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The Rock Praises ¡MAYDAY!, Tech N9ne, & Strange Music ahead of WWE 2K18 Release
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Tech N9ne: ‘Something Else’ Will Feature Songs About ‘Some Of The Things I’ve Never Said Before’

Published: April 12, 2013 in Tech N9ne by

Tech N9ne - Something Else Special Edition

Drugs, sex, religion, partying, gang banging, life, death…what hasn’t Tech N9ne rapped about?

Apparently not enough, as Tech N9ne revealed in a recent interview with The Salt Like Tribune, his upcoming album Something Else will feature Tech N9ne rapping about things that he’s never touched in records before. We can only imagine what’s to come.

Tech N9ne also revealed his aspirations for Strange Music world domination:

“I’m trying to be number-one all over,” he said. “My quest is for world domination. In the future, Strange Music will be a major.”

Click here to read the entire interview.

  • What do you want to see Tech N9ne rap about?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!


  • With so many albums and so many verses, I’m surprised there’s still some shit Tech hasn’t spoken about yet!

  • Native monster

    Technician creating a army strangers spider k is a rhyme vet

  • MoeksOner

    I want to hear him talk politics, corrupt western government and human rights!

  • My Man tech, bring yo technicians together. put one out there that sends chills through their bones and cause us to want to rise up and let the world know who you are. You Already put technicians out and that shit was tight. maybe something for those fighting, about going to war and, since you throwin such declarations, ain’t no one want a taste of tech’s nation. “TECH N9NE!”

  • millerr8172

    I go see Tech N9ne every time he is Casper, WY I also
    buy nmy CD there as well. I was unable to attend tonight’s concert at the fairgrounds.
    So about 9:00 I stopped by the fairgrounds just to buy a CD I figured there
    would be venders walking around selling them. There was no one selling them
    outside the concert. So I walked up to the door and asked the guy there if there
    was any vender I could buy my newest Tech N9ne CD from. This dude was rude and
    he told me “you got to go”. Does this dude know us fans help to pay his wages
    and without us there wouldn’t be Tech N9ne concerts, merchandise, or CD sales. I
    did not appreciate this dude being so rude. I never usually post on any ones
    Facebook but, I just thought I would put my thought down and let you all know. Every
    time I have attended Tech N9ne every one works hard to sell CDs, shirts and
    other items so people can remember the concert by. I have always admired the
    way Tech and the other performers he would bring to town the way works extremely
    hard doing their performance then coming out to sign autographs always giving
    the fans an experience to remember. Tonight was such a letdown!

  • PFC Ace Pierce

    Tech, I actually left a comment for you already, My name is PFC Ace Pierce, United States Marine Corps, hey man I have been and technician since the day I heard my first hit by you, now its everyday all day. Tech you have more motivated military members defending this country that your music and lyrics keep us going everyday regardless of what challenges we face. You have already done a number of hits relating to or about the military, but one idea that me and a number of marines here got absolutely amped when we thought of it is you doing a rap in the style of Marine corps cadence. I don’t personally know *exactly* how you would mix your lyrics with the marching beat of “left right left” etc. but all of us here DO know that you got more than enough skill to make it happen. You keep us going and loving life everyday man. Semper Fi -PFC Ace Pierce


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