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‘I’m Torn’ – Tech N9ne Reaches Out To Fans For The Fate Of ‘Worldwide Choppers 2’

Published: January 21, 2013 in Tech N9ne by

Tech N9ne Looks To Fans For Worldwide Choppers 2


Is it too soon for Tech N9ne to revisit the speed-driven flows of “Worldwide Choppers” with a sequel? Not if the fans have a say.

Since last year, rumors have swirled of a possible “Worldwide Choppers 2” as Tech N9ne considered the idea for his next full-length album. The sequel would follow the star-studded original collaboration from All 6’s And 7’s, which included guest appearances from Busta Rhymes, Yelawolf, and Twista.

Feeling the pressure to create a follow-up, Tech took to Twitter to personally reach out to fans for their opinions on the matter. Speaking on the track, Tech explained it might be too soon to drop the sequel, but definitely considered the idea, even going so far as to give Mac Lethal a nod for choppin’ it up.

We can’t tell if Tech is ready or not, but from the looks of it, the fans are more than excited for another chopper frenzy.

Check it out below!


Tech N9ne On Twitter

  • What do you think?
  • Is it too soon for another “Worldwide Choppers” track?

Let us know in the comments section below!

  • Mcweird

    Ces Cru, Aesop Rock, Grayskul, Twiztid, Underrated Of Potluck, Shawnna,
    Snow The Product, Wrekonize, MGK, Spice 1, Brotha Lynch hung, Andre
    3000, Hopsin, Krizz Kaliko, T Nutty, Sav Sicc, Bleezo, Crooked I, Joe
    Budden, Eminem, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Royce Da 5’9, Joell Ortiz, Rittz,
    Yukmouth, Ludacris…..different beat please

  • Nostalgic732

    Usually, people list a bunch of random people or rappers that are fast but unclear. Surprisingly, practically everyone on your list would fit well I’d think. And I also want a different beat.

    I thought it was confirmed Daddy Yankee was going to be on a sequel? I’d want him and Mac Lethal. That’d be so badass and would be totally something different.

  • knockwood209


  • #wc westcoast OG and Brotha Lynch hung, rittz e40

  • Gorcka

    The Dirtball, Underrated, Spice 1 , Scum , Liquid Assassin, Bizzy Bone, Koopsta Knicca…. many of the MC’s that come to my mind for the Worldwide choppers sequel, I would say Krayzie bone too but he was in MidWest choppers 2

  • mac218

    tonedeff has to be on wwc2 man

  • I’d pick E-40, Aesop Rock, Shawna, Snow Da Product, Wrekonize, Rittz, Mac Lethal and Bleezo. That would be the best IMO.

  • HippieAlex

    That Woud be a killer fuckin line up


    ok lets see Snow the Product, Kollegah from Germany(check the track “Mondfinsternis”, Luda, V Double O from England, T-Rock, and Tonedeff

  • Kung Fu Vampire, Liquid Assassin, Underated of Potluck.

  • theStranger

    I say wait to do Worldwide Choppers Two and do a Strange Choppers with Rittz, Wrekonize, Ces Cru, and Krizz Kaliko. pretty much everybody on strange has shown how fast they can rap, but they take it to a new level.

  • fla boy

    Watsky that is all

  • Underrated, Machine Gun Kelly, Liquid Assasin, Twiztid, Hopsin and eminem…….on a different beat tho…..that’d be dank!

  • Adam

    I still say Madrox of Twiztid he proved himself on Abominationz to be a chopper he raps fast like a mofo and hes clear as hell well thats my opinion i may be biased by damn do i want him to be on WWC2

  • Base Reezy

    Huge second to Aes Rock…him and Tech are my favorite MCs for their utter originality and they would KILL it on a track together. Fuck a track, I want a whole collabo album!!!

    Also, I just discovered Die Antwoord and they’re also pretty damn original and awesome…he should have them chop it up in Afrikaans because the above list isn’t exactly worldwide…and how bout getting some UK grime in there too?

  • necrotikx

    Rittz, The Dirtball, D-Loc KmK, Godemis, Snow Tha Product, Kollegah

  • Comp1337ish

    How about Gloc-9 from the Philippines? I mean if we’re going to keep the whole “worldwide” theme in tact. Would also like to see Ceza be brought back in a more prominent role. Don’t care if I can’t understand him the dude’s amazing.

  • nah don’t do another worldwide one yet. you need to do one called chop shop where everyone one but you is practically unknown.

  • Ok i Never Left a Comment This Is My First Time
    I Would Pick Twisted Insane Again But This Time 16 Bars,I Would Pick Krayzie
    Bone Again,i Would Pick The Dirtball Of Kottonmouth,Ces Cru And Kung Fu Vampire
    And Yo Tech ,I Would Appreciate If The Instrumentals Would Be New And Sick ….. You Da Man
    Thx 4 U’r Muzik Man (Straaaaaaaaaange)

  • SMH

    They’re all American….. The fuck don’t you understand about the words WORLD WIDE

  • Smarter Than You.


  • JayJayBloodBath

    lets do it different beat different chorus with all the choppers the likes of bone thugs abn t-rock liquid assassin mac lethal all strange music artist yelawolf busta rhymes twista tonedeff lord infamous hopsin and swizZz and others

    t-rock is the main guy i want to be on this cause dude is ill and hes from atlanta here are some of his songs for your people to check out and and

  • Aaron Ross

    Godemis, Ceza, Rittz, Bizzy Bone, Mac Lethal, Eminem, Twista, Krizz Kaliko, Twisted Insane (Yes, I know several of these artists have been on previous choppers…

  • George Watsky. Seriously, he’s fast as fuck and rhymes clear and concise. I’ll prolly get laughed at for saying that but he really is quite talented. Also, The Dirtball and Underrated. Sorry, I don’t know many rappers outside the US.

  • Wait too soon… the other ones were way more separated out.. if you have to do something just extend it… i like the idea of a Strange Music Choppers

  • mac lethal and tonedeff are a must. wreck already proved he can do it too. just DO IT


    Krayzie & Bizzy Bone, Twista, E-40, Yelawolf, Busta Rhymes, Twiztid, Krizz Kaliko, Rittz, Ces Cru, Snow Tha Product, Cryptic Wisdom, Jarren Benton, Chamillionaire, The Dirtball, Royce Da 5’9, Ludacris, Mac Lethal, Kung Fu Vampire, Twisted Insane, Angel Haze, SwizZz, Underrated, Brotha Lynch Hung, Daddy Yankee, Andre 3000, Spice 1, B.o.B, Charlie Scene of Hollywood Undead, and make a new beat!



  • Krabatov

    “Worldwide choppers” then 70% of the rappers are from the U.S ^^

  • McPlayar

    U need Eminem this time!

  • i would love to hear tech with jarren benton ive seen him live and have his mix tapes that dude is sick!

  • NoClue, Sav Sicc, Bleezo, Bizzy Bone & Krayzie Bone Should Be On WWC 2 TWISTED INSANE TOO BUT HE NEEDS A LONGER VERSE

  • m_g

    you need to get twisted insane, rittz, mac lethal on there, and kollegah from germany and ceza from turkey, and please give them more than 4 bars to rap on. the beat should be similar to the first one

  • Kieler Salisbury

    Tech you are the reason i listen my brotha. Whatever you decide to do I’m positive the fans will respect you’re choice. You are the King and I am but your loyal follower. STRANGE TILL I DIE

  • Strange Music Choppers!
    Oh, but sign Snow first 😀

  • WWC2 Lineup: Hopsin, Twista, Snow Tha Product, Eminem, Busta, Krizz Kaliko, E-40, Mac Lethal, Ludacris, and MGK. That would be one hell of a lineup…although it doesn’t go worldwide. Keep the choppers but find a new prefix for the title! And find a way to find a good mix between the old beat and a new one. The choppers aren’t the only great part of the track, people LOVE the beat too! Also I’m lovin the idea of a SMC (Strange Music Choppers) everyone on the team can keep up and spit some sick strange shit!

  • Check out Brazilian rappers such as @Shaw021 them boys from @conecrewdir can chop, you should make world wide more literal

  • Check out Brazilian rappers such as @Shaw021 them boys from @conecrewdir can chop, you should make world wide more literal

  • Daniel!

    It would be awsome with – Twista, Yela, Rittz, Hopsin, SwizZz, Eminem, Krayzie Bone, Kaliko, MacLethal And Machine gun kelly and with travis with some drums!! BOOM

  • WWC2, I’m thinking Snow Tha Product, MGK, Rittz, Hopsin, Jamie Madrox, Jarren Benton, Mac Lethal, Ces Cru, and Krizz Kaliko.

  • Daniel!

    Yo! we need Rittz, Kaliko, Hopsin & SwizZz, Snow Tha Product, MacLethal, Eminem, Machine Gun Kelly, Yela, Twista, Krayzie Bone, Chamillionaire, A DOPE HIP HOP BEAT AND Travis on some drums. BANG!!

  • Michelin_Man

    Damn Tech, I sincerely hope you read this, I really, really do:

    Since nobody has said it thus far, I will be the one to do it. No Eminem on this track. Here’s the thing- Em is one of the biggest Hip-Hop stars in the world right now. I’ve been wanting a song with him and Tech since The Anthem. And let me ask you guys, how long has it been since that? 1999. It’s been 14 years and the collab hasn’t happened yet (I’m still pulling for it). Chances are, Em will only be featured on one track due to time constraints as he always has had. So would you rather have the one and only, eagerly-awaited for, collaboration track be on WWC, where Em being thrown into a group with a bunch of other people (where he will be overshadowed) or a track like So Lonely?- Em and Tech going back and forth, actually working together to make a one-on-one group effort track?

    That being said, I don’t know how I feel about Busta, Twista, and Yelawolf on it again. They are the most referred to ones (and most popular), but they already had their time to shine on a WWC beat, so it’s time for new features, not the same. A new beat is a definite.

    If I could pick one person to be on this track… it’s Tonedeff. He’s so underrated, it’s sickening. Tonedeff commonly produces, tours, and works with a group (whom he is good friends with), Cunninlynguists (also horrendously underrated, and don’t worry, I’m going somewhere with this). Cunninlynguists are currently working on a fan-produced album and the voting for guest features has already happened. By my counting, Tech is in the top 5, so a collab could happen between the two! (my second most wanted collab with Tech, besides Em) Somebody came up with a great idea on their Facebook page for a track (see below), between Cunninlynguists, Tonedeff and Tech on that album. So while they are (hopefully) working in the studio together, Tonedeff could do a verse for WWC!

    I pasted the collab track idea here, so hopefully you see it, Tech:

    “Produced by Kno, Tonedeff would play the role of a therapist, and each verse would be a new session with a patient. The patients would be rapping about issues in their lives, while Tonedeff goes back-and-forth with them. And how awesome would it be if Tech N9ne was one of the patients!?”

    If that track happens (along with Tonedeff on WWC), I think I might have a heart attack.

  • Major Jayy

    and kutt! come on, hes got that chopping flow even though he unfortunately rarely uses it…

  • Major Jayy

    dude…seriously not kollegah. that dude chefket who opened techs concerst in germany in november would be great. i like the idea about snow tha product though. this track needs at least one female chopper

  • Corey H

    You definatly have to get Underrated from Potluck, and The Dirtball, and change the beat, I know you always go your hardest, but go even harder man haha

  • It’s too soon. Tech has never been one to compromise but bowing to the fans may indeed be his achilles (not that the fans aren’t what keeps the bus moving). Would be a shame to see him do it too soon without properly making the fans wait. Just continue to drop bomb music and keep doing those song-stealing features. Tech fan from before Anghellic and that’s just what I think.

  • monoxide child

  • StrangeMusicChoppers

    Strange Music Choppers, bottom line. Rittz, Kutt, Krizz, Ces Cru, Prozak.. maybe add a few more

  • Rasta

    I don’t believe it’s too soon at all. Midwest Choppers 2 came out a little bit less than two years after the first. WWC came out just under two years after MWC2. WWC2 coming out in May would be just under two years after the original. Problem?

  • well wwc is a master piece. so to me i dont know if it can get better than that even though u are the best but as a fan i would love to see if u can top that.

  • knockwood209



  • YZ

    Oh, you’re torn, are you? Let me make this very easy for you; there was no worldwide choppers 1 to begin with. All I heard was American Choppers feat. Denmark and Turkey. EVERYONE on this comment list keeps cramming the same American rappers into the same “worldwide” song. Fuck, half the people everyone suggests are confined to one region of one country. Closed-mindedness at its finest.

  • I think it’s too soon. seven is right, but fuck if he makes one i’m not complaining.

  • alejandro ocampo

    krayzie bone,bizzy bone,snow tha product,goddemis,kaliko And EL Chojin,he’s from spain but he killed it in the song “Los Pro-El Chojin Ft.Nach & Zatu” he’s the last one on the track but he is really skilled,and also i believe he still having the worldwide record for the fastest rap.


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