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Raekwon Interested In Working With Tech N9ne [Social]

Published: February 9, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

In anticipation of Raekwon’s live UStream interview with XXL February 9, one of Strange Music’s fans tweeted at the Chef about Tech N9ne. The Wu-Tang Clan member quickly responded to @RapDeathMetal, and didn’t hesitate to show some love for Tech. Check out the tweets from February 8 below. Click on the image to enlarge it. Shout out to @RapDeathMetal for the mention!

What do you think about a possible Tech and Raekwon track?

  • Brendanb22

    great news. raekwon is a legend in hip hop, would be an awesome collab.

  • insaneangelic

    he was just with kanye and twista he might as well squad up with the rest of the midwest MC’s

  • Etownmn651

    Yea im down for that tech!!!

  • dwam

    yo tech fuck wayne and t pain, but hell yea most certainly collab with raekwon.

  • Pacmanx69

    work with who ever you want man. any real fan will love any song you or anyone from strange music is on

  • It would be pretty dope.


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