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‘Dope As F*ck’ – Tech N9ne Back In The Lab

Published: February 15, 2013 in Tech N9ne by

Tech N9ne In The Studio

Is it even a surprise anymore? Before taking off on another massive tour, Tech N9ne recently jumped back in the studio for brand new music.

The Kansas City King has officially begun the road to his next full-length LP, Something Else, which was recently unveiled along with the rest of the 2013 Strange Music release schedule.

Details remain scarce, but with Tech already out to make the album bigger than All 6’s And 7’s, fans have more than enough to look forward to this year.

Stay tuned for the latest!


  • What do you expect from Tech’s new album?

Give us a shout in the comments below!

  • You ask what I expect from aaron? I say nothing short of his
    best… I know he got the fire to burn muthafuckers and to break um… I want
    to see the sizzle and the rock-I want to hear the light… but I want his
    honesty and brutal truth-through his eyes… even in darkness you can find the
    light if you reach deep inside urself enough and want to own a piece of that…
    what it can do for you and your soul… what you can share with others…
    because you carry a voice of powerful deliberation. I want to feel what he
    in-visions-as he is already taking over and invading the hearts of all hip hop
    fans… I want to see what burst out of the pot… we have reached the boiling
    point and I want the fucking roof to blow the fuck off! Yeah he can bring… I
    got mad faith in his skill and ability to deliver not only sound quality
    music-but a message and I think the technicians are ready to feel that…
    Whether they are ready for it or not… aaron can talk some damn good game- and
    back it up… I am ready to just feel the heat off of that bullet when he
    releases from the chamber-Tech N9ne!

  • id just love to see Tech be Tech keep that strang music the way we all have enjoyed for so many years now

  • afsa

    get rittz and juicy j on a track

  • King_Sullivan

    i think it’s time for a Worldwide Choppers 2 with some new features including Krizz Kaliko.

  • Native Lette

    I’d love to see you do something with Nicki or Kreyshawn honestly. I think they’re both amazing women that would make an amazing track with your style!

  • Something that we saw with Kickin’ and Screamin’ and Take Me To Your Leader was that they were cohesive concept albums that had flow and pacing. I don’t feel that Tech has done a full-length cohesive release like that yet, rather releasing showcases of some great music from various emotional themes. The thing that made good kid, m.a.A.D city so great was that it flowed, making listening to the whole thing a treat. Welcome to Strangeland was very much the vein of more of what I want to hear, but my challenge to you is a solo effort with the cohesion seen on Welcome to Strangeland.

  • i want you to come back to atlanta

  • Kushman801

    I want to hear some party bangers again something to get the party going crazy ya feel me

  • J

    Bring that oldschool midwest sound back and let it catch on for these wack rappers

  • I would like a i’m a playa part 2 …..still a playa! ^S^

  • mz.blaze

    Just do what you do best Tech!! Either way your fucking amazing and you never let us down

  • JP

    Dude, I know it will be awesome regardless of what your working on. I’ve been a fan for 10 years bro and I love your shit. Your a real ass dude that doesn’t just talk nonsense. You speak from the heart, not just rap about dumb shit. Your going to kill it because your a BEAST. I’m hoping to meet you on this tour you have coming. Trying to plan these VIP tickets! Much love man. Much love.

  • Whatever u batch up is gonna be raw, that’s a given. But if anything more collaborations with Rittz.. u two together will shred up any mf track. See u guys in chicago soon

  • need a track with Tech Rittz MGK Dloc Twista

  • Greg Grizz

    Would love sum more seepage,speed raps,nd party songs, honestly I’m sure ill like whatever tha king puts out. ^S^

  • JP

    aaron dontez yates is the best rapper alive. Sick of hearing other rappers try and take that title.

  • hempin

    Tech and brotha lynch hung on some dark rasta type shh and thanks for it all

  • i want you to stop cause your wasting our time.

  • Jesse

    I think you should do less skits because nobody listens to that bs. And I think a worldwide choppers 2 would be sick and probably collabos from: chamillionaire, rittz, yelawolf and probably somethint more mainstream like Joe budden or Lloyd banks

  • Christian

    Man you should do like you did with Whoo Kid, some real shit over full heart hip hop beats.

  • Some kod flow I want you to rip the industry apart right down the middle Ur the king!!!

  • Jessica Sweeney

    Can’t wait! I love everything Tech had put out. I know it’s going to be good! I also can’t wait for Krizz Kalikos Son of Sam to release!

  • I wanna hear some truth about where you think is wrong wit so many people these days, and something bout these kids killing eachother in school and shit. There is plenty out there on it but nothing wit your talent.

  • Being the Tech fan I am all I have to say is one things to this, “He’s gonna kill it, no if ands or buts”

  • cody hayes

    i think you should make a tour that goes to pensacola FL

  • J B

    Please for the love of god don’t take this advice. Strange don’t need no Kreyshawn at all. I guess Nikki would be ok but Kreyshawn is total garbage.

  • VeeRoniiCaa

    TOUR TO FLORIDA!!! && I’ll Be There.
    Much Love.

  • get the whole STRANGE MUSIC family on a single track. now that would be dope son. an kall it THE STRANGE FAMILY or some sort. haha that would be the best collab ever. u got a strong team TECH.

  • I’d want you to stray from any opinion from the public on matters relevant to the making of your next project. You the artist and I’m ‘tryna appreciate what work you pull out ya walk in this life, not somethin’ brought about by request really. What you wanna do. That’s what I look forward to. Tech N9ne, not THEM.

  • Illfated

    Some 2013 vintage tech or just song after song with sick flows lyrical destruction murder the industry nigga!!! Tech will never go mainstream, mainstream will go tech!!!

  • The Eminem collaboration maybe?

  • Strange Days

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE KABOSH. Or the song you recorded with The Doors.

  • Choco Da Snowman

    A collab with Bun B And one with Dr.dre

  • Cholo

    Get DMX or SPM on your new album

  • It would be dope as shit to see another installment of the chopper series. And a joint with Eligh and Tonedeff.

  • jeremybercier

    as one of your biggest fan id say just do u tech, because u are the king of technique,Tech N9ne

  • Nick Wilson

    WWC2 with Krizz, MGK, Eminem, Mac Lethal, and the rest of strange

  • murdamarx

    More goin up lol whoop whoop

  • Some more choppers man!

  • Kash Peezo

    Keep it strange Tech,Kant nobody tell you how to do you, just express that emotion you show on every song and everyone will follow along. Theres not a artist out there right now whos at your catergory or stature,keep poundin on em mayne give us the here comes tecca n9na raw flow with the beautiful music or technicians visions and you already know your in the winning race.

    Im an artist out of san dieg, born in sacramento might not mean nothin,youproably meet alot of artist. i talked to travis O guinn a few weeks ago briefly and gettin a collaboration with you. he told me the price and i say its a go. it would dope if when you came to diego on march 29th we kould link up.

  • The Lost Clown

    Throw some wicked shit up in the mix shout out to yo Juggalo fans throw some clown walking shit in it WHOOP WHOOP all us ninjas listen 2 T9

  • I want more of the deep aaron d yates. songs like trapped in a psychos body, one good time, suicide notes, i love you but fuck you, alone, but no matter what he does ill love it and support it the only other thing i can ask for is more songs with no ft. just tech full 3 versus. i miss those dont fill your whole alum with roo many feautures. put some good ones on there but i know many fans whod agree we just wanna hear more tech.

  • i challenge you also to take yoir rhyme evdn to tjw next level. try more rhyme schemes out there. create new ones. you are the complete technique of rhyme are you not?

  • Rhema Peterson

    What id love to hear some more of that dark side like we Did from killer 1 and 2 or some more of those true feelings and thoughts as well as those rock beats in it like if I could. id like to see the songs that challenge how we think and believe I want to see some more songs that will paint a Picture with words how you and kaliko do so well. love the fast pace but love the slow pace Because the slow pace shows your feelings and thoughts your emotions just shows your true side I like the anger towards the industry. im exciyed for that slipknot mix been waiting a good few years since killing you.I just want some of those deep dark them colors tech! technician4life.

  • nz technician

    Strange music choppers tech kali godemis rittz wrek and maybe brotha lynch!

  • Been listening to you for damn near 12 years, I only expect you to keep being you and I’ll listen to it. Techniciaaaann!

  • techs biggest fan

    Do what you always do but please rap on video a few times. Nothing is better than seeing you sitting there doing nothing but spitting your intricate flows. Nothing fancy just press record on the camera and sit there and rap.

  • techs biggest fan

    I think something good would be to go back to those featured songs you’ve been on and take notice of how you really f***king kill it on every track you’re featured on and some of those verses are just insanely good. Make an album just with you rapping the three verses in every song with kaliko and whoever else you find to do hooks for you and maybe spit a few bars here and there. Also try get more twista collabs going.

  • techs biggest fan

    Tech bro just record yourself rapping something that you write in the future or record yourself rapping a song you’ve already done or a verse or anything just record yourself saying anything on video because when you’re on video the quality of life increases.

  • Ryan Salva

    All of strange music on 1 track like choppers, Strange Choppers, mayday rock music, you guys rapping over it

  • Josh speirs

    I wanna see you takeover the entire industry so everything is strange land and so there less and less truly shitty music out. I want to be wowed like you always do for years and years to come. And I wanna see you in Canada sometime soon I come to every show that is in Calgary no matter if I have to work at 6 am the next day it doesn’t matter. I hope you keep making incredible music till your 100 years old cause ill buy everything you put out. I am a huge fan your my favorite artist and mostly everyone you have on strange are right up there with you as my favorite artists as well. Keep it strange bro and fuck anyone that hates.

  • jacob

    Tech go head and do you



  • richie biggs

    I want something spiritual and lyrical man I want a kick ass beat something like sweet ass violins and some singing that would be sick bro

  • Gabe Girotti

    I’ve heard all the raw shit you’ve dropped over the years, except maybe for the entire “Vintage” album but my homie, his bro, my bro and myself have all been waiting on the Tech N9ne and Eminem track. Fuck it, do a EP together. Ya’ll are both the best…and I will retort…THE BEST MC’s I have ever heard in my life time. All im asking is for you to bless everyone with true lyricism and hopefully i’ll finally be able to decide s the overall best. It just really irks me because i’ve developed so much of my style from both of you.

  • Faster verses and HARDER Beats! Something that gets your heart pumping, something like URALYA or Raw Shit!

  • Stranger

    I hope that tour brings tech to New Zealand!!!

  • he was already on two of the choppers songs. stupid

  • lyrical jesus dakingpin aka ma

    I would like to see me on the track a take over like me is what strange music needs and the song would be called arize ” (c) arize from ya seats wave ur hands in the air from the heat bob ur head to the be move ur feet like u were curb stoping the beast now ur ready for ur treat”

    (V1) this the new dance song fellz getcha grove on ladys sake ur cash create every one grab a mate but if ya sittin down get the fuck out of here cuz we are taking over this town u don’t wanna see us relase our blood hounds stay in bound wile I lay many round I’m stayin grounded an unofficially stay pounded I was found in strange land right befor stood the main man told me I was destaned to substain fans maintain grands wile I told him I walk with the snake an bat in hands now I wanna see the bat on ur left hand snake on the right for ever on the chest if u forever wanna walk with strange in the light i

  • Luis de la Rosa

    Work with more Kansas producers and artists!

  • John Taormina

    Tech N9ne and Eminem!


    Actually one. “Stupid” -_-

  • get Snow tha product on a track already, we have been waiting around for a while now and us WOKE folks cant wait much longer


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