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POLL: Favorite Tech N9ne T-Shirt?

Published: May 24, 2013 in Tech N9ne by

Tech N9ne T-Shirts

The S.O.S. Sale is upon us, which means all your favorite merchandise on is available at 50% off!

Before they’re all gone, we want to ask you, the fans, which Tech N9ne t-shirt is your favorite. This helps us know which ones to keep making more of and which ones are better served as rags to wipe up spilled KC Teas and Caribou Lous.

Take a look and vote at the bottom for up to three of your favorite shirts!

Black All Day All Night T-Shirt

Tech N9ne - Black All Day All Night T-Shirt

Black Angled T-Shirt
Tech N9ne Black Angled T-Shirt

Black Barcode T-Shirt
Tech N9ne - Black Barcode T-Shirt

Black Caribou Lou 2013 T-Shirt

Tech N9ne - Black Caribou Lou 2013 T-Shirt

Black Clouds T-Shirt

Tech N9ne - Black Clouds T-Shirt

Black Cop T-Shirt

Tech N9ne - Black Cop T-Shirt

Black Cult T-Shirt

Tech N9ne - Black Cult T-Shirt

Black Don’t Tweet This T-Shirt

Tech N9ne - Black Don't Tweet This T-Shirt

Black DWAM! T-Shirt

Tech N9ne Black DWAM! T-Shirt

Black Filled In T-Shirt

Tech N9ne - Black Filled In T-Shirt3

Black IX T-Shirt

Tech N9ne Black IX T-Shirt

Black Ornament T-Shirt

Tech N9ne - Black Ornament T-Shirt

Black Promiseland T-Shirt

Tech N9ne - Black Promiseland T-Shirt

Black Roman Wallpaper T-Shirt

Tech N9ne - Black Roman Wallpaper T-Shirt

Black So Lonely T-Shirt

Tech N9ne - Black So Lonely T-Shirt

Black Sorry N Shit 2012 T-Shirt

Tech N9ne Black Sorry N Shit 2012 T-Shirt

Black StrikeThru T-Shirt
Tech N9ne - Black StrikeThru T-Shirt

Black Within T-Shirt

Tech N9ne - Black Within T-Shirt

Black World Microphone T-Shirt

Tech N9ne - Black World Microphone T-Shirt

Brown Riot Maker T-Shirt

Tech N9ne - Brown Riot Maker T-Shirt

Navy Embroidered Face T-Shirt

Tech N9ne - Navy Embroidered Face T-Shirt

Red 50/50 T-Shirt
Tech N9ne - Red 50/50 T-Shirt

Red Armour T-ShirtTech N9ne - Red Armour T-Shirt

Red Coin T-Shirt

Tech N9ne - Red Coin T-Shirt

Red Lockup T-Shirt

Tech N9ne - Red Lockup T-Shirt

Red Nnutthowze T-Shirt

Tech N9ne - Red Nnutthowze T-Shirt

Red Painted T-Shirt

Tech N9ne - Red Painted T-Shirt

Red Playa T-Shirt

Tech N9ne - Red Playa T-Shirt

Red Rock Yo Head T-ShirtTech N9ne - Red Rock Yo Head T-Shirt

Red Stencil T-ShirtTech N9ne - Red Stencil T-Shirt

Red Swirl T-Shirt

Tech N9ne - Red Swirl T-Shirt

Red Who Do I Catch T-Shirt

Tech N9ne - Red Who Do I Catch T-Shirt

White Big 9 T-Shirt Tech N9ne - Big 9 T-Shirt

White It Goes Up T-Shirt

Tech N9ne - White It Goes Up T-ShirtWhite Klusterfuk Candy Bar T-Shirt

Tech N9ne - White Klusterfuk Candy Bar T-ShirtWhite Sexorcist T-Shirt By TITS

Tech N9ne - White Sexorcist T-Shirt By TITS



SOS Sale 2013

  • Which shirts did you vote for?

Let us know in the comments section below!



  • I wish there were more shirts with low key designs. Like not covering 90% of the front of the shirt.

  • Letteness

    hell my fav tech shirt is not even on the list that blows

  • Andrew

    Definitely think the bold, minimalistic shirts are the best. I want people to see “Tech N9ne” straight away


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