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"He’s Really Evolved": Seven Details His Working History With Rittz
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  • Mr.Amaru

    wacka flocka flame? that shit is rodikolus.

  • Thats right, B^00D 1N B^00D 0U7 !! He respects G and for that he get’s respect. B@NG!! 57R@NG3 MU51¢!!


    man fuck waka and the brick squad they aint nothin but half assed rappers that repeat thier names over and over again in every damn song

  • Wocka wocka wocka the nina poppin your shockara bout to stop up and lock up the office I got the body

  • JJ Diaz

    Waka wack but i guess its koo dat he showin Tech some love in his hometown.Thet both met in NY I think..

  • needlz_187

    No offense, but i dont get why some of these wack rappers give a shout out to tech n9ne, maybe to boost their fan base, because their fans aint shit compared to tech n9ne fans. Lil Wayne and Wacka Flacka flame in my opinion, wack ass MC’s i dont give a fuck what anyone says, just saying…

  • Wacka doesn’t have the skill to compete…I mean could you mimic Tech N9Ne anymore than he does? I dont think soo… Same with Lil Wayne (not of the regime, still dressing like one). I cant wait til another real rapper comes along with his OWN style and makes something new in the industry, but for now tech is just being copied.

  • TK

    That’s cool that he’s getting recognized 🙂
    Keep it Strange!


  • tech featuring waka flocka in riot maker part 2

  • tech n9ne featuring waka flocka flame in riot maker part 2

  • still never even heard this dude! don’t think i will either.

  • Jeff Nelson

    PLEASE say that you’ve seen the Baraka Flocka Flame video: “Head of State”. Waka hates it but man it’s too funny. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9_Qhvy7j7w

  • AmerI_KillA92

    i honestly dont like waka i hate mainstream music its all wak people just like what they must here not whats under the surface an they wont play F.T.I i hope Tech comes up and kills the industry and shows that no other rapper can hang when he does a track with wayne i hope he murders that shit like now its on


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