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Big Scoob – ‘Drunk And Stupid’ Featuring Tech N9ne [Song]

Published: May 3, 2011 in Big Scoob, Tech N9ne by

For those seeking a worthy sequel to the most-loved drinking anthem on Strange Music (that would be “Salue”), look no further than “Drunk and Stupid” from Big Scoob’s new album Damn Fool. Like a shot of Crown Royal Black Cask to the dome, this hits hard and throbs with an energy that can only be described as “out of control.” Tech N9ne expresses his avid love for drinking in the second verse, spit over a Michael “Seven” Summers production of tipsy synthesizers and sub-rattling drums. Tech gives a lyrical middle finger to those who try and slow down his drinking:

“But fuck that, can’t drink enough yak
All I need is a bad bitch in my britches to suck it out my nutsack!
When I’m on tour, ‘keep em’ coming’ is the motto!”

Also featuring Chillest Illest, this ode to alcohol is a posse cut that will get any party jumping quicker than it takes to fill a shot glass full of your favorite liquor.

Click here to purchase Damn Fool off of iTunes.


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