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Fans on Facebook Praise Tech For ‘F.A.N.S.’ Song [Social]

Published: March 25, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

With the recent release of “F.A.N.S. “, Tech’s exclusive track for pre-ordering his forthcoming release All 6’s And 7’s, it seems fans on Facebook are just as eager to show Tech N9ne how much he means to them in their lives. Check out what some people are saying about the exclusive track as it has only been available for less than 24 hours:

Tech, I know you don’t read this shit lol, but I’m digging the cover. Also, the track F.A.N.S was badass. Your the coolest artist ever because you give a shit what your fans think and you praise us. Keep it strange baby. – Tyler Chase Turner

F.A.N.S. that’s wats up. mad respect tech. THANK YOU TECH N9NE!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!!
Vincent Roybal

Thanks for the new shit Tech.that shit gave me fucking goosebumps. Mad love!
Erick Rhoades

so i ordered 6’s and 7’s today and listened to F.A.N.S.. all i can say is wow. I told you when i met you the first time at rock the bells 2008 after your set when we talked for hours thank you for saying how i feel in a way i never could. I respected you enough to talk to you like a man and not scream and spit all over you and you appreciated that greatly. I called you aaron to get your attention at first to pose for a couple of girls taking a picture at first you looked at me like i had 10 heads. lol but Aaron speaking as a technition going back to wicked wonka 03 when you first came to worcester ma, Thank you for appreciating us. You say we made you but really you made us. its the religion. REAL TALK, TECH N9NE.
James Stewart

f.a.n.s !!! only song ive heard off all 6s and 7s but tech fucking rips that shit apart yo this cds gonna be a banger fo show TECH TECH N9NE N9NE!!
Chris Danger Hunt

Thank you tech! From all the F.A.N.S
Drake Chambers

I Swear i Must’ve listened to F.a.n.s like 50 times already lol Song is dope, Tech’s Beast, 6’S And 7’s is gonna be fucking Legendary… I dont buy an artist’s album unless im a true fan of that person needless to say im buyin this shit, fuck it probly even buy 2 jus for the hell of it… Oh and when I get the $$$ Im most likely gonna buy every tech album available… Old Tech Or New Tech All of its killer in my mind…TECH N99999999999999NE!!!!!!!!….
Chris Linton

WOW That F.A.N.S track gives me chills, makes me remember your Show in Paris ! Big Thanx
Gilles Tossoukpé

F.A.N.S. does not get old. Had this shit on repeat for 5 hours and still seems like every time I listen to it it’s like the first time. Tech is a God Zack Filipski

Woah … Lovin the new song, sik beat great chorus .. Keep it comin man
Suneel Bhutta

Tech F.A.N.S. Is amazing! No matter what happens or what you do I will always be a Tech fan!! Your music has gotten me through so many crazy hard times and for that I am forever a loyal Tech N9ne and Aaron Yates fan and follower! def pre-ordering this album! Wayde Bills

crazy how you can make the world go crazy in just an hour!!!!!! just amazing. and i love this new song Nate Howard

WOW F.A.N.S incrediable Tech!!! THANK U!!! There have been times in my life that I thought I would NEVER make it and ur music has helped me threw the years and I want to thank u!!! Betta watch out world Strange is taking over!! HAHAHA Cant wait….Technician 4 Life baby!! Ashley Miller Moore

Tech, as a birthday present to myself i pre-ordered All 6′s And 7′s and got F.A.N.S as an added bonus. And no surprise top anyone its an amazing song and cant wait for my cd to come in so i can hear the rest. Thanks tech for the amazing gift. Not just cuz its my birthday but cuz every song you make is a gift to hip-hop and your all your fans. Technician for life! Trevor Petty


Tech F.A.N.S is off the hook keep doin wut u do bro us techn9cians juggalos and lettes kottonmouth kings and queens got ur back we all spread around the world strange musics takin over TECH N9NE STRANGE MUSIC allday all night Justin Clegg

F.A.N.S is awesome! Can’t wait for the album Tech! Kendall Foster

Dwam much respect om f.a.n.s James Salaz
omg like omg blew my mind through the whole song F.A.N.S. like crazy song Tech mad respect most niggas act like they did it on their own and they forget that they got there because of there fans idk man MAD LOVE just what i needed to hear
Cody Tired Eyes

F.A.N.S. is dope…and no we all thank you Matt McBride

how weird im promotin Tech N9ne‘s All 6s &7s on my 6th bar on to to the 7th (writing) i got 6 tracks wrote (writng my 7th) and i jump on fb and i got 67 friends online ALL 6s & 7s Thomas Smith StrangeMusic


Tech, Your an inspirational and awesome dude, My brother was introduced to your stuff through his friends and one Weekend Night he introduced me to you while jamming at our house, After I heard your music, I put you on my Ipod, My phone, and my xbox, I even have cd’s of you in the car, And not long after I heard you, I showed you to a few of my friends they loved your music just as much as me, Never give up and never quit making music, I think I stand for most your F.A.N.S. when I say this. We love you man! Nathan Costello

We love you Tech…F.A.N.S. 4 life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wendy Maddock

killin it tech F.A.N.S. respect. Kris Maher

Man, I can’t stop listening to F.A.N.S. now! I’m still listening to it, lol. Tech, if you see this, I know you get it all the time which you deserve every moment of it, but seriously, you are the best rapper ever!!! You are so real, and I literally feel like that song was for me, well, everyone. That kind of emotion is rare to hea…r nowadays. Not even Eminem has this much emotion, unless it has something to do with his mom or somethin, then maybe, but that’s not the kind of emotion I’m talkin about. You literally put everything in your music and pour your soul out on whatever song you make. I am never going to turn my back on you cause I know you will never do that to us. Sincerely, I respect you more then even some people I personally know and I hope there comes a day that I can personally meet you if not someone like you, someone who is REAL! I love the person that you are and always have been. Keep doin your thing brah, keep it Strange, all day all night. TECH N9NE!!!!!!! Allan Thorne

F.A.N.S. Forever Accepting Nines Soul. Fuck yeah love your shit, way to show your love man we’ll show it back. Can’t wait for the album to drop so I can hear the raw shit. Mason Oliver Maxwell

F.A.N.S. is beautiful! We love you so much and it makes me so happy to know you appreciate us. You saved my life when I most needed it Your Highness. Forever will I rep the N9NE. The religion is Everready, the Kingdom is KCMO, and our King is Aaron Yates, for without him, Tech N9NE wouldn’t be. ALL HAIL TO THE N9NE! Chuck Hancock

HOOOOOLY FUCK! Tech N9ne‘s F.A.N.S. is IMPOSSIBLY awesome! 6’s & 7’s is THE ONE! This is where he makes the big time. He’s done it. Christopher Maier

I honest to God love you, Tech. I just pre-ordered and listened to FANS and I’m not gonna lie, my eyes teared up and I smiled at the same time. ♥ Samn Thompson

Forever Accepting N9nes Soul love it still wanna hear some hardcore shit dark or good and happy shit still wanna hear something more hardcore big homie , F.A.N.S ON REPEAT! Shelton Forbes

F.A.N.S. Is off the fucking hook tech. Keep up the great work man. Juggalo Reppin and got mad love for you tech. See you next time you roll thru cali. Your Boy, Synister William Anderson

F.A.N.S. (Forever Accepting N9ne’s Soul) is amazing it’s my favorite song by you since Last Sad Song. Can’t wait for All 6’s and 7’s Cody Nichols

i think ive already listened to this song like 10 times hahaha André Vahamonde

Thank you!!! Fans is fucking beautiful!! Kcmo!! I think every fan can feel that shit Scott Harrison II

Tech, you are a living legend. A god among men. F.A.N.S. was the perfect song to release. The only bad thing is… it doesn’t help my patience for All 6’s and 7’s lol. Hurry up June 7th! Eddie Gutierrez

Forever.Accepting.N9nes.Soul!!!! Fans is fuccin sicc! Gabriel Lara

F.A.N.S IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! NO TECH, I THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL 6’s and 7’s, BEEN WITH YOU FROM THE START, AND I’LL BE THERE TIL THE END!!!! TECH N999999999999999999999999999999999NE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bill Howard

FUCKIN LOVE THE SONG!! deep shit man you are a god! Myles Deiss


ahh yeah tech the new song is fuckin legit! just got done preordering your new album and I can’t fuckin wait! Jonathan Kahnke

Tech You Will Never Lose Your F.A.N.S. All 6’s & 7’s is Going To Be the illest album ever You Have Worked Your Ass off you are a true example of the american dream Devon Blondin

It seems fans are very appreciative of what the N9na has to offer for his fans. You can download the “F.A.N.S” track as a gift from Tech by pre-ordering your copy of All 6’s And 7’s today!

For you, we copied as many updates on Facebook as possible to this blog post. If you don’t see your testimonial listed above, please leave your message for Tech in the comments below!

  • Merv

    That’s right Techs doin the damn thing! And of course your F.A.N.S. are here supporting it at every turn! We’ve been here from the calm, and we’ll be here way after the storm! Keep coming gangsta N9na!

  • Salahuddin Jitmoud

    To be honest, I haven’t been listening to Tech N9ne that long, at all. The first song I heard from him must’ve been “Crybaby,” after someone posted it on Facebook. And that was in 2009/2010. I listened to that song several times after hearing it the first time, without checking out any of his other stuff. Then my cousin made me listen to “K.O.D” and I was officially hooked. I listened to that album straight-through many many times and started exploring his other albums–“Anghellic” through “Seepage.” And Tech N9ne never disappoints, because his style covers everything; he is Technique 9.
    And I love how he made a song dedicated to his fans, for one, and you know he’s being totally sincere about it. And the acronym he created for “F.A.N.S.” is brilliant: “Forever Accepting N9ne’s Soul.” It captures the very essence of the rapper and his relationship with his fans. Tech N9ne literally pours his soul onto every track he does–and that’s what people can truly appreciate about him, because he’s nothing less than genuine and people can relate to everything he says.
    He is a true artist and his art is non-fiction.

  • Tech, in all seriousness, we are the ones who should be thanking you for providing us with your music all these years.
    as you said ‘you’ll sign skin and make new friends’. this is what you love and were born to do.
    we are simply your listeners that you took into your heart and embraced as your own.

    you are a great role model to the younger generations.

    i will show my children some day your music and tell them, “this is someone that i looked up to for inspiration and understanding when i was a kid. he is the type of MC I wish I could have been.”

    to us tech?
    your the real deal.

    a juggalo technician.
    the best of both worlds

    I, as well as so many others, Love you Tech like a brother and a father.
    You are always there with words of wisdom and undeniable love for us all.

    Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. I will be looking forward to listening to everything, new and old when I am serving our proud country later on this year in Afghanistan.

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    tech your song is amazing thank you!!!! and i just want you to know that i cant wait to hear that song you did with lil wayne!!! a lot of lil wayne fans are also big fans of you we know you got talent!!!! 6’s and 7’s and the carter 4 will be the best albums of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!da da da dant, tech n9ne!!!! and young mulah baby!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Greg K.

    Yo Tech, I can’t thank you enough for this song dude definatley gave me some goosebumps hahaha I love it though this song brings back great memories from all the shows I’ve been to. It means a lot to me that you did this for the fans, there isn’t any other artists aside from ones on strange that even give 2 shits about their fans, this levels riotmaker, they both tied for my favorite now haha stay up Tech thanx again.

  • Can’t wait!!!

  • Anonymous

    Tech man I can tell FANS comes straight from the heart. You keep it real with the fans and I defintely respect you. Forever you’re FAN,

    Blake W.

  • Autumn Rimer

    Never seen an artist show love to their fans like tech. him and the guys on strange are all stand up guys. thanks tech. when life sucks you pick me back up. can’t wait to get the new cd. keep making that real music!!

  • AJ

    Love you Tech!! F.A.N.S. is amazing!!!


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