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Mac Miller: ‘My People Are Coming’ – Technicians Respond ‘TIME FOR WAR’ [Social]

Published: November 3, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

Tech N9ne Fans Band Together Against Mac Miller

Just as November 8 approaches, Tech N9ne fans have banded together and rallied behind the Kansas City King to support his Welcome To Strangeland album.

Facing opposition from Mac Miller’s release on the same day, fans hit Facebook and Twitter to spread the message. A recent tweet from Mac Miller fueled the fire as he exclaimed:

“Dear stores that placed orders on hard copies of my album, I hope ya’ll got enough…cuz my people are comin.”

Not long after the tweet from Mac Miller, Technicians began delivering their own message of victory. Some may recall that recent debates about the two artists have been blowing up on Twitter and Facebook, as Tech N9ne fans are now choosing their side and calling on their fellow Technicians to boost sales of Welcome To Strangeland and guarantee that Tech N9ne sits atop the independent throne on November 8. Will Technicians come together and take Strangeland to the top?

Check out what fans are saying online:

“TECHN9CIANS!!!! It is TIME FOR WAR . . . . November 8th!!! We MUST Buy 2 or more albums each!!! . . . We must defeat Mac Miller for the Number One Spot!!”

“Tech N9ne FANS . . Next week, we are GOING to NEED you to buy 2 or more albums each if we want to defeat Mac Miller. . . No doubt he is more popular than Tech. . . It’s ridiculous I know, but this is OUR time to shine! Lets DO IT!”

“Wack Miller does not have shit on Tech N9ne!!”

“yall show love techs birthday and strange land drops nov 8th woot woot”

“There’s no debate. Tech always.”

“Keep it Tech not wack ass Mac! Sorry n shit”

“Who the hell is Mac Miller?? Technicians!!!”

“Mac ain’t got shit on tech”

“Tech N9ne is a whole other genre. these wack ass rappers style be comin softer then a cats meow. Welcome To Strangeland pussys”

“There’s no way Mac Miller of all rappers will knock Tech N9ne off the throne of independent music”

“miller has zero staying power, just like every other kid that comes up these days.”

“here is the outcome, tech will stay on top where he has long deserved to be, although he was on top years before all 6’s and 7’s. mac miller, well shit he better hope to get more fans, and suck some industry dick. nowhere near tech, not by a long shot”

Which side will you take on November 8? Is it time for Technicians to go to war?

Click here to pre-order Welcome To Strangeland.

  • downloaded the leak a couple weeks ago and still cannot wait untill the 8th to go to the city and get the best buy copy!

  • Get TWO of them things. . Even THREE!!! We MUST keep Mac Miller off the throne, and prove our worth to the Industry!

  • Lyric352

    look bruh…. i love tech… but 2 albums each.. get real… lucky if i dont steal da shit…*from da hood doh*

  • Lyric352

    mp3 everything that i hear on the streets, never buy it dont deny it, im the fear ima beast

  • Rellik0147

    You’re an idiot.

  • Bryan

    u want me to but it twice? fuck that. im buyin one strangeland and one blue slide park and bumpin them both. u shodnt give a fuck about who is number 1 on paper, its whos number 1 to urself. i like em both, so ima buy both. u guys are faggots

  • nemesiszay

    defeat tech for da independent throne… it’s gonna take an act of God for mac miller to even be put in da same category.

  • Lazarus954

    Gotta love marketing ploys. Way to not “sell out” lol.. what’s next a Tech N9ne Mountain Dew commercial?? Smh..

  • Jontell Ellis

    Who the hell is Mack Miller????? Whoever he is he can go suck one! Technician all fuckin dal all fuckin night in this bitch!

  • King of Fans

    NOT a True Technician, Tech N9ne has made sacrifices in the past and continues to do so for you to keep gettin new shit and you would respect and support that if you were a true fan! I preordered 2 and am downloading it as well….True support. Thanks to Tech for continuing to put out music and continue to raise the bar!

  • Supersidewayz87

    when you get to what ever store your going to buy ur copy from…just go over to mac  millers cds take em alll off the shelf and hide em somewhere so they dont get bought 😀 hahah

  • Jesterzac

    Yo come on Technicians!!!! Tech is our King of Darkness, there is no fuckin way that Wack Miller will ever live up to this man! Wack has nothing on Tech, he is jst another up and comer that will never be able to stand up to the ranks of Tech N9ne!!!!!

  • MrzD

    It’s shit like this is the reason we ain’t got big and pac around no damn more, simple artist computing turns into a fuckin rival. The I for one will be buying BOTH and u know what? I ain’t NATHEN anyone can say bc I like both artist. I’ve been support tech since I was in 6th grade and will forever be a fan but there really other artist I like because music is what I breathe. The If you alive music then stand up and say that shit! I FULLY SUPPORT BOTH TECH NIZZLE AND MAC MILLER! I LOVE U IT HAVE IT I DONT GIVE A FUCK:)) THIS IS ALL SAID WITH LOVE.

  • mac millers annoying

  • Mattgargus

    Buying two albums doesn’t make you any more of a fan than someone who doesn’t. I’m not buying two, I can’t afford it nor would I have use for it. Just put it this way, regardless who wins on November 8, we’ll see if Mac enjoys the long career Tech has…if he’s still making music and growing in popularity come 2021, he can claim Tech’s level of success.

  • Gibson

    Both artists are sick, don’t try and turn this into some fake kayne v fifty bullshit, both artists are doing awesome as indies. Doesn’t matter who sells more. And you clowns who think buying two albums makes you a better fan, get off your high horse.

  • RECK …

    mac miller is OVERRATED!

  • pintchofdarkness

    people hate man congratulate mac for having balls to step so close to a more higher power then he i like them both but techs in blood man he can be defeated just wont give up his jaw to pleasure a label “wiz” he thinks like a kid keep battling Mac but never challenge a god that’s only for movies lyrical bullets will leave you exhausted like the bitch i fucked last night

  • pintchofdarkness

    cant be defeated my fault

  • pintchofdarkness

    i just cant leave this alone Mac stop trying to run the house man just sleep on a couch
    matter of fact fuck ur couch ur ok but techs words puts you back in ur fathers sack stay in ur own
    fuckin lines of rap dont challenge someone whose been in this game before you could fart you little fart im no
    to say but dont think you can run over the biggest clik to come down from the skies you came from natural
    born we TECHNICIANS come from that Higher power we speak of. Challenge Mac spit 28 albums each good
    ass song then we’ll give you the respect you deserve know ur place take this in or not get mad or rise to this
    its not war its over ill buy three strangelands give two to my homeboys and bump around Macs state
    Be happy its just words im throwing at you. Strange Music For Life Baby.

  • fromstrangelandtoblueslidepark

    thats what i did!
    i bump them both all da tyme


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