Mac Miller And Tech N9ne? – Fans Heat Up The Debate [Social]

Nov 2 2011

Fans Weigh In On Tech N9ne And Mac Miller Debate

A recent exchange between Tech N9ne and Mac Miller has fans everywhere asking – Should they work together?

The buzz began when Tech N9ne conducted an interview with Karen Civil and spoke on Mac Miller, questioning whether or not the MC was even independent. Tech went on to explain that due to his work ethic he was sincerely unaware of Mac’s status in the music industry. Tech’s comments eventually caught the attention of Mac Miller, who had a brief exchange with the Kansas City King on Twitter. From the looks of it, the exchange was friendly and showed a mutual respect between the MCs. Following the tweets, fans began to discuss the possibility of a collaboration between Tech N9ne and Mac Miller.

While some fans are optimistic and hope for a collaboration, others are not as receptive and have voiced their opposition. With both MCs dropping independent releases on November 8, are fans being spiteful or just loyal to Tech N9ne?

Check out what fans are saying on Facebook:

“Tech and Mac shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same Sentence. Tech n9ne is on a whole ‘nother level!”

“Mac aint on the same level as Tech.”

“Tech will murder mac”

“Tech will make mac miller dig his own grave n bury himself smh real talk..”

“Man, Tech has his style, and Mac Miller has his. Don’t be chumps, just get both CD’s and just ride down the road bumpin’ to their flows.”

“Screw the ppl that say tech is the ish Mac Miller is on a whole other level”

“hahahhahhaa yall niggas dont even know mac millers gonna give tech n9ne a run for his top selling independent status in the long term”

“tech n9ne is god, mac miller is nothing. Mac millers fucking trash”

” Bet Mac sells 5 times more albums (:”

” Lol @ the comparison. They don’t compare in the slightest. Tech makes music, Mac just raps. Tech’s been doing work more years than this kids age. Not hating on Mac one bit, just sayin”

“Why would anyone compare the new kid on the block to the owner of that block..”

“Who fucking cares? Listen to music and if YOU like it.. Then YOU like it.. You all think your opinion matters to either of the two artists? Highly fucking doubt it..”

Twitter reactions:

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What do you think of the debate? Are fans reading too much into it? Are they just being loyal to Tech N9ne and Welcome To Strangeland? Lets us know in the comments below!