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NOW Magazine: ‘Austin Is Very Weird When Tech N9ne Is At SXSW’

Published: March 20, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

Tech N9ne brought Strange Music to the annual South By Southwest (SXSW) music and film festival March 16. Tech headlined the VIBE House at Venue 222. According to Toronto’s NOW Magazine, Tech brought the juggalos to SXSW.

‘The whole experience was completely unique for a festival that prides itself on attracting unique acts,” the NOW writer said of Tech’s show.

NOW talked about Tech’s rap style, calling it rapid-fire. The review also talked about the choreography and the crowd.

Click here for the SXSW review. Check out The VIBE House @ SXSW video here via VIBE TV.

What do you think of the way NOW described Tech’s fans?

  • okay first off juggalos are a small part of tech’s fanbase, and he actually called kutty and kali baby tech’s “back up dancers”????? this douchebag hipster obviously never heard of wikipedia otherwise he woulda used it if he didn’t know about the kc king.

  • Flash Noise Media

    “Two back-up dancers” hahaha Kali and Kutt probably got a kick out of that shit!

  • Dfrazier88

    Dude get over it, Tech wouldn’t be the King of the Underground if it weren’t for us Juggalos, how about you get to know a few? We’re cool people, no body has your back like a Juggalo has your back.

  • shawn

    honestly us juggalos are not and never will be just a small part of techs fan base ive seen interviews with tech you can look it up on youtube homie he says and i quote “the juggalos are the biggest gang out there” he thought bloods and crips were the biggest untill he saw us and says how wonderfull it is to be a part of our world and our family i happen to be both a juggalo and a technician and i think its a beautiful thing for not just juggalos and technicians but for all walks of life to be drawn in by tech and kutt and kriz and icp and everyone involved that bring us the unique and beautiful type of music they make i am proud to be a juggalo and a technician and always will long live the kansas city king and the wicked clowns will never die peace and love to all

  • Chrisncool

    idk too much about Juggalos, but I am a great Tech N9ne fan. I don’t have much money but the little money i have goes to buying albums, EPs, sweaters and concert tickets. I went to the Independent Grind Tour, the first experience i had with juggalos. Honestly at first they kinda looked scary & weird, but i talked to a few of them and they’re cool. so IDGAF, i got nothing negative to say. Never been a fan of ICP though, and probably never will. But other than that, who cares.

  • I think this writer should be clowned on, not because of criticism, but because he’s a dumbfuck that didn’t do his homework.

  • wow10101010

    horrible article.


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