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Tech N9ne: Mortal Kombat Character? [Social]

Published: March 28, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

With the album cover for All 6’s and 7’s has come a lot of comments, commendation, and criticism. One of the more colorful notions is the idea that Tech N9ne looks like a character from Mortal Kombat. Here he is pictured to the left with Scorpion, the one famous for his grappling hook and his command to “get over here!” The notion has caught on so much that there is even a Facebook group called “Make Tech N9ne as a playable character in the new Mortal Kombat game.” Check out what the fans are saying on Twitter below!

What would Tech N9ne use for his fatality? Who’s your favorite Mortal Kombat character?

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  • The Vice

    Yesss, make Tech N9ne the Xbox 360 exclusive character! haha

  • D_boyz2010

    Do it!!!!! thatd be fuckin ILL!

  • Smittycal

    Yall fools is clowning lol

  • Wicked Clown863

    Fuck 360 ps3 exclusive

  • i think it would be sick if tech’s fatality was to spit a fast ass verse like the one in midwest choppers and the opponent starts seizing and then they’re head exploded…. that would be hella badass

  • The Vice

    PS3 already got Kratos numbnuts we need Tech N9ne!


  • Jax?(blacker version)

  • Blarf

    wow that was so creative! think of another for us!

  • Autumn Rimer

    i think i need to here tech say “get over here!” like scorpion does. But scorpion is my favorite for mortal kombat so this was amusing to read about. i knew it reminded me of something. now i know what lol.

  • or rapping stamina

  • That’d be crazy! Maybe bring out the snakes & bats lol. Scorpion & Sub Zero are the best characters

  • nemesiszay

    tech’s finisher would be the midwest chopper or blacken the sun… my favorite character is scorpion

  • Anonymous

    Exactly what I was thinking. Stamina 100-hit-combo!

  • Faygo


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