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‘Say It With Ya Chest Then’ – Tech N9ne And Comedian Kevin Hart Link Up [Social]

Published: March 9, 2012 in Tech N9ne by

Tech N9ne Links Up With Kevin HartThe University of Missouri-Kansas City played host to one of the biggest names in stand up recently and Strange Music’s lead general was there to catch it all.

Comedian Kevin Hart stopped through the middle of the map for a live show this past week. Soon after the show, Tech N9ne hit the web to share a photo of himself with the beloved comic backstage. As fans may already know, Tech N9ne is an admitted Kevin Hart fan, going so far as to quote his stand up material on the smash collaboration “F**k Food”:

“If you think you got it, nigga, say it witcha chest, then”

Tech’s run in with Kevin Hart comes just weeks after a chance encounter with actor Danny Glover in Los Angeles. As Tech N9ne prepares to make history on the record breaking “Hostile Takeover 2012” Tour – who will he catch next?!

Stay tuned for more from Tech N9ne.

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  • Are you a fan of Kevin Hart’s stand up?
  • Did you know Tech N9ne was a Kevin Hart fan?

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  • Ryan Naser

    I love Kevin Hart, he’s a hilarious man and I really enjoy how real he is with his comedy. Talking about his two children all the time. As a parent, I like comedians who put their kids into their acts. I think Tech is on the same page as me. Where he enjoys Kevin Hart because of how funny and real he is. And enjoys that he talks about his parenting. Tech N9ne is a wonderful father as well as Kevin Hart. They are very big inspirations. Keep up the good work Tech. You’re the man! Kevin, I am glad that you’ve been noticed by such a legend. I hope one day you’ll leave behind as big of a legacy as Tech is going to leave for his children. We need more good fathers in the world like you two. Take care of your little ones, they grow up fast. Tech, congratulations on your daughter graduating High School man! I’m so happy for her. She’s a beautiful girl. All grown up now. Wow… Time flies. :’D My daughter is 2 right now. And I have full custody of her. And I’m 20. Doing it all on my own. And you’re such an inspiration man. Thank you. Really.


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