First Tech N9ne Song You Ever Heard? – Rittz To Reveal His Answer This Thursday

Sep 5 2012

Rittz Weighs In With His First Tech N9ne Song

Like so many other dope moments in life, everyone can recall the first time they ever heard Tech N9ne.

Whether it was in his native Kansas City with hits like “Mitchell Bade” or on a grander scale in 2011 with singles like “He’s A Mental Giant”, Tech N9ne’s music has traveled far and wide and caught the attention of listeners everywhere.

Looking to give fans a flashback moment, we asked Tech N9ne listeners to remember back to the very first song they ever heard from the Kansas City King.

Among the mass of replies from fans, Strange Music’s latest addition, Rittz chimed in with his own and hinted at something special this week:

Already busy with a new music video and tour, what could Rittz have in store for Tech N9ne fans?

Stay tuned for more!

When was the first time your heard Tech N9ne? Share your answer with us below!