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Caribou Lou Party Patrol

Published: March 18, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

Strangers, Strangers, Strangers…do you guys ever give Caribou Lou a break? It doesn’t look like it. We checked out Twitter to see who had Caribou Lou on their mind this week.

Several Twitter users said Caribou Lou was responsible for the #drunkestievergot. Ben asked, “Is Caribou Lou better than skittles vodka?” Well Ben, we think so! It seems Jazlyn is looking forward to summer and some Caribou Lou.

Take a look below to see what everyone else said about their favorite party drink, Caribou Lou, on Twitter this week. Don’t forget to purchase “Caribou Lou” online. Ten lucky fans will receive their very own RIAA-certified Caribou Lou gold plaque, autographed by Tech N9ne himself when “Caribou Lou” reaches gold status. Forward your receipt to goldcontest@strangemusicinc.comfor your chance to win one of them!

When was the last time you drank Caribou Lou?


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