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‘What Scarface Says Has Some Validity’ – Tech N9ne Addresses Scarface’s Take On Race In Hip Hop

Published: May 7, 2013 in Strange Music by

Tech N9ne Scarface

Scarface shook things up considerably in a recent interview by stating that “hip hop is white.” Tech N9ne chimed in on the controversial statement that sent shockwaves throughout the hip hop community.

Tech N9ne offers his opinion on the statements of a fellow legend who also appeared with Tech on his song “Pillow Talkin” from Killer. In an interview given to Stupid Dope, Tech N9ne seconds the notion that there is a big white presence in hip hop, however, makes it known that the tastemaking aspect of hip hop has always started in the streets, and that it doesn’t get any more street than Scarface.

What do you think of Scarface’s recent comments that ‘hip hop is white’… I think whenever I went to a NWA, Public Enemy, Eric B., Rakim, Ice-T show back in the day it was all white people. They’ve always been the majority when it comes to the consumer but what Scarface said has some validity because the people who are the taste makers and the people who dictate what’s dope to go on TV or radio probably have a distorted view when it comes to n****s with something to say like Scarface. Like when he put out The Fix, I thought that was one of the best things he ever put out and sometimes it can be over the heads of the youngsters, cuz it’s so game oriented. So I see why he feels that way. Because the people who are dictating what’s hot and what’s not are probably younger than us and the kids run this shit. So I feel him, but at the same time you gotta get in and if you wanna really still survive, they said it in the song Street Life, if you keep it young your song is always sung. But it’s hard to keep it young, when like I’m 41 right now but I don’t have to try because I’m young at heart and I’m sick but I’m ready to party right now. But hip hop has always been white, but it’s black in some places also, I’ve seen it.

So I’d say to Scarface, you’re the taste maker Scarface, you tell the motherf*ckers what’s dope ’cause it always starts in the street, my n***a and you are the street my n***a, so you are gonna dictate what’s cool so keep doing that and you ain’t gotta worry bout what color hip hop is. Just know that hip hop is everything and for everybody. And Scarface is a vampire like me because we’ve seen the rise and fall of a lot of emcees and he’s able to come back and have shows so he’s in a blessed position but if you keep it young, your song is always sung. You know what you doing, don’t let it deter you brother.

Click here to read the entire interview.

WATCH the interview with Scarface that sparked the whole conversation


  • What do you think about what Scarface said?

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  • Sucks that we still talk about what color something as dope as music, or hip-hop is.

  • I feel what scarface is saying. I think the Jewish/White people in charge of record companies and media programming only select rap with nothing to say or feminized & gay looking artists to promote because it takes the power away from the music and waters it down into just another harmless form of pop music. Them whites & jews dont want another Public Enemy, or Ice Cube, or 2pac running around out here getting people amped up, so they sign and promote ignorant clowns who can barely speak english or Androgynous weirdos who make Ru Paul look masculine and make them the face of the culture to take the power away from it…… .. This was kind of the point Benzino was trying to make about the Eminem thing back in the day before he made it all personal and the message got lost……… They would let Em shoot a video dancing around his mothers grave and play it around the clock on MTV but a black artist makes a video with a gun in it and it would get banned……Not Em’s fault for the way the world works but when you let him get away with being hardcore and promote while you relegatre black artist to only making party music or harmless “safe” records to get airplay itcreates an unbalanced playing field.

    I’m white by the way lol

  • people aint getting it. scarface is pissed the fuck off because hip hop is being distorted into a new entity to where it really should be called pop. it’s the same bullshit as the late 90s early 2000s or whatever britney spears/n’sync bullshit but it’s worse now because there is no voice right now. the industry made weezy the leader and now everybody following him. weezy has his place in hip hop but when you take out the variety and give people no choice but clubby pop chart shit people are gonna revolt a little and they know this but they dont give a fuck because controversy sells.

  • lja1797

    Wrong i see it diffirent the late 90s and early 2000s sucked but thier is a huge movemont right now and its called lyricism and its back like none other look at the Joey Badasses the kendricks ab soul school boy yelawolf Logic Los Flatbush Zombies ect ect mark my words when the dust setllles in the next couple years the top lyricists will rule the game be ready for the SECOND GOLDEN ERA IN HIP HOP its coming and Strange music is leading the way with Rittz Ces Crue Wreckonize Stevie Stone ect !!!!

  • lja1797

    oh come on that bullshit ive seen lots of videos on t.v that are far from “party” records if people think eminem got unfair treatment bcuz he is white you are racists and probably just looking for a conspiracy where thiere is none

  • lol, I’m half white so you can take your racist accusation and wipe your ass with it, but whatever man I’m not gonna argue about something I know to be the truth, I dont need your cosign to know that I’m right about it, just speaking my mind on the topic thats all, do as you will

  • i was referring to the radio poppy tecno-ish crap they playin now. but i agree with lyricism starting to rule hip hop like kendrick lamar and strange and even other shit. royce da 5’9, JL, and even big krit are all very fucking lyrical. oh and irv da phenom too. the industry is too single based now.

  • that was just how eminem was though. all the industry did was capitalize on it.

  • as far as conspiracies go, would you call all the music coming out that sounds exactly the same with no substance a coincidence? hip hop like all media is controlled and strategically regulated. damn fucking right they don’t want another tupac running around inspiring people to question society. their goal is to dumb shit down and keep us fighting each other over bullshit instead of coming together as a people and thinking critically because when people can unite they can actually get shit done in this country. it’s a sick game they’re playing. don’t let them distract you from what’s real.


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