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Fans React To The Release Of ‘F.A.N.S.’ [Social]

Published: March 25, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

Wasting no time in letting their voices be heard, Tech fans across the country hit Twitter in response to the release of ‘F.A.N.S.’, the exclusive download available with the pre-order of All 6’s And 7’s. Reaching out to his loyal fans, Tech dedicated the song to each and every one of them for supporting him through his long career. In return, the fans let Tech know how they felt about him.

What did you think of “F.A.N.S.” ? Leave your thoughts below!

  • Awesome song! It’s good to see artists who truly appreciate their fans. Xzibit has a good song dedicated to his fans called Thank You. I am proud to be a technition!!!

  • Damn, this song is just crazy. Makes me wanna get a Tech N9ne tat that I’ve been wantin’ to get for a while!

  • BrittyLee

    F.A.N.S. brought a tear to my eye. Thank you for the recognition. I know I will be Forever Accepting N9ne Soul. I am truly proud to say: Technician, I am, wholeheartedly in Life and in Death….

  • Armydude441

    Your F.A.N.S. will ALWAYS have your back. From the calm, to the future we’re back here HOLDIN YOU DOWN!

  • Kevin

    F.A.N.S is an amazing song and for all the people that said Tech Wasn’t gonna make it Take a look around and realize that Tech just changed the industry once again and did it all on his own…Thank you Tech for the Amazing music over the years and I know it’s gonna keep getting better and better

  • Techn9nesville

    Thanks tech we bin waitin for a sneak pick much love from bc see u may 25th !!!!

  • def happy to get this song, i been a Technician since about 99, puttin cats on to Tecca Nina ever since. whether it was Imma Tell or The Wake Up Show Anthem or Yukmouth features or My World. hopefully Tech blows the fuck up this year he deserves it.

  • jamer

    how do i get down with strange

  • Ericketts718

    Tech is way ahead of the game everyday, I’m proud to be a technician!!

  • Love u Tech!! Much love from Finland! You got FANS here too!

  • Tech we got you just like you got us we so fucking Strange im so glad im part of the street team im ready to kill this shit Denver Co got nothing but love for the Sacrifices and the loyalty you bring Forever Accepting N9ne’s Soul

  • Anonymous

    This is the best fucking fanbase ever. Thank you Mr. Yates!

  • Bamserjack

    hope u come to clorado springs tech!!!we miss yo ass allready man!hell of a show no matter what!

  • N9neGER

    This song is amazing! Thank you Tech for all the great music!
    Much love from Germany – Keep it Strange !!

  • Tony_gunn

    this is realllll!!!!!, what artist has actually put out a song with feeling to show the BACK the love he gets from his F.A.N.S , thats real givin back @TechN9ne


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