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‘Tech N9ne Unplugged’? (Discussion)

Published: April 11, 2013 in Tech N9ne by

Tech N9ne

Over the decade, we’ve seen Tech N9ne solidify himself as one of the best live performers in hip hop. From the accuracy of his delivery, to the theatricality of the light show and to his impeccable dance moves, there’s no doubt that he will be forever known as one of the best performers in music, much less hip hop, to hold down a stage.

But there’s a side of him that we have yet to see that could yield results far more intriguing…

What would happen if you took all the lights away, put a stool on the center of the stage and surrounded Tech N9ne with a live band?

What you would have is Tech N9ne Unplugged.

What began in the early 90s as a series on MTV soon turned into a phenomenon: artists forced to convey their songs without the aid of electric instruments. The results have yielded classic performances that have arguably become more popular than the original recordings themselves: from Eric Clapton’s rendition of “Layla” to Kurt Cobain’s heart-wrenching performance of “All Apologies”, the understated delivery of the songs cleared the way for the songs’ emotional weight to hit people square in the face.

Unplugged took a turn for the innovative when hip hop was thrown into the mix. LL Cool J was the first to turn the rap game on its head with his now-classic performance that almost became more infamous for his deodorant stains than his ear-shattering ability to rock a microphone with no DJ.

Later on Unplugged and hip hop took an even bigger marriage when Jay-Z performed with The Roots as his backing band. The album that resulted would end up in the top 20 of the Billboard pop charts and sell gold.

So what would happen if you put Tech N9ne in the same setting? Pure magic.

Which songs would he want to perform?

Which songs would you want him to perform?

  • With Tech N9ne’s extensive catalog, we can only imagine the possibilities: what would it be like to see a band keep up with all the twists in turns in “Come Gangsta”?
  • How about “Holier Than Thou” or “Fuck Food” with Tech N9ne backed up by choir section?
  • Picture a single spotlight shining directly on the piano player as he opens up with the ominous riff to “K.O.D.”
  • Since it already sounds like he’s rapping over a jazz band, why not just give him one for “KJOMD”?
  • How many songs on the Bad Season mixtape sound like they’re begging to be performed by a live band? Almost all of them.

We could go on and on and on (the first Tech N9ne performance without face paint?), but we want to know what you think.

  • Which songs would you want to see Tech N9ne perform Unplugged? Why?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

  • Lance Mester

    if tech and mtv do not agree to do this i have officially lost all faith in the world of hip hop except tech of course..

  • Herb Dalton

    I have seen the closest thing to what you are proposing in person… Joplin 2003 the sound system failed, Tech was pissed and performed his set acapella… I have pictures of the show…

  • SouthBayStranger

    I think this would be interesting to see him do. He’s definitely a Klusterfuck of music it self, not just hip hop so this might actually be good for him. A few songs I’d like to see would be ‘Can’t Stand Me’ (since there’s already a mariachi band on song it would be an easy transition), ‘I Love Music,’ ‘Delusional’ ‘Trapped In a Psycho’s Body’ ‘This Ring’ ‘Why You Ain’t Call Me’ ‘Killing You’ and maybe ‘Slave’…I think all those would be pretty dope to hear acoustic.

  • K.O.D. for sure

  • Leave Me Alone would be great as an acoustic.

  • delusional

  • JP

    In My Head, In the Air, One Good Time…. ALL EPIC SONGS!!!

  • Chuk

    WWC, URALYA, Imma Playa, and Riot Maker obviously.

  • Ay Tech on some real talk y dnt u perform the song BEEF?

  • Ryan Salva

    one good time, dysfunctional, the noose, retrogression, riot maker?

  • @TechN9ne
    I would love to hear One Good Time unplugged that would be awesome!! Other choices would be red nose and blown away!!

  • forever accepting n9ne’s soul

    rock n roll nigga

  • Good choice but thats only one verse homie

  • Lets get fucked up.

  • Here’s some I thought of off the top of my head: Suicide Letters, Leave Me Alone, a combination of both Psycho Bitch songs, This Ring, and T9X.

  • One Good Time, Holier than thou, Fuck Food, The Rain, Imma Playa, Higher Power, In My Head, T9X, etc…

  • Be Warned!

  • I couldn’t agree more w/ the SouthBayStranger, that’s what the fuck’s up! I’d like to also hear “The Rain” “This Is Me” “She Devil w/ D-12” “Welcome To The Midwest” “The Grench” “Message To The Black Man” “P.A.S.S.E.O.” AND “BLOWN AWAY!!!!!!!”


  • Einstein Tech N9ne

  • KILL SHIT!!! That would be epic…

  • Klusterfuk, dysfunctional, come gangsta, the noose, red nose, blown away, and of course ANXIETY! Cuz I’m sure you can’t have no tech without no Krizz!

  • TechN9nestein

    party monsters! Tehnicians! I am everything! Loud!

  • alyssa

    Yeah, one good time would be good. I like techs verse from welcome to my world. I think that would be interesting

  • TechnicianSantana

    Can’t Shake It, Last Sad Song, everything from Kluster*uk

  • Hey guys, how bout “This is Hip Hop?”

  • Bet he rocked it too.

  • Doesn’t have to be MTV. Fuse is an equal alternative.


  • Kill Shit is Dubstep, dumbass. How would you make that acoustic?

  • riotmaker would be great with an electric band but if it were Unplugged i would choose Little Pills & One Good Time & This Ring & Leave Me Alone & The Rain & Running Out Of Time

  • Mama Nem for sure, One Good Time would be great live. there’s just soooo many, one that would make a lot more ppl know what and who Tech N8ne is would have to be Come Gangsta. that one song shows how versatile he truly is. then you have This Ring, and for the tearjerker it’d have to be Happy Ending

  • oh, also: If I Could

  • Ebah!!!!!!! Midwest choppers!

  • 1. One Good Time
    2. Little Pills
    3. The Noose
    4. This Ring
    5. Riotmaker

  • I’ve always wanted to see an entire KOD album show with a live horn section, rythm section and choir. That would be amazing.

  • Lance Mester

    i saw him do it back in ’09

  • Lance Mester

    didn’t know they had an unplugged. well wherever the fuck he’d do it, on tv or cd, it would fuckin be awesome

  • Riotmaker, Imma Tell, I’m a Playa, I Love Music, So Lonely, If I Could, Rock and Roll N***a, Devil Boy, F.T.I., Planet Rock 2K (remix), Mitchell Bade, He Wanna Be Paid, Be Warned, Welcome to the Midwest, It’s What You Thinkin, The Beast, Show Me a God, Blackened the Sun, Shadows on the Road, Low, Killing You, Leave Me Alone, Shit is Real, Too Much, One Good Time, Drill Team, I am Everything, Why You Ain’t Call Me, Last Sad Song, 2 Piece, Blown Away, Message to the Black Man, This is Me, Dysfunctional, Far Away, Be Jealous, The Noose, Walk These Shoes and Industry Is Punks plus your verse on Rock N’ Rollin by MIMS. This isn’t a list of my favorite songs necessarily just songs that I think would be cool to see played by a live band as long as there is a pianist for a bunch of them. Plus it’s a nice mix of some of his hardest stuff, party stuff, and darker emotional stuff and spans every album from the 90’s till now. Of course some of them have guest performers but on those I tried to stick to ones with guys Tech regularly tours with plus this would be like a 3-4 hour set if you played it all. DO IT!

  • ……….and This Ring, Absolute Power, and Einstein just fuckin because why wouldn’t you play those songs?

  • Shawheen Azizi

    I Love Music feat. Oobergeek and Kendrick Lamar.

  • Shawheen Azizi

    Can’t Stand Me feat Krizz Kaliko

  • Shawheen Azizi

    Dysfunctional feat. Big Scoob and Krizz Kaliko

  • Shawheen Azizi

    Ego Trippin’ feat Krizz Kaliko

  • This Ring
    Come Gangsta hell….all the old ones:)

  • i would have to say, “who do i catch now?’ love that one. why? well cause i believe my answer to techs question is the best fucking one of all… “yo tech, catch a CoonAss! this coonass right here…please!’

  • Def “one good time” and “keep on keepin on”. “Fuck Food” with a choir would be awesome. maybe “too much” with a drum line type thing. “Little pills”, “klusterfuk”, and “This is me”. “The Grench” is in my top ten fav tech songs so that would be sick.

  • I forgot “GOING BAD” with Kaliko killing the hook!!! “rock n roll nigga” would def be sick too! “K.O.D” , “Who Do I Catch”, and “We’ve Landed”

  • Lmao. Exactly my point! How would that NOT be epic? Be creative man…

  • Its a project not a collaboration….

  • WhoJrGray_

    I would love to see “Low” or “Leave me alone” that would be so dope! Can’t wait for VIP in Indy!

  • I agree!

  • Happy?

    One Good Time, So Lonely, Hunger would be sick! A Real 1 would be sweet too!

  • @TechN9ne I would love to hear, this ring, or riot maker! I am sure the guitar part on that song would be sick! I would love to also hear Delusional, that is one of my favorite recent songs. Or you can do Questions acapella! haha! Just to name a few..

  • Slave Feat. Krizz Kaliko & Kutt Kalhoun

  • mcfizzle

    IN MY HEAD, it would be dope as hell

  • mini t rex

    Happy ending, one good time and I love you but fuck you

  • the grench, the industry is punks, dysfunctional, and most def. melancholy maize

  • Josh

    Deff gotta do “One good time” that would be a really dope song to do unplugged.

  • stevenmoniix

    I would luv ta hear Show Me A God unpluged

  • Isaac

    Livin’ like I’m Dyin’, Absolute Power(including the bakcwards part), and Speed of Sound, Blammers and Burners and Move verses from Bad Season

  • kristina

    Since its unplugged. …. would have to say,”This Ring”

  • tamim


  • tamim


  • C

    Id like to hear EBAH, hes a mental giant, dont you tweet this, Klusterfuk, Industry is punks and Absolute Power

  • Zac

    Einstein , F U Pay Me , Like I Died , Show me a god

  • One Good Time would be a good one to do.

  • Benjamin Hobbs

    Remember it’s a live show, he might not even do the whole song even if it was more than one verse.

  • Benjamin Hobbs

    One Good Time is a must have! You can’t do an unplugged show without it!
    He could do The Noose and Slave too. Tech and Krizz need to do an acoustic EP!

  • would love to hear Retrogression, This ring, Trapped in a psycho’s body, If I could, Love me tomorrow, My wife My bitch My girl, and would love to hear K.O.D. all would be great unplugged.

  • Tech should just do a whole new album in unplugged form.

  • too bad its kali :/

  • Alex Tizcareno

    I would like to hear He’s A Mental Giant c:

  • You NEED to do the SPEED OF SOUND!!! It was your most perfect peice of raw insanity!!!

  • Cass

    “The Martini” from K.O.D. would sound sick acoustic. Just a standup bass, drumkit, piano, and soulful vocals from Krizz, would be Epic!

  • Poisonous, Who Do I Catch, Slave, The Boogieman!!
    Hunterish, Strange Music Box, Show Me a God, The Beast, Shadows on the Road, One Good Time, Happy Ending, Holier Than Thou, Like I Died [remix], Dysfunctional/Far Away, The Grench, Unfair, Kocky, Sad Circus, Strangeland, You Owe Like Pookie, So Lonely, Mana Nem, This Ring, Alone, Planet Rock 2k, Fortune Force Field

  • Featuring Tech and Twista….doesnt mean it can’t be done. They played Kali’s “Anxiety” at Paid Dues, when it was Tech’s set. There are no limitations here guys!

  • Cezar

    cant wait to see him tonight so hyped

  • daniel

    your verses from: sex out south, ICU, stabbed, money, wild, seepage, SHOW ME A GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Low, big bad wolf, now its on

  • Indeed.

  • One Good Time, F.A.N.S., Alone, EBAH, Blown Away

  • One Good Time, Holier Than Thou, and KOD

  • Blown Away

  • Edjr5150

    Blown Away or This Is Me!

  • Yeah those are my picks.. “Blown Away” or “This Is Me”

  • Trey N9ne

    This Ring, This Is Me, Constantly Dirty, My World, K.O.D, One Good Time, Hollier Than Thou, Last Words, The P.A.S.E.O, Little Pills,

  • I would like to hear all of absolute power or angelic I think that would be a bad ass show

  • URALAYA, Slacker, and of course Dysfunctional

  • Your verse from “Killin’ It”!

  • Would love to hear Table and Chest Stress, Dysfunctional, and Hard Liquor

  • Michael Parker

    No More Music By the Suckas and I Love Music



    Iim sure he’d be great. But, no. No. And no. Rap is rap. I saw ludacris live.. but, he used instruments for his beats. im sorry. But, guitars and rap dont go well together. Might as well try removing instruments from rock concerts, same concept. Tech n9ne is still the shit though. One hell of a performer.

  • can’t shake it and happy endending but most definately suicide letters… Those songs always get me unplugged wud be dope…also how would hope for a higher power hit people that could be sick. Maybe trapped in a psychos body

  • Michael Parker

    You not like Jay Z and the Roots Unplugged? Or the Roots in general?

  • Michael Parker


  • Cool story about the songs you know, but that wasn’t the question. But this would sound great. Bone Thugs had an awesome tour with a live band.

  • Going bad , suicide letters

  • last words, low, little pills with Krizz as a guest, blackened the sun, klusterfuk, delusional, one good time, come gangsta, slacker, this ring – thats my list, but maybe I forgot about some song that are good to be played by a live band. much love from Poland to Strange Music !

  • Cari

    Totally! I to would love hear an unplugged concert!
    Btw…my boyfriend is competing in the Emerald Cup Bodybuilding Event on May 4th in Bellevue, Wa, using your song “Victory” for his individual performance. You should come watch him!!! It will be AWESOME!! That song is SO powerful and is a great stage for him to perform to and display his physique. And, in addition to his muscles, the man can MOVE!!
    Please consider this an invitation to come and watch it! We would be honored to have you there!

  • How about.. Rock N’ Roll Nigga. Speed of Sound. Gangsta Shap. I love music. And top it all off with LEAVE. ME. ALONE!

  • the songs i really like that i think could be a good fit
    Happy Ending
    One Good Time

    The Rain

    So Lonely


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