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Black Oxygen Featuring Kutt Calhoun – 'Pressure' [Video]

Published: March 28, 2011 in Uncategorized by

Kutt Calhoun lays it down over some rock and roll in this feature appearance on Black Oxygen’s latest single “Pressure”. The music video for “Pressure” features Kutt Calhoun playing frontman for the rock band out of Kansas City. Kutt takes the high-energy track to a new level, punctuating the drums, bass, and dual-guitars with his sharp lyrics and animated delivery:

“Who would’ve ever thought that your words could change a mood
Make a difference on somebody’s decision when people do listen
And you’re just doodling through your notebook, for a few minutes
then a reaction based on what you mentioned”

The track also features a solo from lead-singer and guitarist David Lyle as he flexes his chops in a pose similar to Slash, his guitar idol and inspiration. It’s definitely an interesting and dynamic mash-up between two musical forces in Kansas City, resulting in a track that offers a new experience for the fanbases of both camps.

Click here or watch below to see the “Pressure” music video

  • Kutt’s flow is fuckin’ ridiculous! I love it! Rock & rap is the best mix of genres….that & dub-step

  • Diddo! Strange material fosho!


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