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‘Who Do I Catch’ Music Video Premieres On [Video]

Published: November 5, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

Tech N9ne - "Who Do I Catch" Music Video Premieres On

The first music video for Tech N9ne’s Welcome To Strangeland made it’s official debut on “Who Do I Catch” comes just days before the release of Welcome To Strangeland. Directed by Dan Gedman, the colorful video finds a highly animated Tech N9ne reflecting on his success within the last few years. Donning his trademark face paint, fans get a look at the man and the bizarre clown behind the structure of Strangeland. With the attention of the world, Tech N9ne asks – Who Do I Catch?


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  • Anonymous

    The track is fucking ILL! I’m glad a few solos always make it onto the Collabos albums. The Video is just a beast, I think it’s the most grown up video so far. It doesn’t feel as indie as the previous ones did – not saying they were bad, but you notice that this video is just very balanced and very well done. I fucking love it.

  • Neokain_2040

    hands down the best video tech’s done and hands down the best track ive heard off strangeland so far. 11/10
    lets see who tech gunna catch next.

  • heater_sixer

    Very good song and excellent video Tech!!! You are the King of the whole industry right now IMO!!!

  • Pate_xD

    THIS SONG IS FUCKIN AWSOME! cant wait for strangeland to drop out. the waitin for the album hurts man

  • Natecuzz60

    i wonder who else this dude can catch now? the industry is on its knees and even da legends can feel da beezneez! the world is feelin Strange while lost in a haze tryin to figure how in these days  tech stays paid! keep cuttin em up tech and know in denver we will play this a mile high above the rest! 303


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