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Insane ‘Worldwide Choppers’ Cover [Video]

Published: February 10, 2012 in Strange Music by

We’ve done spotlights on fans covering “Worldwide Choppers” before (double speed here and with drums here) and now we have a new addition to the museum of rapid-fire insanity.

Enter Jodere7’s video of Xekik from the group SickJaw performing about one-half of “Worldwide Choppers” with intense passion and charisma. One would think he was performing for a sold-out arena, and not just his living-room. Rock on!

Click HERE to watch or scroll below

  • Do you know all the words to “Worldwide Choppers” ?

Let us know in the comments section below!

  • Anonymous

    Aw shit that’s what’s up. Great cover! Great cover…

  • Neokain_2040

    first decent cover ive seeen, the guys got a killer voice

  • J “Rixae” G

    That was AWESOME. Mad props, dude. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad props!

  • DWAMN!! I can NOT believe Tech N9ne posted MY video and gave me props! SO FUCKING MIND BLOWN!!!! Guys, get AT me I’m tryin to bring SICKJAW to the STRANGE FAM!!

  • Shady45q


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