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The Takeover – 5 Places We Want To See Tech N9ne In 2012

Published: January 17, 2012 in Tech N9ne by

Takeover - 5 Places We Want To See Tech N9ne In 2012In 2011, one thing became abundantly clear to the industry – Tech N9ne had arrived. Following years of being largely ignored by mainstream media, Tech N9ne made sure that 2011 would be the year that he reigned as the king. With All 6’s And 7’s reaching #4 on Billboard’s Top 200 and his name being mentioned by some of the biggest celebrities, Tech N9ne spent much of the year in the center spotlight.

Now that we face a new year, the discussion switches from where Tech N9ne has been to where he is going. After his appearance on the 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards and having been names HipHopDX’s Emcee Of The Year, it’s hard to imagine that the Kansas City King won’t spend even more time in the limelight in 2012. So, what’s next for the #1 independent rapper in the world? Looking at the endless amount of possibilities, we’ve listed the top 5 places we would like to see Tech N9ne pop up in 2012. It’s a new year and it’s time for a takeover.

5) MTV2’s Sucker Free

Tech N9ne On MTV2 Sucker FreeWhen MTV2’s Sucker Free decided to show Tech some love in 2011, they did it right. Dedicating the majority of an episode to Tech N9ne and Strange Music, the show headed to KCMO for an exclusive tour of Tech N9ne’s empire. The episode went on to become the highest rated single episode in the show’s history. Needless to say, Tech N9ne equals ratings. With Tech taking on so much in the new year, we definitely expect to see much more of the king on Sucker Free. How about hosting an episode with the lovely Angela Yee ? We can definitely hope so.

4) 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards

BET Hip Hop AwardsThe 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards featured some of the biggest names in music, but one name stood out from the pack – Tech N9ne. Kansas City stood front and center during the show’s first Cypher video that also included verses from B.o.B, Big K.R.I.T., Kendrick Lamar, and Machine Gun Kelly. Dropping the now memorable first verse from “Who Do I Catch”, Tech left his stamp on the evening and went on to trend on Twitter. Anticipating this year’s awards, we would make the argument that it’s time for Tech to actually be invited to the ceremony as a nominee. Remember his hilarious acceptance speech at the MTV Woody Awards? Yeah, we do. It’s time to see Nina at the BET podium.

3) Lollapalooza

LollapaloozaAs one of the biggest music festivals in the country, Lollapalooza manages to draw the absolute biggest names in music every year. Staged in Chicago’s Grant Park, the festival racks up impressive attendance numbers and is considered one of the best outlets for musicians looking to tap into new audiences. With so many emcees taking the Lollapalooza stage every year, it’s not too far fetched to imagine Tech N9ne appearing on the bill. After all, the dude puts on one hell of a show. Even the hipsters can appreciate that.

2) Late Night Television

Jimmy Fallon, Conan O'Brien, David LettermanWe’ve speculated on this topic before, but it’s about time it became a reality. The exposure given to guests or even musical performers on late night television is priceless. With millions of Americans tuning in every night, these programs are among the most popular in various demographics. Bottom line: people watch. When Odd Future appeared on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon for a debut television performance, the group experienced a near overnight success story. If Tyler can entertain millions looking like a psychopath, who’s to say that Tech N9ne couldn’t do the same? Can you imagine the banter between Tech and Conan O’Brien? Team Coco needs a bit of the N9ne.

1) Cover Of XXL

Tech N9ne On XXL

If you’re thinking “Duh”, we’re right there with you. In 2011, XXL showed Tech some real love by including him in multiple features, including a four page spread this past summer. Since then, XXL and XXLMag.com have continued to be some of Tech’s biggest supporters. With so much invested in the independent king, it’s about time that Tech N9ne graced the cover of XXL. The fans want it. We want it.

-Victor Sandoval, Assistant Editor Strange Music

Follow Victor on Twitter: @VicMSandoval

  • What did you think of our list?
  • Where else would you like to see Tech N9ne in 2012?

Let us know in the comments below!

  • Anonymous

    Make it happen!

  • Forrestlake31

    bust out the tech!!!

  • Forrestlake31

    bust out the tech!!!

  • Anonymous

    real-talk!…Tech deserves it,–he’s Truely been Grindin’ his ass off*
    –Much Respect!—-STRANGE!!!!!

  • Shartline127

    Tech needs to be on all that shit….hes been rocking the scene for awhile now and deserves everyones respect!!!!!

  • denisse

    The guy deserves a grammy. Best rap artist all around.

  • Kyletrafford

    In all honesty..it’s the 5 places of “who gives a fuck”..self gradifing bullshit like that. You are who you are..one of the only artists who fully supports one’s self.. you’ve already made the top 5 of fuck you all..when you sit back and have a second..do you really ask yourself, what jimmy kimmel thinks of you? who cares? i see your music as “fuck you” and “fuck everyone” else music..that is why i support it…I do it because you..make..music.. for people who…like..music. Facebook: Kyle Showtime

  • Somorrow Rockstrom

    Myself and my crew has been on the tech N9ne ride for many many years now.. Since the first time you came to Spokane Which you performed at the Big Easy, Now called the Kitting factory. I just want you to know that we are with you all the way where ever you go.. Just know we always show you mad respect in this town, whether you are main stream or underground we are with you. Because really Together we really are a powerful force and nothing can stop it, Its just fate. I remember long a go I gave your boy Kutt Kalhone a CD. And yall called me back telling me to tell them to keep doing what they are doing and good things will come out of it. Even though we hit a few rocky roads with  DEAD POET, They have over come with this new album by WILDCARD called “The odyssey”, Now I have heard alot of mix tapes, train wreck wrappers, and the only one that I feel was worth staying on to see what else he had to offer was Wildcard, and DEAD POET, and of course yourself… Now this Takeover should be in SPOKANE WASHINGTON because we are the realest, since day one when you use to come down to the audience after the show and do signings and hugs, kisses and pictures.. I loved those days.. But know you are on to bigger and better things and we have made respect for you doing the DAMN thing.. So If you are or someone by you reading this I urge you to go to   http://www.reverbnation.com, Or http://www.facebook.com/wildcardqm  and check out just one song.. I have enough confidence that what every one you pick you will be bobbing your head in Disgust because its soooo SICK WIT IT!!! Just check it out. I would not write this long ass comment if it was not worth it…..Thanks from a Real Fan Somorrow Rockstrom.

  • Freddyd

    techs gonna rise to the top. then he gonna be mainstream. but he wont change. everyone else gonna try and be like tech. but only tech can pull it off. STRANGE MUSIK!!!

  • Teeeeeeeeeeeeeech, Bonnaroo man.  Bonnaroo.

    You’d kill the crowds out there.

  • DataStream18

    And dont forget Nashville!

  • DataStream18

    And dont forget Nashville!


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