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Tech N9ne A ‘Riot Maker’: Police Give Differing Account

Published: June 25, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

Just days after news first broke of a violent incident at Tech N9ne’s tour stop in Petaluma, CA, police are giving quite a different account of just what occured that night. Initial reports claimed that an individual attempted to steal merchandise during the show, and when confronted, pulled out a knife. Tom Gaffey, manager of the venue, and local police are now giving two very different accounts of the criminal act. All this after police pointed the finger at hip hop music as the cause of violent outbreaks. has published an article quoting Tom Gaffey’s official take:

“He (the suspect) tried to steal a belt buckle, and the ‘merch’ guy then escorted him out of the building,” said Gaffey. “He then went to his car, came back and tried to pick a fight with a security worker outside the theater.”

Meanwhile, Sgt. Andrew Urton of the Petaluma Police Department maintains that the suspect did indeed brandish a knife when a worker attempted to retrieve the stolen merchandise. The unfortunate incident has now raised safety concerns for the venue, which has suffered from a string of violent issues. As local authorities continue to sort out the issue, Tech N9ne’s All 6’s And 7’s Tour rolls on through the rest of the country.

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  • Hatejacket

    Hate to be the asshole here, but it sounds like the venue manager is trying to cover his ass. They talked about how they screen everyone for weapons etc. and one managed to slip past their security, so they need to make sure they don’t look like the bad guys by blaming the police.

  • Big Dick Willy

    “Tech N9ne is the stage name of Aaron Dontez Yates, a hip-hop artist from Kansas City, Mo. The stage name stems from Tech-9, a semi-automatic handgun. Yates sings about guns and violence, as well as issues such as poverty and racism.”

    Well isnt that good ole stereotypical 

  • Sean

    Shit like this pisses me off.  I was at the show and it was fuckin sick.  Its people like this dude who are gonna prevent petaluma from letting tech return.  All because one dude gotta be a fuckin dumbass.  I also on the otherhand wonder how he managed to get the knife through security…

  • Anonymous

    That might have been the case for Black Walt when he gave Tech that nickname because of how fast he raps.

    But to use that as the main meaning of the name and automatically associate it with regular crimes happening everywhere is bullshit. Tech N9ne refers to the complete technique of rhyming. With ‘tech’ meaning technique and ‘nine’ representing the number of completion.

  • Bakard33151

    if there wasnt any metal detectors then he could have had it hidden good…i snuck a knife into a tech show even tho they patted me down…shit isnt hard 2 do

  • Mdub

    Why do you need to pack a knife pussy?


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