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First Tech N9ne Song You Ever Heard? – Rittz To Reveal His Answer This Thursday

Published: September 5, 2012 in Rittz, Tech N9ne by

Rittz Weighs In With His First Tech N9ne Song

Like so many other dope moments in life, everyone can recall the first time they ever heard Tech N9ne.

Whether it was in his native Kansas City with hits like “Mitchell Bade” or on a grander scale in 2011 with singles like “He’s A Mental Giant”, Tech N9ne’s music has traveled far and wide and caught the attention of listeners everywhere.

Looking to give fans a flashback moment, we asked Tech N9ne listeners to remember back to the very first song they ever heard from the Kansas City King.

Among the mass of replies from fans, Strange Music’s latest addition, Rittz chimed in with his own and hinted at something special this week:

Already busy with a new music video and tour, what could Rittz have in store for Tech N9ne fans?

Stay tuned for more!

When was the first time your heard Tech N9ne? Share your answer with us below!

  • wanda pendleton

    MAKE THAT AZZ DROP “PLANET ROCK” thats the song im from kc baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • isaac

    I’m a new Tech fan, but I first heard him on his track Nothin’ off of Sickology 101. Now i own all his CD’s, including Calm Before The Storm and have E.B.A.H. pre-ordered.

  • 2

    mine was when everready was released n the song was riot maker.

  • Jamie

    paint a dark picture when i was 12

  • ZTh3T3ch


  • techluva

    pioneer bruh! thats that 1990’s tech!

  • imma tell

  • #G’c


  • Alucard

  • xann

    The Industry Is Punks

  • Tasnif

    I’m not proud, but it was Interlude off of C4. I’m from South East Asia and down here you only listen to what the radio and TV throw at you. Now I’m sort of “enlightened”, if you will.

  • KarelAnker

    Caribou Lou!

  • ima playa

  • kay jay

    First song i heard by Tech was Slacker.

  • CJE615

    Real Killer

  • ComaBlack

    First time I remember hearing Tech was with Twiztid on The Green Book in the song “Serial Killa”

  • damn i forgot he was on that serial killer! but my first is either slacker or imma tell!

  • Chris

    Stamina. Been hooked ever since

  • Devil Boy off of Anghellic!

  • Nata

    Night and Day!

  • codi

    it was either caribou lou or red nose. I can’t quite remember

  • Major

    to be honest it was everybody move and i heard it playing midnight club los angeles. this was in 2009 when killer had already been released a year ago lol. i then looked up tech on youtube and got more and more hooked. second song was like yeah and it got me even more hyped. i was like WOW what garbage have i been listening to until now? i mean tech is uncomparable hes just on a whole different level. i now know pretty much every song tech has put out since the late 90s and also a lot of his feature appearances.
    now im going to see him in november in germany
    all hail to the n9ne and mad props from germany!

  • Quincy

    ima playa. back when i was 13 on a camping trip with my cousin im 20 now tech n9ne is just that shit he’s a beast

  • Trapped In A Psycho’s Body

  • J-killa

    planet rock 2k

  • First track here was Caribou Lou, thanks to an old co-worker.

  • tj


  • big tone

    the first one i ever heard was on the gang related soundtrack called “questions”…from there i went and bought anghelic and never stopped listening to the monster that is TECH N9NE!!

  • Guest

    Found Tech through the KMK with their song City 2 City!

  • Found Tech through the KMKs with their song City 2 City|!

  • Nick

    Riot Maker on a TV commercial

  • First song was einstien, but it was during absolute power the that’s the cd I went and baught

  • mentalkayse


  • I think the first time i heard Tech was on the “Under Pressure” track with Young Droop! Then fell in love with the whole Angellic album and been hooked ever since!!!

  • James

    Caribou Lou back in 2006! A friend of mine at school told me to check out this dude named Tech N9NE and listen to Caribou Lou and Riot Maker. I’ve been a huge Tech fan ever since.

  • First time I ever heard Tech was Only Time Will Tell on ILL Bill’s song then I heard the track Sickology 101 and I was hooked and had to get everything he released ever!

  • Breathe! What the fuck is you ducking from?

  • zeebooo


  • mickey

    First time i heard the nina like alot of long time out of state fans was on the gang related soundtrack with questions and have been a die hard fan ever since ….strange for life

  • mickey

    Met him once , seen him 4 times and have every single ablum …and all signed …I’ve yet to meet a bigger fan

  • Imma Tell, as far as I remember

  • mohawk1017

    Big Bad Wolf

  • Ryba

    I’m A Playa remix version in 2005/06

  • T9X in 2004 or 2005

  • I was a die hard Death Row fan so mine was the gang related Soundtrack in 97, then a few years later I was an Eminem fan and somebody told me D12 had a song with Tech, I was like “Tech N9ne, I remember that dude from the GR album, he’s dope” copped Absolute Power and been on board ever since

  • Pearl

    Celcius back in 2002. Then got hooked officially when he dropped Absolute Power.

  • New Jersey Technician

    My wife My bitch My girl & Jellysickle. 2005 while playing 25 to Life for the PS2

  • blah


  • Matt

    Caribou Lou back in the day


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