spokane, Washington, voiced those fears during last week’s episode of Insane Radio, which featured Makzilla as a guest. After expressing his excitement for All 6s and 7s, the Spokane native turned the topic to his concerns for Tech’s impending big year, and said the following:

“I’m hoping that him collabing with T-Pain and Lil Wayne and trying to reach out to other artists doesn’t change who he actually is. When I have a bad day I listen to his shit and it helps me through. It makes me feel that I’m not the only person that’s going through some of the shit in this world.”

Jared and the hosts go on to debate whether Tech will change the mainstream or whether the mainstream will change Tech. The ensuing discussion proves to be highly relevant to what is sure to be a breakout year for Tech N9ne.

Click here for the full show on Insane Radio.

Will Tech’s commercial success strip him of his authenticity or will the mainstream start wearing red noses? Share your thoughts below.

  • LET TECH GO MAINSTREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AND E-40 GO HARD!!!!!!

  • My view on this is what it always will be, Tech isn’t going mainstream, mainstream is going Tech! Now, the guy who called in does have a point and a concern I do have as well, where as he may feel pressured to change who he is to accommodate the overwhelming new fan base. Im 99.9% certain that once the mainstream hears of Tech N9ne, they will start calling him the “New Twista” or “New Busta” when all along hes been there the whole time,and was just being put down. I support Tech N9ne all the way and when the best of the best go at it on a song off of 6’s and 7’s…I think the other artists will look like children in comparison. Between Tech’s flows, lyrics and just the overall art of word collaboration compared to some of these other artists, *cough cough* I do indeed think that Tech will blow the mainstream fans away. TECH N9NE!!

  • This dude didn’t even hear what the DJ said, and funny enough its what I’ve been sayin the whole time. Once the rest of the world hears the quality of music that Strange puts out, they aren’t going to settle for anything less. Its not gonna be Strange that changes, its gonna be the rest of the industry. Either that or they will just end up falling off.

    And another thing, there is always gonna be music that you don’t like. You know why? Because people have different taste in music. Not everyone in the world is gonna latch on to Strange and there will still be artists that satisfy their particular musical taste.


  • this is NOT a Tech fan, this is just some random ass kid that just found out about tech from the lil wayne fucken site most likely. God this is why Tech should of never collab with fucken wayne… dip shit fuckers like this…

  • JJ

    if he collabs with fuckin tpain hes done.. that is almost as bad as lets akon, or fucking lady gaga.. wayne and them dont deserve to share the same stage with tech. but thats just my opinion

  • Nogleton

    The King will takeover mainstream radio tv and internet YADADAMEAN?!

  • HaZaRd

    why the hell does everyone gotta keep bitchin about tech workin wit other artist regardless who it is im not a huge fan of wayne either but it will be an awsome track n honestly these artists need to merge the worlds clearing a path for future artist…i dont think alot of tech fans relise how much this is actually gonna do…but its whatever Tech do what you do theyll get it in the end mmfcl yall

  • Jeff Nelson

    I think Tupac Shakur is a great example of someone who kept it real while achieving commercial success.

  • HaD3Z

    i think that tech isnt gonnna change at all tech is tech tech is one of tha realist rappers ive ever heard in my life time hes my idol hhes a major sucesss i want him to get big he wants to get big in the world hes saays he wants his shit to be heard by all people and this is a perfect way for him to doo gettin this colabo with wayne and pain is good for him and im not dissin anyfan of tech any juggalos nd shit im jus saying if yur a true tech fan you should respect wheres hes going at this point of time he deserves to get big hes a major talent that should be shared with other people not just juggalos juggalettes kottonmouth kings and queens nd shit it has to be heard all around im jus stating my opion lol



  • Coreykrakowiak

    fuck it if these niggas is mainstream they still dope i bang weezy all day nigga and all that other shit he deserves all these props hes getting let the nigga do what he wanna do he might not wanna make dark shit all the time even tho thats what alot of us want be if its got his name on a cd fuck it any topic he kills it he can do any style let em do it all i love it i wanna fuckin hear tech n9ne on the radio quit bitchin yall i hate turnin on the radio and hearin gay fuckin soulja boy fuckin r and b bullshit how dope would it burn to turn on ur radio and be like hell yea my jam dawg everyone needs to hear tech n9ne cuz if they aint they missin out hes got music for every1 the ppl who like the dark shit the ppl who like the party shit the people who like the gangsta shit the people who like jus songs bout tappin some fine ass techs the hottest nigga out there hands down i got hella respect for em TECH AINT GOIN MAINSTREAM MAINSTREAMS GOIN TECH BITCH!!!!

  • MichiganTechnician

    Kids makes good points there. I’ve always noticed/felt that when a mainstream rapper sings with an underground rapper there trying to inpress both “fan bases” and that just don’t work. HOPEFULLY this will be the ONLY collab. with ppl like lil’ wayne and t-pain cuz all they are is entertainers (what the government wants you to hear on the radio) and tech knows this from his F.T.I. campain back in the days. Underground rappers,i feel, put ALOT more heart into there songs. even Eminem changed and is now what i call “a sell out to his own soul” I mean c’mon….Eminem ft. Rihanna n shit…wtf is that crap…bye bye eminem sorry but you suck now. Basically i just hope Tech (and ne other strange artist) doesnt turn to that shit like em did….or ne songs like “big pimpin” and gay shit like that…

  • 3tch3r

    because he COULD change (LESS freedom in the “mainstream” world) not saying he will …he could…but i don’t think he will.

  • 3tch3r

    why so he has ppl tellin’ him “you can’t say this on your record,take it off it or its not coming out!”??? fuck that stay UNDERGROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AmerI_KillA92

    Tech will always be my favorite rapper i hope he just stays true to his real fans that will always be here no matter the changes and progress he makes yes i could understand him wanting new people to like his new stuff but tell me one person that dont like the old stuff Its Fuckin tight like now its on breathe ……. Tech kick some industry ass and bring us there heads when your done severing them with your chop bro keep it real..

  • Jarred

    @Gerritt DeBoer Yea That Was Me Fag Boy Ive Been A Strange Music Fan For A Little Over 5 years So Stfu tech is dope just the way he is and i dont want it to change and if i was tech n9ne i’d find you and kick the shit outta you for talking shit about ANY tech fan

  • Naw Fuck That Shit Like Keith Said It Aint Tech Going Mainstream, Its Mainstream Accepting Tech N9ne, And With That He Will Rise Above Most The Others In The Industry Because Its Falling Apart Anyway Music Aint What It Used To Be But With Tech On The Notches It WILL Be What It Was Meant To Be…


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