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Technicians Flock To Best Buy, ‘All 6′s And 7′s’ Flies Off The Shelves [Social]

Published: June 8, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

On June 7, 2011, Technicians across America gave real meaning to the term Absolute Power when they showed up to Best Buy in droves to purchase Tech N9ne’s All 6’s and 7’s. The overwhelming response was noticed by everyone from the fans who felt fortunate to find a copy with the Snake and Bat medallion to the employees who wondered “who is this Tech N9ne guy and why are fans buying six copies of his album?” Check out what Cody from Illinois, an employee of Best Buy, had to say:

“The copies went fast especially the deluxe edition, those were gone very quickly. We had a few people waiting outside which is unheard of for CDs, at least in this area. I’ve never seen a response quite like it–constant people looking for the CD.”

It’s not hard to figure out why fans came and purchased the Deluxe Best Buy edition with such enthusiasm, as explained by fan Sean Paine on Facebook:

“Bought my DELUXE EDITION from BEST BUY for a total of $16.26 that came along with a $50 pendant!! That is a STEAL!!! I fuckin love this album!! One of Tech’s Best!!”

Check out the overwhelming Twitter commentary on the Best Buy Deluxe package:

  • RogerDatt

    they were sold out when i went to get mine :/

  • Man I love that you guys used my picture ha ha. Strange Music all day all night!

  • damn that sucks man. I was waiting outside of best buy before they even opened so I could cope it right away!

  • kcganjagirl

    tech n9ne may be the shit, but i find it absolutely retarded that people are buying two or three copies of this cd. Get off his nuts people lorddd

  • Darksideryda1972

    Sadly I missed out since I get paid this friday instead of last. Gonna buy a regular copy for sure though. Tech fan for life.

  • Were not on his nuts girl. He wouldn’t of made all the different editions if he didn’t want us to go out and buy all the different editions of the cd. They all contain different bonus tracks AND dvd. Were just supportin’ the king of darkness! Only true Technicians know that buying all the editions of this album is NOT retarded….
    Just sayin.

  • Anonymous.

    To be fair, paying 14 dollars for a second copy with 3 bonus tracks *is* a bit ridiculous. 5 dollars a song? I bought the CD, but I’d just find the bonus tracks some other way.

  • Panaf

    Goddamnit, i’m from Belgium so i can’t buy the deluxe edition damnit!

  • Sheepiest thing I’ve heard in a while, no offense. I will buy one copy once I actually have money.


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