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Raise Your Cups, Caribou Lou Has Gone Gold!

Published: July 19, 2012 in Strange Music by

Tech N9ne - Caribou Lou

Groundbreaking independent rapper Tech N9ne earned Gold certification this week. The Kansas City artist’s single, “Caribou Lou”, has now sold 501,503 copies, according to SoundScan, which tracks the sale of music. Singles and albums are considered Gold once they have sold more than 500,000 units.

Produced by Rune Rask & Troo.L.S., “Caribou Lou” is featured on Everready (The Religion), Tech N9ne’s critically acclaimed 2006 album. “It’s a wonderful accomplishment to have a Gold record,” Tech N9ne says. “My fans are the reason this happened and I can’t thank them enough. To know that they love my music and continue to support what I create is truly a beautiful thing.”

The gold certification is the latest in a long line of recent accomplishments for Tech N9ne. The Strange Music co-owner was named one of Billboard Magazine’s Top Urban Power Players of 2012, an honor he shares with Cash Money Records, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Dr. Dre, Jay-Z and Magic Johnson, among others.

Tech N9ne also made history this year with the “Hostile Takeover 2012 Tour,” which included 90 shows in 99 days, making it the longest consecutive tour in rap history.

Tech N9ne has also sold nearly 2 million albums independently and was No. 95 on Pollstar’s 2012 Mid-Year ranking of the Top 100 Worldwide Tours in terms of ticket sales. He is one of three rappers on the entire list, behind only Drake and Pitbull.

  • What do you think of this accomplishment?!

Let Tech know how you feel in the comments section below!

  • love it!!! cant wait to see you at GOTJ 2012!!! whoop whoop

  • Awe shit Thats what good I know what Imma be drinkin today to celebrate

  • Whooop Whoop the N9nes got all the family behind him. Stay at it boss man.

  • Michael Brass

    Haven’t had Malibu or 151 since a night with this fool and Grant out at Tremors in Lawrence KS. I woke up with them back in the city at a Denny’s with a gang of strippers. Congrats Fam. Crack heads.

  • Can’t ask for a more fan oriented rapper than Tech N9ne, Much love and respect for Tech and all that he does, Keep goin’ hard Tech been listening to you since Anghellic and can say that you never disapoint. TECH N9NE!

  • Congrats Aaron!

  • Crys

    tech always has been and will be the greatest rapper ever.
    congrats man. real people do real things. get em.

  • That’s sick as fuck. I’m glad I went to the Hostile Takeover tour – VIP PACKAGE BABY CHEA! Straange! #tunefiend

  • Congrats N9ne!!!

  • Congrats Tech whoop whoop!!!

  • Good Lookin Out To TECH N9NE! For Keepin It Real And Not Going All The Way Commercial, I Think Where It’s At Right Now Is Gonna Make Possibilities Happen For Him And The Rest Of The Strange Music Team! Cali Stand Up!

  • Congratulations Tech! STRANGE MUSIC TAKEOVER

  • Keep on Keepin on! Tech N9ne!!!

  • Michael Brass

    WTF did that crack heads at the end come in? I didn’t type that shid at all? HMMM?

  • Kasper

    About damned time! props!

  • let’s all watch ’til the mainstream go TECH.

    TECH N9999999999999999999NE!

  • TheYungin’

    Congrats Tech!

  • Carlos Garcia

    Congrats on going gold Mr. Yates Fort Garland Colorado loves your music

  • SWEET! <3

  • dubious88

    One of my favorite Tech songs, it always gets me in the mood to party! Congrats Tech!

  • Yashar Mofidi

    I’ll drink CL to that… 😀

  • Of corse it went gold, that shit is delicious! the song has been in my playlist since Everready came out. Congrats Tech!

  • Nina Taylor

    The Show Me State Man has went GOLD,Congrats to u & your crew.

  • Ilija Petrovic


  • Aaron Noneck Coffey

    Congrates to the king of hip hop TECH N9NE. Remember it only goes up platinum here we come!!!

  • albert vega

    Tech is the best! Fuck the rest!

  • Kamp Crystal Lake

    Congrats brother m/ from ur fam K.C.L. 716

  • rangerness

    Settin the bar high! Tech N9ne! Strange Music!!!

  • All I gotta say is FUCK YEAH

  • kongratz tech….that song deserves it….

  • john smith

    congrats my dude c u at the worcester
    palladium soon

  • Its about damn time! Congrats Tech!!

  • kc 847

    Fuck yaaaaaaaaaaa

  • This was the First Tech N9ne Song i heard. Im glad it was. Tech You make great music I’m not Surprised it went Gold. Congrats Brother. And Keep Bringing That Raw Hip Hop.

  • jason

    Good shit homie keep on keepin on man we will love an support u til the end then be mad as fuck with u for stopping lol

  • Laura

    Congrats Tech! XO

  • Bobbie Jo

    Hell ya Aaron!!!!!! I have mad love and respect for you!!!!

  • Chris Dubb

    Tech always goes UP UP UP, of course he was gonna win again. Gratz tech

  • timmay

    Congrats tech!!!

  • tech will demolish anyone

  • Congratulations Tech – Let Kcmo what goes when your out Celebrating Fam. Have a Good one

  • Ben Hobbs

    Much respect to the King of Darkness himself! Just keeps getting better and better man! It goes up!

  • Congrats to Tech and the strange music fam!! Much love from the Ventura County’s Street Team!! Keep on grindin my dude!!

  • Congrats! I’ve been so happy with the recongnition you’ve been getting. Great Job :3 !

  • blaise endl

    congrat tech ur the shyt come back tu casper, wyoming sometyme

  • NaTiVeZ RoYaLTY

    Every Bar, Club. Lounge and Restaurant Have this on tha Drink Menu in Rapid City now..took them 10 yrz to get Right

  • Chad Perron

    SWEET! Gratz Tech! Just want you and all the Tech Fans know, I been jammin the hell outta that song as well as others at Good Times in my little city of Port Arthur. Much love and keep em jamming at Strange! TECH N9NE!!!!!

  • CONGRATS TECH!!! It’s a GREAT song and we all love it and YOU!!!! *does a HAPPY dance*

  • Ced

    Tech N9Ne !!!!!!!!!!! A nigga I love this Song and I love the drink. WEST COAST EAST OAKLAND LIKE WHAT !!!!!!!!! LOL We always been up on your shit nigga I know you know that but I am just saying it . Cant wait till that next album to drop keep putting out that Strange crazy shit.

  • LOVE IT!!!! Bringing it to the GOTJ!!!! So now you need to get “them” to really pay you for it. Make it Happen!! MMFCL!!!!

  • John Caldwell.(JC)

    Congrats Tech N9ne on this very deserved achievement. All that hard work paying off baby!!! Keep on keeping on.JC


  • FUCK YEAH! Congrats Mr. Yates!! Im bout to make me a gallon of CARIBEEZY!

  • Congrats Tech !!!!! Love it !!!!!!!

  • Blaze Tha Meziah

    Congratulations Tech, Your my inspiration and I hope to be in your position one day. As long as your around I have competition. Im almost there, and I know you’ll go Intergalactic next. Keep the beast alive. Much Love bruh bruh.

  • Aisha

    congrats tech! love this drink!!

  • Jeremy Nall

    yeeeeaaaahhh buddy been a long time coming. tech n9ne will not go mainstream, mainstream will go tech n9ne. Strange music all ay all night DDDDDWWWWWAAAAAAAMMMMMM

  • Congrats on a much deserved accomplishment Tech… Stranger for life.

  • CT

    Congrats, Tech! You deserve all the success in the world! I’ve still got my fingers crossed that I manage to win one of those gold albums for my wall. LOL.

  • godHead The General

    That’s what u congratulations on going gold Sun, keep climbing

  • Hell yea TecH it’s about damn time I love that song. Congratulation.

  • Maciek Świderski

    Now, over a half of milion people know how to make Caribou Lou!

  • Congrats! This is only the start!



  • Brandon Fischer

    Congrats Tech. I listen to your music everyday and you’re by far my favorite rapper.

  • HELL YA BABY! U R da MAN! Did u get that bottled yet? Luv ya!

  • Way to go Aaron. Keep doing the damn thing, you got a good thing going. Looking forward to the next album. Strange is taking over!

  • Eric

    MY FAVORITE DRINK IN THE WORLD!!! Congrats A. Keep doing what you’re doin, cos you’re the best!!!

  • tech n9ne you are the shit! this song is way good and i can see how it would become gold. cant wait to see what you and the rest of strange music comes up with next! congrats and drink up

  • K.Kerr

    I made this drink at the Jersey Shore all week long. We was fucccccccked up! Congrats Tech. You that dude!

  • Congrats go to the largest independent artist in the world! You are a true idol and inspiration to many! Keep it goin playa”

  • Zac v

    Congratulations tech you deserve it homie !!!! Keep making the amazing music we all know and love today!

  • Peaches

    Congrats love your music to death you are the best and will continue to grow and be better than most so congrats and keep it going strong and harder than ever.

  • Congrats Tech keep on doin what you do best homie! Respect from da 505!

  • veronica G

    congratz TECH on all ur accomplishments ,actually .luv u and ur music to tha grave i would like to thank utho for ur music and lyrics that i listen to all day without it id be freakn bored af and left without inspiration to be honest congratz and thank u again
    frm a fan and music lover u deserve this and every acclomplishment made now and in the future



  • tech n9ne is the best homie ever who makes amazing music and is probably in my opnion one of the nicest rappers out there so keep making more tunes

  • laster

    Congrats to strange music for the caribou lou goin gold heiress kc tea that’s one of my favorite drinks much love from the strange fans in the 719. Strange music all day all night

  • Masta Hanksta

    Congrats Tech9ne it’s your boy Masta Hanksta spinning your music in So Cal.

  • Faint

    Keep it Strange Tech!

  • congrats man for real, that drink is delicious tried it for the first time like three years back and really liked it,you look blitz in the pic lol,anywayz man keep doing what you do homie much love

  • zzzzz88

    Where is the pic of the actual gold record inside a glass case?

  • ds

    congratulations big homie..keep it pushin with that ill shit mayn …keep it real and 100

  • TECH 2ow

    congratulation ma man

    wish u all tha best

    TECH 2ow

  • pineapple

    congratulations tech keep making the music we all know and love, stay up homie

  • Congratulations Tecca Nina. It’s amazing to see how far you’ve come by making (in my opinion) the best rap music I have ever heard. Keep up the good work, keep those fantastic beats comin’ and keep the Caribou Lou flowin.

  • #Real

    Back before you started doin songs with lil wayne and shit…why you have to go out like that for….i thought it was FT!

  • wasted1 916

    Tech is putting out the best music period can’t nobody touch him

  • a shadow on the road

    congratulations to the mutha fukin Kansas city king

  • kyle n

    only gold, bad lil wayne, has platinum hits

  • Lil Blood

    congrats blood sou woo

  • petra(peter)

    Congratulations bro! Ik so many people who have lived you from the start g! Keep it real

  • congrats tech. one thing, some people dont like your style, your sound, or anything about you. but a very strong argument can be made to even the ney sayers, that you have a profound and unique way of telling good stories and to hell with anyone who cant notice that. i sometimes find your music repetitive and dont always listen, however when i connect with a song you produce, the shits dangerous… thanks tech

  • Tech N9ne Yeah

    Who needs mainstream to be famous not Tech N9ne, but weezy does

  • Juggalo

    hahahaha…. Its underground mane….And tech’s shit is the best when it comes to music…..


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