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Tech N9ne Speaks On R.A. The Rugged Man, ‘Holla-Loo-Yuh’, Not Giving A F*ck [VIDEO]

Published: May 13, 2013 in Tech N9ne by

Tech N9ne On RA The Rugged Man

When it comes to emcees other than Tech N9ne that are quick-spitting, hyper-intricate, and actually have something to say, it’s pretty much impossible to leave R.A. The Rugged Man’s name out of that short list, so it comes as no surprise that the hip hop Gods eventually brought the two together.

On “Holla Loo Yuh” from R.A.’s recently released Legends Never Die album, Tech and Krizz join R.A. in a three-and-a-half minute burst of quickfire lyricism, a style that all three emcees are comfortable enough in to call home.

In a recent drop for R.A.’s new album, Tech shares his thoughts on New York vet’s abilities as an emcee, his overall attitude, and what it was like to work with him.

Hip hop heads around the world can only sit back, enjoy Legends Never Die, and pray to the almighty hip hop Gods that the universe brings these two explosive emcees together for…we don’t know…like, 1,000 more tracks? That’d be great.

Click HERE to purchase RA’s new album ‘Legends Never Die’

  • What other Strange artists would you like to see RA work with?
  • Who had the sickest verse on “Holla Loo Uh”?

Get at us in the comments below!


  • I wish tech woulda stepped up and did a fast verse too. you can tell by RA’s verse that that’s what he was hoping for with the writing of the song. not saying tech’s wasn’t good but he could have put some lightning shit next to ra’s and the song would have been legendary.

  • neokain_2040

    i think both verses were kinda average. tech shoulda come fast and ra’s verse didnt work with the beat. kali murdered the hook and the beat was dope, but tech n ra, what a dissapointment for there first collab. im kinda hoping ra is on something else so they can do something better but i wont hold my breath.

  • Vyce Vursa

    I think the shit was raw. In fact, the whole cd is pretty dope. U have to LOVE hip hop to really fully grasp how great this song is. RA smashed his verse with some crazy lyricism and fast flow. Tech, tho sumn fast woulda been cool to, chose a contrasting flow with a crazy delivery and great lyrics. Amazing song. I would dare to say that not many collabs come close.

  • I never liked RA, he’s got good lyrics but his voice is annoying, dude sounds like Sylvester Stallone trying to rap, I just can’t get into him. I also dont think he deserves his “Legend” status either that people on the internet give him, dude has been rapping for like 25 years and has 2 mediocre albums to his name, he’s one of those rappers who kills guest spots but cant hold shit down on his own, he should start a group or summin, he’s much better in small doses

  • money

    yall sound dumb as fuck, “legends never die” goes HARD son! cats cant comprehend shit like this,, get the fucc outta here w that shitt,, as for “Holla-Loo-Ya” that shit knocks in my car,,, shiiiieettt,


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