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Happy Birthday Tech N9ne!

Published: November 8, 2013 in Strange Music by

Tech B-day

The King of Independent Hip Hop turns 42 today!

Be sure to wish Tech N9ne a Happy Birthday in the comments section below. The man who seems to defy age at every turn – whether it be through an insatiable hunger to create wonderful music or his still-amazing ability to put on the best live show in hip hop – would undoubtedly treasure the birthday wishes from the fans that he loves so much.

Take a moment to reflect…

  • How did you get into Tech N9ne’s music?
  • What does it mean to you?
  • What’s your favorite Tech N9ne song?

Anything you can think of to make it a truly special birthday wish to the general of the Snake and Bat, please include in your comment below!

  • Jon Hilario

    Happy Birfday Tech N9ne! Hope its a good one man!

  • Jon Hilario

    The first Tech N9ne song I heard was psycho bitch on his Anghellic album. I was in the back seat of my sisters (then) boyfriend Andrew’s car. I said what is this man? He told me it was Tech N9ne! I was mesmerized by the beat and the lyrics. I then bought the album and went back to buy Calm before the Storm as well. Celcius too. I know stamina by heart! (click, click)
    I’ll be damn if I’ll ever be
    Took away by the demons I’ll never be
    What’s the waether when I bust a rythm I come with the heater
    Nigga nothin’ will never be
    So killa
    If flow was a felony
    I’de be in a line hella doing time
    For the
    (click, click)

    I’ve been a fan ever since Tech! You’ve helped me get through adolescence and into my adult life. When I finally get the chance to meet you this past Holloween I was mesmerized like I was back then. I had trouble finding my words. I’ve met Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, Godsmack, Twiztid, Blaze ya dead homie, and several other artists as well. None of them even compare to you man. I love all kinds of music and I’ve never been this wrapped up in it like I am with yours. You’ve helped me through my brothers suicide and my mothers sicknesses as well. She has Scleroderma, Lupis, and Rheumatoid arthritis. Mamma Nem spoke to me when you wrote it. I remember listening to ” Breathe” alot through the death of my little brother. I don’t want to bring you down on your birthday man. That’s not my intention at all. I just didn’t get the chance to tell you this at the meet and greet. I just want to say thank you for doing you and never giving up. I look at you and think ” If Tech can make it through the shit he’s gone through, than I can too.” I know you have lots of fans worldwide. I’m so happy for you, for your success, and recognition you are finally getting. You deserve it. I didn’t even get a chance to show you my Strange Tat of the Snake and Bat logo with your ” N9ne” wrapped through the tail of the snake! I’m not done either with the tat. I will be at your shows when you come back to Omaha or withing travel distance. I convert people everywhere I go! The goal is Worldwide Domination man! I’m going to do my part in helping you get there by spreading the word through the cities I live and work in. Strange over here in Council Bluffs, IA and Omaha, NE! Happy Birthday Aaron Dontez Yates! Make it memorable! I hope its a good one for you man! Peace and much love my brother from another mother!

  • ZomBxtch

    I love you. Happy birthday. Thanks for being there for me when I needed you, even though you don’t know me. Much love, hope you have so many more.

  • Tasev

    Happy Birthday legend, you are my inspiration!!!

  • TechTheRuggedHomosapien

    My top 10 Tech songs:

    It’s Alive


    Far Away

    Riot Maker

    Paint A Dark Picture

    Imma Tell

    Psycho Bitch

    Burn The World

    She Devil

    Blown Away

    Don’t know where I’d be without your music today Tech, happy fuckin’ birthday, hope it’s a great one!

  • Forrest Of Lakes

    Happy Birthday to the all mighty Tech N9ne!! My brother doesn’t like rap/hiphop but goddamn did he love therapy!

  • Alec Michaelis

    Happy birthday Tech. I began listening to you my freshman year of highschool. I was in a dark place, and a friend of mine showed me dysfunctional. To this day it’s my pick me up song. Keep making beautiful music brother

  • Little Mini

    Happy Birthday Tech! Much love from Chicago!

  • Dawid

    Happy B-Day Homie. I love ur music, It’s my inspiration. Ur last ep therapy simply fucked my brain. It’s awesome.
    Keep it sick.

    Sincerelly from Poland

  • Bradley Curtis Miller

    How did you get into Tech N9ne’s music? I first discovered Techn9ne through listening to him on Bumbell with Yukmouth. I loved Tupac and was heavily influenced by his music and Yuk had done music with Pac and that was how I discovered Tech n9ne.

    What does it mean to you? Since first finding out about Tech I’ve since purchased his whole library of works and I love his unmatched lyrical prowess. The man is a lyricist to the fullest and the speed in which he spits his rhymes are a testament to the mind this man has.

    What’s your favorite Tech N9ne song? The first song that got me hooked on listening to his music was Somebody Gone Die 2 Nite with Fatal Hussein, and Yukmouth. I couldn’t believe as a teen that someone could make a verse so sick and use the words Mother Fucker so many times haha. The man is a Genius and has since become my favorite rapper!

  • Shawn Delaney

    happy birthday tech. i rember my first consert was tech n9ne at the kanes in tulsa oklahoma. best consert iv ever been to. love all the new albums keep up the good work man an have a good birthday

  • Shawn technician Taylor

    My first tech n9ne song was caribou Lou I didn’t even know it was tech because it was on a burnt cd I got but guys it was easily my favorite song on the cd so ever since then I’ve became a HUGE TECHNICIAN tech is the best rapper hands down I hope he has a wonderful birthday and keep making the best music out now!!!!! Aaaaahhhhh oooooo aaaahhhhhh ooooooo

  • Derick Michael

    Happy birthday to the King Of Rap. Hope its a STRANGE one.

  • Ryan South

    Happy birthday TECH! Been banging your songs since the 90’s. Of course Imma Playa, was the first song I ever heard. Keep doing your thing!

  • Neida

    First tech song I listened to was the Beast. Heard it in a Gears of War 2 montage a friend made and it stuck to me so I looked it up. Got hooked on Eveready: The Religion and been a technician since then! I was like 13 so I’m going on 17 so yeah love you long time Tech YOURE great! Love from your irishh technicians and a happy happy birthday! Its a celebration!

  • trent lingle. aka BIG TRENT.

    Love you tech:-) miss the fam!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY STRANGESAPIEN;)

  • Cassandra Barnett

    My man Tech! Happy birthday big homie.. if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have met my boyfriend of almost eight months. Met him at your show on St.Patties day at the cotillion here in Wichita. Keep it 100 always, much love

  • Jordan draia

    Got into ur music through twiztids serial killa. Ill never forget that moment I love ur music tech I was at the Cleveland and was mezmorized. Love ur music bro. TECHNICIAN AHO AHO AHO

  • wyatt yarbrough

    Happy birthday my dude! Keep doing your thing man. Your music is MY THERAPY

  • Jordan draia

    Happy birthday!

  • fred

    Happy birthday Tech! Keep the great tunes coming!

  • manuel segura

    happy birthday to the hardest and realest rapper alive Tech tech n9ne!!

  • Gustavo Alba

    One of the best rappers alive! Happy Bday Tech from a true Colorado Technician!

  • Sam F.

    Happy birthday tech, keep kicking ass and taking names even after you go over the hill.

  • brian Hergenreder


  • Steven Hernandez

    Happy Birthday TECH!!!!! just want to thanks you for all the beautiful music you put out over the year and can’t wait to see what else u have in store of us. And my favorite song has to be the first song I ever heard from you and that Riot Maker!!!

  • Kayla Donnelly

    Happy Birthday! Hope its a great 1! Enoy your day!♥ looking forward to everything that’s coming. Also can’t wait for you to come back to pittsburgh pa!

  • Amanda Mohr

    Happy birthday Tech! Each year you bless us with more amazing music! Have a great day! Much love from your fans in Colorado!

  • Lindsay Sniegowski

    The first Tech song I heard was Bout da Bubble. At that moment I was hooked!!! My friend Bryan who was dating one of my best friends got us all into Techs music and we all love him!!! Anytime I’m down, cleaning, riding in the car, or gettin ready to go out for a night I listen to you. It gets me in thde mood for just about anything! I have yet to see you in concert but that is on top of my bucket list FOR SURE!!! P-A-R-T-Y??? Cause u gotta…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  • Melvin S7ven

    Happy Birthday Tech! The first song I ever heard from you was Worldwide Choppers, since then I’ve listened to every song you have ever made, every collaboration you have done and every song made by your BEAST label Strange Music!!!! This music means so much to me it really makes me feel good because it makes me see that so many other people have had up’s and down’s in there life and you have inspired me to push myself and not be scared of being different. My favorite song you have made so far is Feels Like Heaven, because this shows how much you have changed and what your music means to you, In my eyes you are the best rapper in the world as you portray so much emotion and love into your music and you work so hard and are so consistent in producing your music! I hope you manage to read this as there will be so many people who wish you a happy birthday! p.s you’re going to heaven as you have brought happiness and joy to millions of fans around the world, Can’t wait for Special Effects, keep doing what you are doing. Technician I Am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John

    In first heard Tech when I was looking through some albums on iTunes and Tech N9ne was a suggested artist so I listened to some of his music and I love it from the start and there on I have been a Tech N9ne fan.

    My Favorite Tech N9ne song is Be Warned just because it was some of Techs early work and it still destroys any song on the radio today and not just that the flow and lyrics of the song where just so different to what I have heard before it just blew me away.

    Happy birthday Tech.

  • Sammie Gonzalez

    The first Tech N9ne I ever heard was T9X. I was stoned out of mind and the song seemed like it was 20 minutes long. Haha but ever since then I haven’t stopped listening to him! The first concert I ever went to was a Tech concert and I was not the same after that night. Every song is my favorite but Ugly Duckling means the most to me. Tech and his music has got me through the darkest times in my life and has always been there for me. Happy Birthday to my biggest influence and my hero. I love you Tech N9ne! Technician I am, whole heartedly, in life and in death!!

  • Mommabubblez

    Happy birthday tech hope its a good one

  • Narco Insanity

    salue to the birthday boy happy birthday brother whoop whoop you have inspired me and kept me mildly sane these past years so have a wonderfully strange birthday

  • Foster ManiFest Baillie

    I bumped Tech N9ne way back in 2006 when I was still a little wild highschool kid, jammin out to Caribou Lou gettin wasted and having some of the best times of my life. Tech N9ne’s music means a lot, I can’t even describe it really his songs have a wide variety of lyrics and topics I can relate to. You can really tell he puts everything into it. Lately I’ve been bumping the shit out of “Something Else” but I’d say my favorite song from tech is “Low” because of the emotion behind it.

  • cassy

    Ahhhh happy bday tech!!! Where to start im 27 now and have been listening to u since i was in the 8th grade!! Your music has seen me through some tough times.. my all time favorite song. Would have to be.. the rain.. its deep. And has so much heart in it!! Im excited to see what the future has in store for u!! I will continue to support u!! And let ur music flow through my speakers!! Hope ur day is nothing less than amazing!! Happy bday tech!!!!

  • Mike

    Happy Birthday King Tech!!! Thanks for keeping it Strange!!! Fortune Force Field became my personal anthem!!!!!

  • Angelo

    First of all, Happy Birthday!
    First i came in touch with your music when i listened to Worldwide Choppers. One of the dopest tracks off all time. Just sick. I’m listening to your music everyday so it means everything to mee. Without music i could’nt live. I’m wearing the strange dog tag everyday to have something from Strange Music at me. Believe and Worldwide Choppers are my favourite Tech N9ne tracks. I hope you get a grammy for Believe! just epic.

  • Denisha Thompson

    Happy Birthday you incredible man you!! Be blessed!!

  • Greg Black

    The first time I ever heard Tech N9ne was with my cousin, she was playing Twisted from Anghellic. It was the greatest thing I’d ever heard. Today, I’m a big fan, Your talent is unbelievable, and always having something to take everyone by storm. Everything you do is for the fans and that’s something I appreciate. Happy Birthday to the number one independent rapper……. TECH N9NE!

  • Andy

    Happy Birthday homie hope its a good one, cant wait till you come back through illinois! You and strange music is the only music I be bumping in my system continue to be a great artist and keep pushing amazing music I believe honestly you over shine everyone in the rap/hip hop game ^S^

  • Nicholas Muyres

    The first album I heard was the absolute power record and ive been hooked ever since. My favorite tech n9ne is when him and brotha lynch hung get together . Lynch is one my all time favorite west coast rappers and when him and tech get on one they fucking destroy shit. Happy birthday tech!!

  • Kc AzzWhole

    Tech I first heard your song “That Box”, then I first purchased “Killer” after that I was a fan simply because everything you could rhyme about I could relate too. When you released “K.O.D” I was hooked. This was a direct representation that everyone has a dark side and its trying to find that light within the darkness that makes us who we are. Happy Birthday Tech N9ne. “It goes up!”

  • Steven Pedroza


  • Gino N Monique


  • Andrew Canon

    I heard Absolute Power for the first time when I was in 4th grade and haven’t stopped listenin since. You are the only reason I ever started writing, my biggest inspiration by far. Happy birthday Tech!

  • Playboi

    Happy Birthday N9na!!!! Scorpoios!!! Its our month!!!!!

  • Jellybean

    The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the birthday cake. Itsy quickly learned that he’d made a big mistake. He climbed up on the candle before the cake was cut and the itsy bitsy spider burned his little butt!!! Happy mutha fuckin birthday TECHHH!!!

  • Sanny Taetah

    I got into Tech N9nes music via Worms Armageddon back in like end of 2005. the american guys there talked about him in a game and I checked him out. didn’t listen much to him, but I remember having the tracks “Jellysickle”, “Caribou Lou”, “Midwest Choppers” and “Constantly Dirty” in my playlist with bunch of other rappers. 2010 I’ve started to listen more to him on the computer in my work. I could just let Youtube play tracks while I was working. I’ve started to rap myself a year before that, so I obviously didn’t really see all the skill behind Techs raps. It was nothing special to me, it just sounded good. Back in the days I gave a fuck about beats and voice only and didn’t know shit about rapping. T9 had a good voice to me, tho’. 2011 then I was like “I’ma get everything from T9 now, need new music and don’t know much about him”. then I was realizing that this guy just mastered the style I was about to learn myself. he threw out the same rhyme technique and everything I was doing, but of course he was by 100 times better. since that day I’ve downloaded all of his albums (just about to get real copies of it, fu lol) and realized that his brain is 100% like mine in everything, he then became my father. it’s not only about the rap style and message he wants to tell, it just became so much similiaritys between us trough the years, it’s incredible. one day I was googling if T9 wants to come to Germany one day and surprise, 3 months later he had few shows here and 1 of them was in munich. was only like 130km away, so I travelled there to see him and Krizz, my 2 gods in life, live. bought the vip package and had pretty much like an hour for them, because we were only 4-5 vips, hehe. pretty lucky. I gave Tech a pen with his name on it and told him to write his future lyrics with this pen. I don’t know if he did, but would be a good feeling if he would answer me with “I wrote Something Else with it”, or anything else. you might remember me by my artist name Sanny Taetah, Tech, if you ever read this. take care, bro

  • John Hodges

    Happy Birthday Tech Awoo Awoo Awooo!!!!!Have a good day brother drink one for me haha!!!The first time I heard you I was chillin with my homie cruisin in the hoop d haha and his bass was sittin right next to me in the back seat hittin hard I was like imma listen to these jams the rest of my life and now everyday your jams take me to a better place,thanks tech for everything!!!

  • Bobbie

    Happy birthday tech

  • Dennis Bean

    happy bday tech first song I ever heard would be imma tell I got hooked I am a technician your music is my life I buy every CD u put out strange music rocks … technician I am cold heartedly in life and in death … and at the moment my fav songs are party the pain away and stamina

  • PHD Insane (Technicians)

    TECH N9NE happy day of birth. I first heard Tech back in Anghellic i hear This Ring and i was like hell yeah and after that i hooked on the style that tech brought to music mixing rock and rap in the best way i’ve ever heard.

    Tech inspired me to try my hardest to progress with my music and to be different, to be my own person and not be what every one else is, wether it is with my rap, my rock or my dubstep song that i am making. An i hope to one day make it to strange land and rep that snake and bat on the stage with Tech and the rest of strange music.

    As far as fav song of mine from tech no doubt that a hard question to ask because they are all amazing and not one is the same so i cant really say.

    Be easy Tech,
    Forever Technicians

  • Chakra Tease

    A friend of ours had a smoke shop in Tucson that always had your concert flyers up and your music playing. First track I remember hearing…T9X. Hope you have a great birthday with family and friends.

  • Patrick Kulwicki

    This is Patrick Kulwicki, my brother got me into tech n9ne music by playing your song show me a god, since then I have bought 15 albums and I’m a dedicated fan with a tattoo on my leg of the sneak and bat. and ONE of my favorite tech n9ne songs is “last sad song”.

  • JoshPorter

    the song that got me into tech n9ne was definatly suicide letter off anghellic. Years later i got the pleasure of meeting him in august of this year at a meet and greet in toronto and i gotta be honest you are one of the most down to earth people ever! Your music has picked me up outta the darkest periods of my life and i always come out on top! Thank you Tech! Happy Birthday Ninna, Your a god!

  • Dj Roe Kosstilono

    The first albums i heard was The Calm Before the Strom, and The Worst. I was an instant Tech N9ne fan. Always went to see him when he came to Lawrence at the Granada. Happy Birthday mane

  • tlaclair

    Bout the only rap artist I have in my collection. But I don’t consider you in the rap categorylol I was introduced to you by my ex and besides my kids bout the only good that I got from that relationship was your music lol have an excellent birthday man! Take care! No fear!

  • dustyn

    Ur the shizniz wish I could c Avery show much love my kid love yelling tech n9ne !
    happy bday tn9ne

  • Robbie Myatt

    I first heard the song dysfunctional off of sickology 101, it blew me away and I spent the whole day listeing to tech and from that day I’ve been bumping his music. its everything to me it gets me thorught every situation good or bad the guys a god in my eyes. I don’t have a favourite song because there are to many god level ones, much love to tech hope he gets some elbow macaroni for his birthday p.s love ing therapy that shits dope!!!

  • Kevin bugs

    happy mutha Fuckin birthday TECH N9NE seen you live so many times I’ve lost count you’ve always helped me out through your music love your shit always have keep it as STRANGE as possible homie……
    From ya boy “BUGS” WOOSTA Ma Palladium REPPIN!

  • genesis

    Happy birthday Tech n9ne 🙂 the first song I heard from you was imma tell. And I was hooked! Your music is such am inspiration, and so are you. every time you put out an instagram video it feels like you connect with your fans on a friend basis and that is so rare! Your music is so relatable whether its dark or upbeat. There are too many songs from you that I love because I can relate to a lot of them. you’re an inspiration to everyone. Keep it up! Thanks for going harder and harder on every track! I love you! All your fans love you and god bless you!

  • Bryan Beefy Watson

    Happy Birthday Tech! And the first time I heard your music was back in 2000 I was listening at my friends house chill in then I’m a playa started to play. I imidiatly was hooked and that began my transformation into a technician! So thank you for changing my life for the better

  • Donny Bryant

    Have a happy birthday tech keep it strange my dude look forward to working with you

  • Josh Storey

    happy birthday brother, heres a b-day remix i made ya

  • MCMC2112

    The first Tech N9ne song I heard wuz Now It’s On but didn’t know who it wuz ended up memorizing most of calm before the storm just because it wuz on in the car then years later when I started 8th grade I rediscovered Tech N9ne with My World when it came up in a search for Brotha Lynch been a Technician since! Wicked wicked NOW IT’S ON! y’allz the party people night and day, Tech have a badass birthday!!! ^S^

  • Lisa McArthur

    Tech, you are my idol
    pulled me out when at times I been suicidal
    but instead of picking up a bible I just picked up a few of these songs I’d die for…

    Happy fucking birthday to the king!

    You really did save my life man. And I also can’t fucking thank you enough for having so many other bitchin’ artists signed to strange. I have too many favorite songs to name, but one I really relate to and tugs at my heart strings is Retrogression w/ MAYDAY(first song I ever heard with mayday, fell in love. fucking thank you.) just know that you are a source of inspiration for so many fans and I can’t speak for anyone else but I am grateful for the fact that you have made so much amazing music. And the best part about it is that it never seems to stop…. Therapy was dope! Much love. Happy birthday!

  • TraMah

    Happy b’day pimpin’ keep keepin’ it real. Much love.

  • Aric Schwery

    Happy birthday Tech! Honestly the first song I heard was I Love You But Fuck You. A friend showed him to me, and have been a Technician ever since!!! People criticize how artists nowadays are just pushing out albums to make money, but you are making as many as they are, and they are still amazing quality. You have found the limbo between Quantity and Quality. I showed “Straight Out The Gate” to my neighbor, and he said “This isn’t normal rap.” That is the truest statement I have heard about you. You are not normal, and I don’t think I would listen to you if you were. Haha!

  • Matthew Flanagan

    I got into Tech N9Ne’s music in 2003, when i moved into Johnson county to live with my dad during my 2nd attempt at a high school senior year. During that time, someone in my study group had a copy of Calm Before The Storm. I had already heard some tracks of Anghellic and, at that time, dismissed Tech because I thought some of the tracks were just way too dark. After listening to CBTS, my ears were satisfied with such tracks as Cloudy Eye Stroll, Relish, Soldiers At War and Mizzizzy Gets Busy. I then gave Anghellic another try and fell in love with the song This Ring. Which is my favorite Tech N9ne track to this day. Soon after listening to Anghellic, I purchased Absolute Power, and listened to that cd every day for the next 2 years. By that time, i had moved to Little Rock, Arkansas. When i heard that Tech N9ne was doing a show at the national guard armory in Little Rock, I was stoked. This was going to be my first concert. Tech put on a great show. He moved all over the stage and was walked his way out onto the 7 foot PA speakers kneeling down to shake hands. I made it to him, twice. At the end of the show, everyone was making their way out of the armory. I still had my Kansas DL, and showed it to a security guard, asking him if he would I could meet Tech and have him sign my Anghellic CD booklet. The guard disappeared for a a couple mins and then came back to say that it was ok. No sooner did he take the velvet rope down, I literally pushed the guard out of my way and decended the stairs, where Tech greeted me with sunglasses pulled down on the bridge of his nose, some “rock on” fingers, a handslap and a hug. He took some time explaining to me This Ring when I asked him about my favorite song and pointed to his wedding band. After signing the booklet, Tech made sure that I was able to meet Big Krizz Kaliko and Kutt Calhoun. I will forever be grateful to Tech None for making my first concert a memorable one. Technician for life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. N9NE. Sincerely, Matthew Flanagan.

  • Mizz Wicked

    Happy Birthday Tech 🙂
    hugs & kisses

  • christian

    The fist song i heard from tec n9ne was t9x….ive been a die hard fan ever since then….me and my sister and friends love everything he has done…our only regret is that we have never seen him live since we always work and we live in ct….but i will change that next time you guys are up in mass i will make the time for my favorite rapper….i cant wait to meet the alucard….happy bday from christian and madelaine from hartford ct!!!!!

  • Erick Gonzalez

    First time I heard your music I was chillin wit my homies and they put on ima playa like years ago! Your music just relates to how I feel sometimes and your flow is just ill. Favorite song would no doubt be one good time. Keep doing ya thang tech happy birthday! Keep it real! Technician for life!

  • TraMah

    First song I ever heard was “This ring” and that’s probably one of my favorites but Tech is one of those artists that I can’t put my finger on just one song that’s my fav but I can also relate to this ring a lot from what I’ve been through in my life. Also Techs a big influence in my music as well.

  • Tom Turcotte

    Happy Birthday Mr. Yates!! We love you so much you can’t imagine how many lives you have changed. May many more come! P.s. loving the new EP. Evolution baby! Harvey Dent!!!

  • Nicholas Dafler

    happy birthday tech i cant wait till you come back to seattle so i can see another sick sho little pills is my favorite song it helped me realize how bad i was doin and changed my life so thank you and i love the new album

  • Tawna Bird

    Happy Birthday Mister Yates! I hope you have a super, amazingly, spectacular day!!
    You are one of my favourite people in the world! Keep up with the awesome music! Love it. =]

    [LaTawna P.]

    Fort Yates, ND

  • David Anderson

    One of my best friends came to me in a rough time in my life and said “Play this song, It’ll make it all make sense” That song was “This Ring” and I’ve been a self proclaimed Technician ever since!!!!
    The world needs you, Tech. God Bless you & Happy Born Day.
    Thank you for your presence.

  • Leon Ford

    Happy birthday tech. When i first heard slacker the video i went straight and bought your catalog. Been a fan since what 03 your music had helped me througha lot of shit.thank you for making beautiful music. And for bring in touch with your fans can’t begin to tell you how much that means to me still have not gotten to go to a concert buy hour to next toVIPbaby strangemusic baby technician for life baby

  • noah giggy

    happy birthday tech!

  • Christina Daily


  • Shelby Miller

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TECH!! your my idol since like birth. i legitly love you soo much! you always rock your concerts here in utah. dope as fuck as always! keep doing what your doing dont EVER stop! i dunno where id b in life without you. 🙂

  • xelAeippH

    happy birthday thanks for all the sick music I hope it keeps coming for a long time!! 🙂 first album I ever heard was Absolute power and I did not really like it much at the time but then a few years later I started listening to K.O.D while I was on a pretty hardcore Rolling binge haha and ever since then I have loved every song you have put out ! Technician I am whole heartedly in life and in death !!

    Namaste tech have a great birth day

  • Ruben Arambula

    Tech n9ne man happy birthday!! Been a fan since I was just a youngster always had a connection with the words you had to say, your lyrics have given me inspiration in my darkest times, and your musical talent simply amazes me. Favorite tech song, “cursed” , and ” this ring “. Happy birthday tech

  • Patts

    Happy birthday, this yo day keep on keepin on like you say one day everyone will be on your way, I got into your music from a friend he’s like a Brian Dennis to me, your music to me means that anything is possible if you put in the work and believe in it, my favorite song Right now is Paint a dark picture hbd K.O.D

  • Sacaledus

    Tech, Your music continues to evolve and blow me away. It’s funny when I talk to fam and friends about music and I tell them I listen to Tech and they’re like really?! Im like hell yeah, why not!? My niggas music crosses generations and genera’s and is always top notch. Know I feel your pain E.B.A.H. and thank you for sharing your life with your Technicians. One mind body and soul!! Happy Birthday and God bless!!

  • Darin Jason Nacho

    Happy birthday tech n9ne…I kinda named my daughter after you. Lynina aka tecca nina. Keep da good music comin. Take care nd many more.

  • katiee

    Happy birthday tech! With how amazing something else and therapy is, I feel like ours MY birthday! Love you forever. Technician I am wholeheartedly in life and in death.

  • YoungKorgy420

    Happy birthday Tech! You’re my biggest inspiration as an artist and it’s my goal to one day be on Strange Music. A friend of mine showed me your music years ago and ever since I’ve been hooked. The emotion and the realness you put into your music shines through. Thanks to you I’ve been exposed to a ton of great artists. I’ll support Strangeland til I die. Hope your bday is fucking epic bro!

  • Happy Birthday, Tech! Thank you for Strange Music, thank you for introducing artists like Krizz, Lynch, Stevie, Ubi, Gode, and all the other Strangers to us. Not a day goes by that I don’t listen to Strange Music. May all your dreams and dream collaborations come true. Take care (especially with that half-torn muscle, man). Here’s to another successful year!

  • katiee

    Its *

  • Kathlene C Akin

    Happy Bithday to ya Tech N9ne. I <3 Ur Music .

  • Andrew Watson

    Happy Birthday Tech! Thanks to you and the STRANGE Crew coming to Chucktown S.C. two years in a row made my night both times.

  • Miranda

    Happy birthday Tech, you truly are the King of Independent Hip Hop and one of the only artists who’s really touched my heart, you’ve helped me and I bet many others out so much. Thank you.

  • B.I.G. Feetz

    Tech, keep doin how you do. You ball harder than any other mutha fucka out there! Fuck them haters that don’t know shit, keep doin you!!!! TECH NIIIINNNEEE!!!!

  • Joe

    Happy birthday tech i love bumpin your music in my bros car that shits so damn loud sometimes i think his rides gonna vibrate apart any way i love any track I’ve ever heard from you. my personal favs id have to say are midwest choppers and so dope i also loved every track on k.o.d. but i hope your birthdays better than mine was happy birthday to the king of darkness!!

  • Brent Rivera

    The first time i heard tech was in my truck n my boyz put on melancholy maze and then we got our hands on killer and we bumped that an all 6’s and 7’s all the way to the 6’s and 7’s concert at the fire stone which is not only my favorite album next ta K.O.D of course an is my number one concert experience was even dancin with some fine ass technician chicks u even brought em on stage you so gotta come back down ta florida again together we are a powerful force as one mind body and soul let no evil enter or attempt to reduce us because of the beliefs we hold and with this love combined with our strengt we ward off pain and stress technician i am whole heartedly in life and in death!! TECH NINE!! Happy Birthday and thank you for producing music that not only expresses yourself but helps me express myself as well much love. Brent Rivera

  • Ian

    Happy Birthday to the indisputable King Of Hip Hop TECH N9NE!!!!!!!! the world would be a lot worse without you man, keep the beautiful music coming.

    Together we are, a powerful force
    As one, mind body and soul
    Let no evil enter, nor attempt to reduce us
    Because of the beliefs, we hold
    And with this love, combined with our strength
    We ward off, pain and stress
    Technician I am, wholeheartedly
    In life, and, in death.

  • lehr214

    Happy birthday tech, thank you for everything you do in music. Your music helps me through my day in ways I could never explain.

  • Isaac Montoya

    Happy birthday tech love your music I still listen to the old shit…. always and forever a tech ninna fan!!!! Keep doing what you do your the best and have a kc tea for me brotha!!!

  • Matthew Flanagan

    I got into Tech N9Ne’s music in 2003, when i moved into Johnson county to live with my dad during my 2nd attempt at a high school senior year. During that time, someone in my study group had a copy of Calm Before The Storm. I had already heard some tracks of Anghellic and, at that time, dismissed Tech because I thought some of the tracks were just way too dark. After listening to CBTS, my ears were satisfied with such tracks as Cloudy Eye Stroll, Relish, Soldiers At War and Mizzizzy Gets Busy. I then gave Anghellic another try and fell in love with the song This Ring. Which is my favorite Tech N9ne track to this day. Soon after listening to Anghellic, I purchased Absolute Power, and listened to that cd every day for the next 2 years. By that time, i had moved to Little Rock, Arkansas. When i heard that Tech N9ne was doing a show at the national guard armory in Little Rock, I was stoked. This was going to be my first concert. Tech put on a great show. He moved all over the stage and was walked his way out onto the 7 foot PA speakers kneeling down to shake hands. I made it to him, twice. At the end of the show, everyone was making their way out of the armory. I still had my Kansas DL, and showed it to a security guard, asking him if he would I could meet Tech and have him sign my Anghellic CD booklet. The guard disappeared for a a couple mins and then came back to say that it was ok. No sooner did he take the velvet rope down, I literally pushed the guard out of my way and decended the stairs, where Tech greeted me with sunglasses pulled down on the bridge of his nose, some “rock on” fingers, a handslap and a hug. He took some time explaining to me This Ring when I asked him about my favorite song and pointed to his wedding band. After signing the booklet, Tech made sure that I was able to meet Big Krizz Kaliko and Kutt Calhoun. I will forever be grateful to Tech None for making my first concert a memorable one. Technician for life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. N9NE. Sincerely, Matthew Flanagan.

  • steve-o

    Happy Birthday to the king of kings I was inspired by his music just the lyrics the story behind it all it moves me in so many ways like its that spiritual thing in the air that I cant help be overwhelmed with his music it really saved my life and I can’t thank him enough for this life that I am living and that no matter what im going to be a technician til im dead and gone the snake and the bat runs thru my blood technician I am wholeheartedly in life and in death….whoop whoop again happy birthday to the king of kings. my first tech n9ne song was einstein fuckin loved it and will never forget eithert

  • Lauren Meadors

    Happy birthday Tech!!!! Listening to Klusterfuk right now 🙂 I love everything you do!! Can’t wait till you come back to Dallas, I’ll be there again! Happy birthday, hope it’s a great one!!!

  • ^S^ Miss. Mayhem ^S^

    Happy Birthday Tech! Keep the awesome music coming. Your music is therapy to me and gets me through the day. You truly are the best out there, no one can compare to you. Always been a rocker chick but you’re music incorporates both and blows me away! Technician until the day I die!

  • Andrew

    hapy birthday tech n9ne!! come to new zealand soon!

  • Joter

    Happy birthday, my favourite rapper. Keep shockin’ people and creatin’ great music!

  • jades

    happy bday bro igot in2 ur james because of my gun a tec 9 found u on youtube ur an amazing artist mayn keep the badass jams comn bro im gonna comn see u live sometime very soon tech n9ne the king of darkness

  • monica

    So I’ve never commented on anything like this before because I’ve been waiting for the day I get the honor of meeting you face to face, but its your birthday so I couldn’t help but say something.. Happy birthday tech!! I love you and all of your music is such an inspiration to me, just wanted to say thank you for what you did to my life. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without your music. It always seems strange to me that I know almost everything about you from listening to you, all the way back to when you first started and you don’t know who I am in the slightest haha. You really did sacrifice so much for your fans and I thank you everyday for that. just wanted you to know I’m always listening to you and everyone else in strange music, I’m proud to say I’m one of your biggest fans and I’m excited to see what you come up with next 🙂 Hope you’re having an amazing day, id buy you a drink if I could! Happy birthday!

  • Chelsea Eubank

    Happy Birthday Aaron! Hope you have a wonderful day. Hope you get to talk/see Reign, Aliya and Dontez to make your birthday that much more special. Especially if you’ve been on the road… Thanks for the love and music and shows you do for us! It’s greatly appreciated! I just wish here was something we could do to make your day special like that !

  • Kris Cromwell

    Happy Birthday Tech! I got introduced to Tech through some of my boys and I love all your music man. It means a lot to me because it’s great music. My favorite song is definately Slacker

  • cameron williams

    Happy birthday tech!

  • MikeNtonya Weise

    Not sure if you will see this or not tech but love you brother your amazing. I tried to spit a freestyle for you on this day of yours. However i really dont think anybody can flow a rhyme worthy, live it up bro, you are an inspiration for so many..we love you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY homie!!!!!

  • Jacob Paul Zamora

    Happy Birthday Tech! Your story is truly inspiring.

  • Jace Payne

    Happy birthday tech.I was first showed suicide letters by my brother.My fav songs K.O.D

  • Jesse Johnson

    Happy 42nd Birthday Tech! I remember the 1st timei seen u live, it was in 2001 I think. Ur very 1st Gathering appearance. It changed my thoughts on music as I knew it. Never before had I seen a rapper(s) sound just as good live as u 2 did. That day was the best day of my life! Favorite songs r slacker and this ring. I love this ring but my meaning of the song is for the music and ourStrange way of life! I’ve seen hundreds of ur shows and hope to see hundreds more! I am on ur street team and try to help spread the word everyday! Techichian I am whole heartedly in life and in death!, Tech N9ne!,,,

  • Geo SinMedia Lindsley

    For the past 3 year I’ve been working on your Strange Music Street Crew and booked strange artist from time to time and I’ve got to say you have been the best boss in the world, Much love boss, keep it strange general!! and oh ya HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOTHER FUCKER!!!!

  • John

    Happy birthday, Tech! My friends and I drove down to see your most recent show in Atlanta and were blow away (no surprises there)! I’m mostly a metal fan, but have learned to expand my musical horizon and because of your music I’ve discovered a love for (real) hip-hop and rap. Everything you do with Strange is admirable and I hope you have a kickass birthday! ^S^

  • Tatiana DeAngelis

    Happy Birthday Tech N9ne!! I just started hearing Your music about a year ago. At first I wasn’t use to the speed because I had been listening to the weak stuff most of life. Once I had the chance to listen to what you were saying, I would really like hearing that song. The first Tech N9ne song I heard was Dysfuntional and it really seemed like how I was and I was able to connect, especially when I was going through a hard time at school with some people, and helped connect me to my love who’s been a fan of you for a long time. He bought ur cd Something Else and he kept the cd in my car and I would enjoy every song in traffic and everytime I drove, until my radio stoped working but I still listen to you on youtube. My favorite song I cant decide. Dysfunctional, Strange 2013, All Meant to Happen, Fortune Force Field, I’m not a Saint. they all relate to me and even thought I don’t have kids I love That’s my Kid because I love ur mind set on how to raise a kid. Your very lyrical and creative and it sucks ur not on the radio more. YOu and all the Talented people you brought out. Smart move bringing Rittz on Strange music and Ces Cru. i know theres other people you’ve brought on and when i have the time i want to hear them because you so far bring out the best. i’m strange nd proud of it, Keep it Strange, and keep bringing out your realness to the world.

  • Cameron Johnson


  • Nicholas Thomas Norris

    Happy Birthday Mr. Yates, let there be many more. Keep on doing what you’re doing, because you sir, are a Beast.

  • frankie frazzini

    Happy birthday tech i wanna tell u that u nd ur music got me nd still get me through all of the hurdles life has put in front of me so have a great birthday nd always keep it strange much love

  • Ben Win


  • Will

    Been hooked since i heard einstein back on Anghellic…happy birthday Tech !

  • Wesley Stowe

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart Tech you saved my life numerous times through your music. Keep it up dog and happy fuckin birthday man! STRAAAANGE!

  • Samantha Nelson

    Happy birthday TECH N9NE!!!! Woo!! I actually just got into your music around 2008. My boyfriendshowed me aand I swear I fell in love with it!!! Your such an amazing person and I’m glad with all the succes you have aaccomplishe. You deser ve nothing but the best because your the bestest I know. My favorite song is straight out the gate. But my song before that was slacker!!! I loveever ything about your music!! Love ya and keep on keeping on <3 – Samantha 🙂

  • DD14

    Happy Birthday Tech N9ne!

    I first heard you at Rock The Bells in 2009. You were awesome!
    I have followed you ever since and have seen you live four more times, and look forward to seeing you many more times in the future.
    My favorite song is “The Baptism,” the finest song Strange Music has ever done, IMO.
    I have other favorites as well, but I think that one is #1.

  • Trainwreck

    My first tech song was sinister tech. Tech n9ne is a motivation to underground artists far and wide. HAPPY BDAY A.D.Y.

  • Tyrone T-Ro Robinson

    Happy day of birth big Dawg, keep doin yo thang and keeping it strange.

  • Kira Dooley

    Happy birthday Arron! My all time favorite artist! You are amazing!

  • Kara Roppolo

    Tech like I told you in 2012 you seriously have saved my life through your music & story. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you…suicide letters has gotten me through so many times when I thought I wouldn’t make it out. One good cry…no words can describe what you’ve done for me. Happy birthday man, keep rising to the top like I know you can.

  • Cory Cottrell

    happy bday homie!! thanks for everything you do way to keep it 100!!

  • Kimberly Robicheaux

    The very first song I heard from Tech N9ne was “Slacker”. I fell in love from they moment. I want to say a special happy birthday to the main man Techa Nina! I love your music, I love your style, and I respect you as an artist. Salud!!!

  • Hallowicked Dave

    Happy Birthday Tech!!! For all the old shows like Wicked Wonka at Pops, KOD, Strangeland, and all the other shows ya played at that shithole, (we still go cause we love you), KC Hostile Takeover tour at the midland (hell yea we ride), SAC TOWN, CA AT THE ACE OF SPADES IN SEPTEMBER, ALL THE GATHERINGS YOU’VE PLAYED THAT WE BEEN AT…..THANK YOU FOR BEING THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS! STRANGE!!!!!!!!

  • Tyson P Leslie

    You make Kansas City proud.

    I was working at Blockbuster Music on Rainbow Blvd. I eventually ended up at Camelot Music shortly after. The demand for “Calm Before The Storm” had started to take flight. Also “The Worst” was in demand as was the 57th St. Rogue Dog Villains. It was a policy for the local music was to put them in the corner bookend where nobody looked and we did it on consignment. But I knew there was something different about Tech Nine and Don Juan. The demand was much greater than that of any other “local artist”.

    I tracked down the distributor at the time and ordered 10 copies of each record and set up a Tech N9ne endcap at the front of the store. Within the week all copies of all the CDs I’d ordered were gone.

    I’ve always admired how great a job you and the Strange Music crew do at getting the word out about whatever you’re doing. Hell, you could take a crap, and there would be a billboard somewhere in town telling us what’s up. And that to me is pretty amazing really. I love it.

    It’s strange how so many times we’ve crossed paths. but have never really connected. I thought it would be fun to work with you someday.

    I remember being on Corey Taylor’s tour bus and having Rob Rebeck on the phone trying to work out a collaboration. I was hoping that was going to happen. Maybe one day.

    I’ve always been a fan. To me, there’s no other rapper in the Midwest, that holds a candle to the brilliant talent and work ethic that you have.

    I hope your birthday is amazing, and I hope that you have many many more. Because watching your rise to success is a wonderful thing.

  • Angel Fernandez

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TECH!!!!!! I absolutely love your music. its just incredible. the beats are Anghellic, the flow is Killer, and the lyrics are pure Therapy. And everything in between. you are incredible and awe inspiring. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next. once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY TECH N9NE11! AHOO AHOO AHOO.

  • Wesley Pipes Dyas

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TECH!! You’re the king of the underground and you will be forever!! Have a great birthday

  • Joel Fontaine

    My sister got me into Tech. I’ve been a loyal technician (Even if I didn’t know it at the time) since then. Caribou Lou was the first song she played me. I wasn’t into rap at all during that time, but I dug the beat. A few years later, my homie Tyler had me listening to some and all the good memories came flooding back. All of Strange Music represents good moments with family and close friends. I gotta say that my favorite song has to be Public School. It rings crazy hardcore with me. Defines my entire school career.

  • Graeme Skindawg Anderson

    Happy birthday Tech! I’ve only known about you for a year and a bit but loving your music, your new ep is epic! My fave songs, I can’t choose only one, are ‘E.B.A.H’ and ‘Mental Giant’. Never lose the hunger you Beast! Techn9c9an for life!

  • Michael Mora Jr

    Happy Birthday Tech N9ne, ur still the realest out there an the only one who always shows love for his fans, so heres love for u on ur Day, jus five days after mine enjoy urself!!!

  • Lish

    Happy birthday tech n9ne!! You’re the ONLY artist I actively follow and countdown to your new albums. You’re lines are insane and never disappoint. You’re dedication to your fans is rare and admirable, you’re one of the few who ask, listen and incorporate what we say into your music
    <3 <3 mucho love b, stay super

  • Brad 612 Minnesnowta!

    Happy Bithday Tech N9ne! Your Birthday has become a Birthday to use fans! If on this day you were never born then we the fans would have never been blessed to the killer likeable talents of the Techa nIna! May this day bring you as much greatness in one day that you work hard to bring us day to day!! You are one cold ass mothafucka! For real,strange for life! Tech n9ne forever!!! Cold as ice!

  • Tyler Hill

    Happy birthday tech . My favorite song is This Ring hands down best song ever

  • audioslut666

    Without YOU and the force that is Strange Music, Hip Hop would be dead to me..You and the artists on your label are the soundtrack to my life. I dont go a day without hittin up my collection for some inspiration, strength, hope or just plain party anthems.Whether I feel bad or good yáll is here with me. HAPPY HAPPY Bornday to the Artist that colors my life Strange!!!!! I Love YOU Tech N9ne!!

  • Raymond Breitenbach

    I got into Tech N9ne when my cusin ryan went to the strange music 08 tour in Tucson Az. Of course he had gotten a CD so he let me have it. I was only 10 at the time and eveything on that CD i listened to everyday after school, and Mr. TECH N9NE was the first real rapper i had ever heard at that point. All Strange Music’s artists and songs mean alot to me they all have some different type of style to them and thats the reason i like Strange so much. As of now my favorite Tech song would have to be one of the classics F U Pay Me. I wish luck on everything you do with Strange Music Tech keep it going strong. HAPPY BIRTHDAY A.D.Y! Keel killing that shit and party out man. Have an awesome day filled with Caribou Lou, KC tea, and keep smoking on that fire best believe i will, TECHNITIONS AHO AHO AHO! Have a great day From a long time fan -Raymond a.k.a GHOST

  • Cameron Close

    all tech love

    i first got into tech when i hered caribu lou and then got into the more emotional and deep hard songs

    and can relate alot

    alll lovee


  • Chucktastic

    The first Tech song I heard was Midwest Choppers 2 when I was 12 in my cousins car. I asked him who the heck was rapping that fast, N&F he told me Tech N9ne. I’ve been hooked since then. Tech has warmed me up for several wrestling matches and cheered me up when I felt like shit. Happy birthday to the fastest rapper alive, keep it up!

  • joe greg

    Happy birthday tech best song you ever made is all of them lol first song I heard was trapped in a psychos body I was going through alot of shit mentally and I related to the song so much and fell in love with strange and I’m on probation so smoke an L for me tech lol. 1

  • Thumb Dizal


  • Jose Alejandro Ramirez

    Happy Birthday Tech N9ne! I love all of your songs and I can’t wait to hear what more beautiful music you have to show us! I love your music because I can easily relate to almost every song and your music has really helped me get through tough times. I really hope you have a awesome day today!!

  • ChaNning Reece

    Happy birthday tech! Your music means sooo much to me! It gets me thru! No matter wud I’m feeling there’s always a tech song I can relate to!! Keep doing you tech don’t ever change for nobody! EVER God made you who you are for a reason!!

  • Aaron Scott Mianscum-Weizineau

    HAPPY B-DAY TECH !!!! Yeah! Scorpios Month!!! The first song i’ve heard it’s Riot Maker, my sister’s boyfriend introduce me to your music and ever since there’s only Strange Music for me, Hip-Hop mixin’ with Rock and you got the best of both worlds, I’m real F.A.N.S. 4Life!!!

  • Julius Dierks

    The first Tech N9ne song I heard was straight out the gate and it’s just…. AWESOME! Since then I bought all your albums and almost really like each song! Your work is AWESOME, Your Beats are AWESOME, YOU ARE AWESOME! Go on with your incredible work and stay like you are! Happy Birthday Tech N999999999999ne!!!

  • Thumb Dizal


  • Charisma

    Happy birthday Tech!! It’s been a hell of a year for all of you! Keep it up man!! We love you!

  • Timothy Loberg

    Had a co worker hand me a cd with tracks from various tech albums…First track was stamina, into tormented, imma tell and devil boy, get blowed, now its on, slacker, cursed, and here comes tecca nina….That disk didnt leave my deck for a year…. I was a fan from the first line…I was excited to hear someone finally rep the midwest so hard and have so much of his true self come through was inspiring….Much love to ya Tech happy birthday….raise hell dont stop till the cops come.

  • tomas

    Freaky was the first song i ever heard, stuck with me to this day. Happy birthday man! Rollin one up for yea

  • Dennis Dehoyos Jr.

    Happy Birthday you old bastard!! 🙂 Just kidding, no but really! thanks for everything Techa

    I remember I found you in a strange time of my life! I’ve always been a music person I’d rather listen to music than watch tv or anything else of the nature. During a time that I was literally starting to give up on the shit I was hearing. I came across a random song called “Welcome To my world” I looked a little deeper and the next song was “This Ring” I was instantly hooked! It was unexplainable!

    My mission quickly became to really try this out, so the first chance I got. I bought what I thought was one of your earliest CD’s .. “Anghellic” needless to say from their I have owned/own every album you’ve put out since then In order from when they came out…. Does that make me a groupie?… Naaaw i’m not all gay about it like that, I just really dig the strange life lol

    Anyway Strange Music means a lot to me, and i appreciate everything yall do musically and socially. Yall are the shit, Independent Beasts…..Now as far as a favorite song.. maaan….. Can’t pick just 1 :- …. 🙂

  • Paul

    Happy Birthday tech! The first song i heared was jellysickle and for 4 years i wondered who did the song then it came on pandora then i became i fan! Thanks for the great music and have a great day! Much love from the 209

  • Dezirae Hg

    BOy oh Boy where do i start, Tech N9ne is like my all time favorite hes straight up hes blunt and he knows how to set the vibe. The first song i heard was slacker and i was at a foster home in moreno valley and my foster brother actually showed me the music video to it and i was like in love, after that it was like a research project for me i went all the way to when he first started and up until now he still be rockin it, i put my phone music on shuffle and 15 tech songs still play back to back i just got Strange Musics snake and bat tattooed on my chest so that should say alot i will be bumpin that strange music till the end baby. Happy Birthday Tech cant wait to go to another show!!!!!DWAMMM

  • Jo Jo Binx

    The first song i heard was ‘Like Yeah’, which was on my sisters iphone and thought to my self, “this guy is fucking awsome”. So i looked up more of his songs and enjoyed blastin them through the speakers. Eventually began to relate to half of his songs and the flow of his lyrics were very intruiguing, how they ryhme perfectly. Soon enough i was hooked, replaying them over and over, then waiting for his new album when i heard he was dropping them on this date. After that i played the songs that would match the situiation in everyday life, whether it was Fights, greed, love, parties and even being used by someone. To this day i own almost all of his albums, but every song on each album ean alot, because Strange Music did change my life and how to see the world at a different point of view and which spots you can overcome, so im wishing the Kansas City King who goes by the name of Aaron Dontez Yates a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and party the pain away and have that afterparty. Have a good one because you deserve it.

  • SMooTH

    First song I heard was “get blowed”. My favorite Tech song gets harder pick every year currently its between fragile and so dope. What it means to me? I’ve been a Tech advocate since get blowed, everybody said he was too wierd. But it’s like a close friend that you knew was talented finally get the recognition he deserves. Helped me through alot of hardships and been my anthem for better times. You could say that Strange music makes up the majority of my lifes soundtrack. Happy birthday to you. I’ll be celebrating mine on monday(maybe a little this weekend too) and you better believe I’ll be crankin up the Strange music.

  • Jerry Lavender

    happy birthday tech! and thank you for making the great music you do! best wishes on the coming year and many many more! thank you also for not forgetting us juggalos who were down with you from the start mmfwcl! oh and i dont have just one song but my favorite album is k.o.d.

  • Shawn Murphy

    Damn man, The first song I heard from you was Riot Maker and I was immediately hooked. I bought Anghellic, Killer, K.O.D, Misery Loves Kompany, Everready, Absolute Power, and Sickology 101 because I heard that one song. You revolutionized the game man. I respect who you are and what you do, along with everyone at Strange Music! When I start producing music, I can only hope that I can have the honor of making a collab with you. You are a huge part of why I want to make a career with music. “Together we are, a powerful force, as one mind, body, and soul, let no evil enter, nor attempt to reduce us, because of the beliefs we hold, and with this love, combined with our stregth, we ward off pain and stress, Technician I am, wholeheartedly, in life and in death.” Happy Birthday King of the underground!

  • Shanna Mackay

    Happy Birthday to the one and only tecca nina!!! Haven’t missed a KC tech show since day 1…from Beaumont club shows to kickin it at club chemical back in the day and now we’re about to get wild in the sprint center…Dwaaaamn! You have came so far and YOU have made KC blow up baby!! Sorry and shit but I can’t listen to any single tech song without a million kickass memories! Make today ur B.I.T.C.H. Tech and Let’s Get Fucked Up!!! <3

  • Your Highness

    Happy Birthday!!! Without you to speak truly what others are afraid to even think about by themselves in their own head. You make complete sense to me and I look forward to telling you in person some day.. much love. Keep up the “strange music spirit” and bringing something far more than meaningful to people like myself…<3

  • Vitali ViNe

    Happy Birthday Tech! Love ur music and i hope to see u again in germany, have a nice day. greets from munich ^$^ Strange Musich baby, all day, every day

  • kmpw1124

    The first Tech N9ne song I heard was Hope for a Higher Power, but the first song that really got me hooked was Dysfunctional about a year later. Tech N9nes music means so much to me and I am proud to say that I am a Technician for life! I love you Tech and all that you do with Strange Music, happy birthday!
    favorite songs: Dysfunctional, He’s a Mental Giant, The Grench, T9x, Who Do I Catch?, Low, Mama Nem, Love Me Tomorrow, and Einstein

  • Joeri Hondius

    Yoo Tecca Nina happy bithday man !!!
    When you comin’ to the Netherlands again?!
    I’ve never been to anyone’s show in my life but there’s one show I will go to.
    Strange Music baby !!!!! Hahaha 😉

  • Christopher Walker

    Happy Birthday Tech. Much love to you. DIBKIS Technician 4Life

  • Robb Hall

    Happy Birthday Tech! Your music has been a huge inspiration to me for the last 13 years. I first heard Psycho Bitch when I was in a buddy’s car. I am a huge fan of Halloween and when I heard the beat I was mesmerized. He had two 15’s and the bass was killer. I told him to put on another track and he played Einstein. That was all I needed. I immediately picked up your album and have not stopped ever since. Thanks to you, I have introduced many Carribous and KCs to many parties and made lots of fans of them. Your music has helped me through a lot of tough times and I thank you for that. I probably would not be where I am if it was not for your music. I want to say as well, I really dig Therapy. You are breaking planes and I love it. Keep doing you.Thank you Tech. Now get twisted, put on Happy Birthday by Krizz and let this night be a memorable one. Stay Strange. TECH N9NE!

  • James Coyne

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TECH ur music is amazing looking foward for more albums to come out keep em comin

  • Billiam The Great

    Biggest Happy Birthday Shout Out I can possibly give!! The first Tech N9ne song I ever heard was Imma Tell, just after Absolute Power was released. I was 10 years old at the time and I mostly listened to classic rock like Led Zeppelin or The Doors. It was the music my parents had always listened to so it was definately the music I knew best. Then one night my older cousin threw in Absolute Power. I immediately had an ear for the backward lyrics and understood everything perfectly. I also remember watching the DVD, looking at this crazy ass lookin’ cat with the red hair. It was unlike anything I had ever seen or heard. Knowing my parents would never buy me such an album I eventually forgot about Tech N9ne until 5 years later. I got my first Ipod when I was 15 and I immediately started loading it with every artist I knew. Eventually, that big red hair popped into my head and I knew I HAD to have some Tech on my Ipod. I stared listening to songs to see which ones were good. If I liked it i’d add it to my library. I soon realized I didn’t leave a single song, I loved them ALL! That led to me searching all of the other Strange Music and adding it as well. I then introduced it to all of my friends which led to a small group of Technicians reeking havoc around a small town in mid Missouri. (A few miles away from Colombia. I am now 21 years old and every strange music song there is is my favorite song. I could go on for days talking about Tech N9ne and the empire he has created and how it has affected my life. All I can say is I don’t know where I would be today without it. Every song has a different message so theres always a way to relate to him and what he’s been through. I just want to say Thank You Tech for doing what you do and for what you have sacrificed to give this gift to us. Keep on doin you Tech.
    A Technician I am, WHOLEHEARTEDLY!!

  • Jestin Kinnaird

    Happy B day Aaron
    I hope you have a amazing day and eat all the bar b que you can and get drunk as hell.I have been a fan for 10 years now ever since I was 15 years old.The first song I have ever heard of your was “Now Its On”and I knew or that day on that I would be a fan I grew with your music through my childhood,teenage years and now adulthood.Theres so much I want to say but I will keep this short.You are the reason I started rapping,producing and songwriting your unrelentless efforts to fulfill your destiny for your and your fans is unsurpassed.You dedicated your life to music such beautiful music at that and I thank you.I have traveled around the united states met so many people and introduced them to your music as well as others from your label.Strange Music and You truly deserve every bit of good fortune you recieve.Much Love Aaron have a amazing b day Sincerly Jestin Kinnaird P.S you are the best rapper alive and pave the road for strange music for amazing performances for years to come

  • Chronedout4191

    Happy Birthday to the nigga we all know & love. My nigga TECH N9NE!!!!!!!!!

  • Sean N.

    the first song i listened to was Dysfunctional off his Sickology 101 album when it came out i did a lot of research and listened to every single album by Tech love them all. and i do have to say that “Strange Music saved my life” especially Tech’s music. A lot of what Tech talks about in all of his songs for example “Red Nose”, i shared a lot of what he was talking about from when i grew up. Tech’s music hit hard with me n from that day forward i have been a Technician. And i don’t have a “favorite” song i love all of Tech’s music its so hard to pick a favorite. Happy birthday Tech keep doin what you doin never quit bro “Technician I am whole heartedly in life and in death” Tech N9ne!!

  • Nik

    HAppy Birthday to the most flawless and Elite MC in the game. There has not nor will there ever be a better lyricist to do it. First album i heard was MLK and i was hooked, i bought every tech CD ever made, probably two times to share and make ppl listen. I put almost all of my friends and family on to strange music so they too can feel the euphoria of phenominal music. YOu changed my life with your lyrics and helped me out when i needed it. I couldnt thank ya enough bdawg. Keep the fire comin. And well See ya in Omaha. ^S^traaaaange!

  • Phillip Holley

    Happy birthday Technical !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • techn9ne23


  • Edgar Varela

    Happy birthday big homie may god bless you and keep droppin that dope shit you make if it weren’t for your music I would of been dead so here is to you and thanks for showin us that being strange and insane is not a curse but a blessin in disguise

  • Grady Hogrefe

    Happy Birthday Tech … ur such an inspiration to a shit ton of other people and me ur music tells a lot I love that…. favorite Tech song … it’s a hard one but I’m ma have to say Red Nose … cause basically it tough me to not keep just other people happy and just be happy for myself …If they don’t like they way I am … fuck them this is me there’s nothing you can do to change me …fuck the haters…..Tech once again happy much a fuckin birthday dude at least enjoy one day of u workaholic ha

  • TechaNina420

    Happy Birthday Tech !! Your songs are dope, your rhymes are sick & your attitude in your music are ill. The first song I ever heard was “Now Its On” & after that, I’ve been w you ever since !! You always come back w badass music. You’ve changed my life so much. Reppin you to the fullest !! I have a tatt on my forearm..its a lyric from Keep On Keepin says “I will never slide..never fall, never fail.” Have a blessed day !! Much Love !!
    TECHA NiNA 4 LiFE !!! Through the good & the best ! ♥♡

  • Joel b

    Happy Birthday TECH!!!!!!!! First heard you when i was 12 years old spittin crazy on caribou lou been A huge fan eversince rocking every album on my itunes chea chea!

  • Carl

    Hey Tech I hope it’s a good B day for you My name is Carl and I have been a die hard Tech/ Strange fan for years over the time you inspired me to write because I understood your message and I love how much I relate it is my dream that one day I can meet you or rap with you cuz I think I have something else that truly could boost the game anyway keep it up Tech Fuckin love someting else and fuckin love you man A-U A-U

  • Starr Morgan

    Happy bday to the greatest rapper ever

  • Lesa Flores

    Happy birthday Tech =)) Do it up screw it up & do your thang man!!! Much love & respect on your special day & everyday before & after <3 MUAH!!!


    Happy Birthday Tech!!! You’re a huge inspiration and I couldn’t explain to you in words – I live because of your music, its really helped. TECHNICIAN, IN LIFE AND IN DEATH!

  • Darin

    Happy birthday Tech! let it be filled with strangeness! The first song of yours I heard and made me an instant fan was Here Comes Techa Nina! My favorite tracks are Fragile, That Box, 2 Piece, and of course Carrabu Lou! Thanx for making such a delicious drink and ask the amazing music! Not to mention all the amazing artist you find and bring up! Keep up the great work! Looking forward to many more years Alucard! STRANGE ALL DAY!!!

  • jessi

    Happy birthday tech !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ben

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! 😀

  • Wandac

    Here’s to a very Happy Birthday, Tech. The first Tech N9ne song I heard was Planet Rock 2K wayyyy back in 1999. I knew then you were destined for greatness. My favorite song is This Ring. I fell in love with This Ring the first time I saw you perform it live. It was at the House of Blues in Dallas, TX at the Fire and Ice Tour. You were sitting in a chair in the middle of the stage. You were alone just rapping and feeling the music. That was it. At that moment, I became a Technician FOR LIFE. Keep bringing the music we love, be safe and party your ass off this weekend! Enjoy your birthday, Bae.

  • Barry Cross


  • brandon kilgore

    Happy birthday Tech!

  • esther

    HAPPY BLEST BIRTHDAY!! MY 1ST CONCERT WAS IN 05 IN FRESNO, ca WE MEET YOU WHEN YOU ALL PULLED UP TO THE VENUE, it was my 1st T9X your face paint said ” ENTER ” from that day you “ENTERed” my mind and stayed in HEART! STRANGE MUSIC LOVE4LIFE MUCH LOVE estherfromfresno 13 concerts down hope many more to go!!!

  • Tecca Nina

    Happy Birthday from Germany Dortmund-Scharnhorst to you Tech! Your Music is fuckin’ awesome and my favorite song is ehm.. i dont know i like them all haha! 😀

  • Jerico Gallegos

    Happy Birthday To The N9na. Tech, You’ve Brought Life Changing Music To The World. All Your Music Is “So Dope”… As You Came Into Music, You Brought Us A New Kind, You Brought Us “Something Else”. You’re A Huge
    Inspiration. Strange For Life, Music Aint Music If It Aint Strange. Let The Strange Live On…

  • Brad Peters

    Happy G day Tech. Your music is the shit. Keep that shit coming.

  • Linda Trigos

    happy birthday tech! hope its a blessed and awesome day!

  • Rachel Gregory

    happy birthday tech n9ne! much love n respect to u always! i started listening to tech n9ne back in 2000. i was hotboxing my boys car and he had on a song that made me get goose bumps…it was tech n9nes 7 sins… i have been hooked every since. tech’s music has been a good force in my life..its helped me on so many levels..thank u tech n9ne u are my hero

  • sueann taylor

    Happy Birthday to you, i love your music and so does my boys.. Have a great day and god bless.

  • Zach Miller

    Happy Birthday Tecca Nina! The first song I ever heard was riot maker and was like what is this? Found out who it was way back when and still been reppin the strange ever since! Keep up the good music. Shit is I.L.L!!!

  • RO-nIn

    Happy birthday Tech! I love your music, one of the last and best keeping hip hop alive!

  • Helen Bates

    Happy Birthday Tech!! Your music has saved my life in more ways than I can count. You will forever be the master in my book. Been down with you since day one.Forever in life and in death!!!!

  • Shyann NnayhS on facebook

    H A P P Y
    B I R T H D A Y
    T E C H N 9 N E!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’ve been your fan for 8 years, (since I was 12)
    And I’ll NEVER get tired of your music!!!
    Hope you have a D O P E A S S
    B I R T H D A Y!!!!!!

  • Thrash

    Well let’s see here… The first song I heard by Tech was Worldwide Choppers off All 6’s and 7’s. I heard it after getting blazed in my best friend’s brother’s car. It remains one of my favorite tracks. I also like URALYA and Straight Out The Gate (featuring Serj Tankian) Those are probably my favorite songs. What does his music mean to me? I always liked that Strange Music was independent of any of the mainstream record labels and companies that want to control what we listen to. I like that Tech and Co. put their music out there and are successful yet defying the mainstream. As the man himself said “Tech won’t go mainstream. Mainstream will go Tech.” Happy Birthday man! Keep up the good work fighting the good fight!

  • Ladybug Barbara

    Very recently I came across “Don’t Tweet This” on You Tube. I fucking love that song. It’s got beat, it’s got feeling, it’s sic! Since then I’ve listened to everything I can find to listen to and I love it all. If it’s Tech N9ne I’m playing it. Most rappers have a track or two I dig, but I love EVERYTHING from Tech N9ne. Enjoy an excellent party for your birthday. I know I won’t be hearing about it so I’ll just assume you do 😉

  • Sara LynnBear

    Happy Birthday Tech <3 <3 <3

    I grew up listening to you without even realizing it. Then recently I found you all over again and I've fallen in love. Your music touches me in all the good places and gives me strength. Not only do I love your music, but I truly enjoy hearing what you have to say. So much of what you say, I completely agree with and gives me confidence in myself. It was also amazing meeting you in person. I was so nervous but you were so humble.

    Despite being on a different level than me, I feel like we could all get together, have a barbecue and have a good time. I've never felt like I could actually hang out with someone who's on a higher level than me. Not until you :3

    So best wishes and I'm always hoping the best for you. Can't wait to see you again <3

  • jodi wilson

    Roit maker and I was 4 haha happy birthday tech n9ne yhur thee best

  • scoobie

    Happy B-Day Tech!!!! i remember the first time i heard Tech was the song Slacker back in the day of the channel “The Box” i dont even know how much i called that number to see the vid. Thank you Tech for makin the music you do and keepin it real and causin my parents to block 900 numbers so i could no longer order your vid on The Box.. keep it Strange and cant wait to hear more songs in the years to come!!

  • Trenten Joiner


  • Trevor Gabel

    Happy birthday tech n9ne or aaron yates to be more real I have been listening to your music since I was 15 years old and loved it from the first song I heard I started on absolute power and vintage tech your inspiring to me because the success you have had all on your own doing your own thing saying fuck the industry and being real you rap about real shit and tell a story not just about gold chains bitches and selling dope…keep it real and keep.doin tech #1 independent artist in the world…TECHNICIANS!!!! STRANGE MUSIC!!!!!!

  • Daniel Wallace

    Happy Birthday! You’re my inspiration bro, keep that music comin! I’ll be celebrating with you tonight, some KC Tea! Can’t pick a single favorite song, I love em all! Come to Portland, OR & Let’s GETT ITTT

  • Sara Mendoza

    happy birth anniversary

  • Jake Armstrong

    I been into your music since the worst and the calm before the storm and I heard the songs and I instantly fell in love with your music and after every album or ep that came out I got more into your music. I mean in my opinion your just as good as Eminem. The stuff you write about is something that happened to you in your life, its not some bullshit about pussy this and pussy that. You let us all in your life through music and its the best music ive ever heard and one of my favorite tracks is Red Nose.

  • Tristyn Kelly

    Tech’s music means alot because it comes from a real person and from within ..its original and
    cant wait to hear more good music from him. Happy birthday tech n9ne hope you enjoy it!! ! Keep inspiring us young people and take over the world. 🙂 strange music for life ♡

  • Lady Black Heart

    Happy Birthday N9na! I started listening to your music about 13 years ago. It has helped me through some very dark times and inspires me to be myself and not give a fuck about anyone else’s opinions. Thank you for being such a positive influence in my life. You are a truly amazing and wonderful man. Much love homie! XO, Lady Black Heart

  • Isaac Mumper

    Hi happy birthday my birthday is today to I am 20 I love you man not the gay way I pre order tech n9ne ttherapy and I order a jacket keep it real man

  • Laura

    Happy Birthday Tech your amazing. I started listening to your music two years ago and i love your music. It really touches me. You sing about real shit and your nothing like these other rappers who sing about bitches and hoes every song. Since i started listen to your music i barely listen to anyone else beside you and your strange music team. Im glad i got to see you live i wouldnt ever miss that experience. sincerely your #1 fan Laura

  • Dorian Jones

    Happy birthday tech! Hope you have a strange nice with alot of kitties,kc tea and some Colorado trees.

  • Karma

    hbd tech! my cuzzin Zack brought ur cd over in 2003 ans it’s been over since, ur shit has changed but keep doin it, ur doin sumthing right.

  • Lance Chausse II

    Yo happy birthday tech mutha fuckin n9ne! i love your label and your music. without it i wouldn’t be the same person i am. Fuck haters who say you warship the devil. STRANGE!!!!!

  • Seal’S

    you really changed my life with your music, cant tell you enough how much i appreciate you…HAPPY BIRTHDAY TECH!!!!!

  • Cody Sheffler

    Happy Birthday Tech, I would say keep that shit coming but really do you ever stop or disappoint hmmm… NO! Can’t say I recall that ever happening. I’ve been a strange fan since I was 9 ironic right my cousin played Industry is Punks and I was hooked, I have a special appreciation for every song so I don’t think it would do justice to pick a favorite. Strange fan 9 years in the making and still loving it. I think the reason I have so much love for your’s and Strange Music’s music is it’s all real, never fake just real artist speaking real shit the world is and has been in need of it. Technician for life, Strange ’til I’m slain, AHOO! AHOO! AHOO!

  • Tom


  • Sara Lynn

    TECH N9NE! Happy birthday(: I’ve been in love with your music since I heard your Absolute Power album in 2002. You are literally my hero; your songs have gotten me through a LOT of shit and I hope you know how much we all support and love you! Favorite song: Retrogression. Or the Noose… and all of the choppers. Love you Tech, hope you get to spend today with your kids and relax!

  • AfriKan MyriKal

    The number #1 independent rapper in the world. The King Of Darkness. The General. The King Technician. EBAH. The One And Only Reigning Rap God. Happy Birthday TECH N9NE!!!!! You inspired me in ways no one else could, challenged me to try impossible flows, I owe everything I know to you. The AfriKan MyriKal as an amateur rapper thanks you, I owe him to you. You taught me that when rapping I don’t have to talk about money and women, so it’s thanks to you that I can pour my pain into music and hope that someone out there likes it. Happy Birthday K.O.D may your reign last another millenia.

  • Eric Conner

    Happy Birthday Tech! Time for some KC tea!
    Technician for life!

  • Love Marisa.

    Happy Birthday Aron wish i could party with you tonight!!! Love you and thanks for making music speak when words cannot you truly are the best rapper alive(next to eminem) hope to see u soon in colorado!!! TECH N9NE!

  • Antonio Sorace

    im a playa and caribou lou. Ive listned to you for 12 years, when i wanna bump up the party, got u on the playl Since ist, when im down, got you on the playlist. Hell when i wanna get pumped up….ya i think you get it by now haha. Cheers brotha, HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  • Ryan

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TECH! thanks for making such good music for all of us to enjoy

  • Farbod

    Happy Birthday Mr. Yates, u truly r the creator of this Strangeland!
    Keep making awesome music, my wife and I are true Technicians!! Cant wait to c u live here in Cali.
    My favorite Tech tracks are a looot, cant name just one, but Straight out the Gate, Rock-A-bye and Midwest choppers are a start.

  • Erica Ricks

    Happy fucking birthday. I’ve always wanted to tell you how much your music means to me. You have saved me time and time again. You have shown me that even in your deepest darkness, there is light. I can’t listen to anything other than strange music, nothing else is worth listening to. Ive done my best to return the favor and share your music with anyone and everyone. I love seeing your movement grow. They’re so many more people who know you and your music. I defend you and l live by your lyrics. I have “the Roman numeral 9 on my inside right wrist so I can I read it properly like this that’s how we know we together in a crisis.” It is a reminder to push through anything and remain godly. Last words has always been my all time favorite track, the one I love and relates so well. Fuck everyone who doubted me and said my movements a fallacy. Anyone who knows me thinks tech when they think of me. You began my walk of faith and my relationship with God by showing me you may have dark thoughts but you are beautiful and God is there. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you. I have no idea what I will do when you so making music… Probably keep listening to everything you’ve done still and nothing else. Dwam! Party n bullshit for your day.

  • Tiffany Spencer

    Happy birthday tech! Your such an inspiration and i can relate to your music in every way! The first song that got me to fall in love with your music was “show me a god”, which is why i find it ironic that you posted that song on your facebook today 🙂 Theres no way i can possibly pick a favorite song, but “something else” is probably my favorite album of yours so far. Please keep doing what you do till the day you die because I will forever be a technician!

  • kristinan9ne

    Happy birthday tech!
    Ill drink kctea tonight just for you baby!
    Have a good one!

  • James Master Perry Pinkerton

    happy birthday, tech….I got into your music with my friend crow who showed me anghellic back in 2000, I have been riding ever since, from anghellic to therapy you have sent me a special message through each individual song, I don’t mean to sound corny but I like all of your music, you even inspired me to make my own music because I figured that it would be a great coping mechanism, my goal is to maybe collab with you one day, I think wed make some bangers lol!!!! but still man happy birthday, and the best wishes to you, party lie its your last, and have an amazing day and night, smoke a fatty for me man please? have an amazing birthday and keep making that astounding music for years to come.

  • Chris Hagedorn

    Happy birthday to the King of rap! I heard ‘Stamina’ for the first time in the summer of 03 from one of my homies, and been hooked ever since. I got the tats, the autographs, clothes, albums. Everything you make is genius. Fuck all the people hating on you for the collabs with wayne, tpain, etc.. Keep making true ass music, and you always gonna have true ass fans.

  • Ryan Blankenship

    Happy Birthday Tech N9ne..Yours and all of Strange Music’s music has got me through a lot of shit in my life. No matter what your going through in life, you guys have a song that relates to it. I have been a Tech fan since I first heard The Beast on Madden 2006. Now I am a Technician for life.

  • Taisia

    Happy birthday to one of the greatest rappers alive, you are so amazing in everything that you do!

  • KriSis_Jokersnightmare

    Happy birthday to the motha fuckin general TECH N9NE. whoop whoop much respect and mmfwcl keeping it ^S^trange. Keep doing what ya doin homie cus you killing it.

  • joker

    Happy birthday bro. I hope it’s a good one for you. I’ve been a fan since 1998 when I heard a homie play one of your homemade track

  • ThizzManBeatz™

    Happy Birthday TeccaNina ,much love to you from the bay, first time I heard tech was calm before the storm and the song was clueless with Solé on it and from there I followed techs music heavy , and tech changed my life, his music definitely connects with the people, the tech with red hair spiked up was fuckin dope and amazing, tech keep bringing different ,music because over the years you get sicker and stranger and more genius songs come out, and that’s what the people like, I want to thank my sister for introducing me to your music and thank you tech for doing so much great music like “Red Nose” and so forth, keep it sick and always keep it STRANGE! ^S^

  • Fuck You

    Happy birthday Tech! I had a shit day, but I’m blasting therapy right now and zoning out to the music, melting all of my pain away. That’s what music is for, and you do it wonderfully, man. Drive that Strange bus until the wheels fall off. Until then, we’ll be reciting the pledge at each show, and in our heads every time we hear a song.

    Sorry for the name, btw. Created it a long time ago and forgot about it. HAHA!

  • hayle hudson

    Happy Birthday Tech N9ne. you are one bad ass mofo. i have loved you since way been in the day when you were underground and no one had heard of you. im still reppin’ you now. i love your music, its my happy place, plus your fine! 🙂 its hard to name just one song thats my favorite cuz i love them all but it’d have to be come gangsta. STRANGE MUSIC BITCH.

  • David Tripp

    Happy Birthday bro!!! I hope itz as good 2 u as ur music has been 2 me. Enjoy, & take a shot 4 sum1 u helped thru tha dark. Much love!!! STRANGE!!!

  • It’sALl JeSUs
  • Jose Ranee Avitia

    Happy Birthday man!!!!!!! Keep it real….strange!!!! It goes up!!!!

  • brendan “j skoot” croff

    Happy Birthday homie hope to see u again in michigan soon i missed the oct 17th show. I was at the one off show u did in Flint, MI last year it sucked that not many showed up but it was a dope ass show everyone who didnt come missed out, anyways happy birthday keep it STRANGE big homie. WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!!

  • derrick

    Happy birthday Tech really appreciate everything you have done

  • Khalilah Overton

    Happy birthday Mr.Yates. Scorpios are takingover. 😉 Hope your leg/calf is healing well. I’m so in love with ur music. There isn’t anything I don’t like but I do have favorites. LOVE THERAPY and my favorite is When demons come. The first time I heard was in 2012 and it was mama nem and world wide choppers and I fell in love instantly. My favoriteson repeat everyday, AREAL1, HUNGER, FORTUNE FORCE FIELD, MAMA NEM, SHOW ME A GODBEAUTIFUL MUSIC, BE JEALOUS, UGLY DUCKLING, BELIEVE, DROWNING, PRETTY MUCH ALL OF SOMETHING ELSE. Thank for instagram videos. Thank you for awesome music, everyone on strange is amazing and thank u for meet and greets. Everything u do no matter how small it seems makes abig impact. We love u and can’t wait to see u next year. Have an awesome and drink filled bday and may u be blessed with many more. :*

  • Rukahs Remix

    Happy birthday tech hope you got to see your kids and family and you got to play a show to celebrate your birthday best of Wishes from Rukahs Remix inc

  • Mor Bid

    Happy Birthday to Mr. Aaron Yates (aka Tech N9ne) Thank you for everything you do for your fans and we appreciate you for being loyal to your fans. I hope you have a fantastic day… Morbid from Detroit, Michigan

  • dakota linne

    Happy Birthday Tech!! Thanks for all the great music you’ve made and are still making

  • Jayme

    Happy birthday! I’ve been listening 2 you since Mitch Bade, and now both my kids love you 2. Thank u for the great music and thank u for Krizz Kaliko! Keep repping KC, we love u. You’re not getting older, you’re getting better. @Jayme816

  • 420ladyyforlyfe

    I love u and ur music! Have a great day love!(:

  • 420ladyyforlyfe

    Tech ive been a fan for years! KOD is one of my faves! Anyway i love u and have a great day(: love alina<3

  • Madero Wells

    Happy bday TECH and I wish you many many more I remember being on the porch of 57 me and my cuz duece hearing you rap and beat on your chest at the same time lol….you gave me my first cassette of MITCH BADE

  • Geo Stealy

    Happy Birthday Tech! I’m 53 and my kids listen to your music so that is how I got into it. My favorite songs are The Noose and So Lonely. Keep being your awesome self and wishing you many more years to come!! 🙂

  • Daylan Lee Vasicek

    Happy birthday Tech, Its my birthday as well friend. Best of wishes to you. Continue your incredibly successful career. Best of wishes.

  • Cory Mewborn

    Happy 42nd birthday to Tech N9ne!!! I first heard you music back in High School during my transition to the Horrorcore lifestyle. The first song I heard was Tormented off of your Anghellic album. Then, I started listening to Everready, Killer, K.O.D. and the rest is history. You, along with other Strange Music artists and the rest of the rapper that I listen to like Lord Infamous and Twiztid helped me get through high school.

    (On a side note: I’m proud to be an Uncle, since my nephew was born earlier today!)

  • David Johnson

    Happy birthday Aaron Keep on keepin on
    Live life to the fullest and dont worry bout no bullshit
    Just get faded haha Love you bro!

  • earthangle

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TECH!!!! well the first time i heard one of your songs was when i would b in the truck with my now ex…. i cant remember which song it was but i think it was from psychology 101…. o started looking up ur music and i really liked it…but now i LOVE it. I cant even pick my favorite song… your me, it doesn’t have a specific meaning but it really gets me going. The lyrics..the melody…i love everything u do 🙂 Happy birthday again!!! May God give u many more years and give me more years too so i can keep listening to ur music 🙂

  • Kanaduh

    A-ron Yahtzee,

    Happy Birthday to you,
    You’re rhymes are sick like the flu.
    You best drink on some bou-lou,
    Happy Birthday to you!

    You’re the party man night and day, living crazy is your only way!
    Just enjoy yourself!

  • Reyna T Marama

    happy birthday to the most influential independent artist of all time your an inspiration to me as an independent artist myself .much love from the dreadeye

  • Michael Knouff

    Tech, I want to wish you a very special birthday. I first heard you on a comp CD that’s had your song “Imma Tell” and since then I’ve been hooked. Your words relate very much to my life. I know with you, I’m not the only one who feels the same as me. I am not alone. Thank you so much for the blessing. Take care, be safe, keep rocking, and have a great birthday. With much love and respect, Michael Knouff.

  • Hunter Bretz

    Tech N9ne youre the shit man. Happy Birthday dude.

  • Michael Knouff

    Btw my favorite song is everything from Sickology 101.

  • Andy Roerig

    Happy birthday Aaron.. I’ve been a fan since the first time I heard anghellic.. keep doing what you do. 6688846993

  • Adriana ~Andy Illizabeth

    I have listened to you since before I was even a teenager. I literally grew up listening to your music. I am so glad to see the progress and everything you have accomplished, and all while still staying as humble as you are to this day. The additions you and Trav have decided to add to Strange have been spot on. I want to wish you a happy birthday and much enjoyment and happiness the world has to offer. I fucks with you, Much Love dude. ~Andy~

  • Larry Wayne Miller Jr.

    Happy Birthday Tech N9ne!!!!! Hope its an amazing one. Keep the new tracks coming, and I will keep buying!!!

  • Chris mayfield

    Keep it hyphie tech! Keep it strange!!! NO HOLDS BARS!

  • Bianca

    Happy birthday tech!! Glad i got to meet you and everyone else touring with you on the hostile takeover tour i love how you keep it strange! Hope i get to run into on tour and show you the tat of your signature on my arm!

  • Geoff Adams

    Happy birthday tech first tume I heard your music I was like 9 or 10 and I heard now its on and instantly knew you were one of the greatest rappers ever much love man keep doing it big

  • jessica

    Happy birthday tech! ! Best friend got me into your music years ago! Haven’t missed a show in Cleveland since 2005! I can’t pick a favorite song because they’re all so damn good! Keep it up! Hope your day way wonderful! !

  • vet zidpn

    Whoop whoop tech po me anutha! Haha

  • Paige Real Simpson

    Happy birthday hope your wishes come true love the music

  • Pat Sic

    Tech, you age like wine. This shit be tasting fine! To define you is to rewind time and to find you. Everybody will. And on that day, time will stand still. Happy Birthday Bro! You’ve helped me so much. More than anybody knows. I’ve been a buying-your-album-the-day-it-comes-out fan for 14 years. Your talent is an answer to prayers. Much Love! Stay Sic! ~PATSiC

  • Madeline Clark

    Tech I LOVE you!! my birthday is tomorrow and it is such an honor to be able to celebrate it so close to yours. Your music takes me home, no matter where I am in the world. Ive listened to you my entire life growing up in Kansas city and now living in CA. I love you!!! Happy birthday!!!

  • jim greenough

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY T9!! Bro i absolutely love your shit since i was introduced at a live show in 2007 but ive gone back and listened to everything! ill never forget that show, specially how you stood in a tight crowd to shake hands. i knew you were different and i embrace that, thereforr it could be nothing lesd than caribou on your birthday!! HOPE ITS A GREAT BIRTHDAY MAN! much love. F.A.N.S

  • amanda kaye

    42 looks good on you boo

  • randaa

    Happy birthday you sexy ass motherfucker!!

  • Sychosane

    BEEEEEwildered by TECH N9NE. Happy Birthday from Jaime and Ryan in Arcadia, CA.

  • Bob Armstrong

    Happy birthday Tech I’ve been a proud technician ever since Absolute Power. Hope you have many more, you music has entertained, inspired, and gotten me through some hard times. Keep doing what you do you DKNY

  • Gavin McMinn

    happy bday tech

  • Tim Wood

    Happy 42nd from another MO Technician to the best rapper of all time! Been down with your wicked flows since ’05, first of your songs I ever heard was Now It’s On from your Calm Before the Storm! First time I heard that song I said to myself “Damn! This guy goes hard!! I wanna hear more!!” You have music for every mood I go through being diagnosed bipolar. I have a terrible day where everything pisses me off, I come home and listen to songs like You Don’t Want It, Stress Relief or The Grinch, or if I’m depressed I listen to songs like Low, Leave Me Alone, So Lonely, or Alone, Pain Killer. Or if I’m in no special mood, I come home and just put my Tech N9ne playlist on shuffle :D. I love it all!!! Btw, love Therapy! I especially had a bad day at work Wednesday, so when I came home and found Therapy in my mailbox, it was a very welcome sight! I listened to it right away! Keep doin you bro!
    Technician I am, wholeheartedly, in life and in death!


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TECH!!! Do you know that one of the only fucking things that can bring a smile to this lettes face when I’m down, is either #1.being front fucking row at one of your shows!! THERES NOTHING LIKE IT!! & NOTHING BETTER!! ~AMAZING~ or #2.Turning on Tech N9ne & bumping that shit all day long!!! (Preferrably the first one though.) =) your such a wicked, intelligent, very blunt, classy, yet FUCK THE MAINSTREAM rapper!! I CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF YOU!! YOUR MUSIC IS MY HEAVEN & I MEAN THAT WITH ALL MY HEART TECH. I love you & everything your about. I HOPE YOUR BIRTHDAY IS FUCKING AMAC-H ZINGTELL ME WHO YA CAME TO SEE?!? T-E-C-H N-9-N-E!!!!!!!

  • Mana Lewis

    Happy Birthday Tech! You are the greatest artist I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to, and not just the music I love – but you as a person (no homo lol), a man! a human being! I never ever get sick of following you, your video’s, your music, the whole strange music empire, everything, It keeps me well and happy in my life no matter what I’m going through. May you continue to do what you and no other person can do, may you forever be happy as fuck! I hope one day you make it back to New Zealand… I would love to meet you and shake the man’s hand who has changed my life! Happy Birthday Brother! p.s my favorite song is all of them!

  • Patricia Locz

    Happy birthday MR.YATES!! U have changed my life with your music from the day I was left for dead and heavy in my addiction(years ago) to the beautiful life I have today!!!! I can’t go a day without listening to your music! Thank you for always being so humble and loving when I see you! I hope your day is as beautiful as you are I LOVE YOU TO PIECES ❤

  • Skylar Gray

    i got into tech as soon as i heard imma playa…and everytime i see it in concert i love it and respect him and his music along with the whole industry that he headlines…definitley an inspiration to millions…happy birthday tech hope you have a good one and can remember it all in the morning haha

  • Dzubox

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TECH N9NE, THE GREATEST RAPPER, midwest choppers was my first song, that i heard from you and ever since i been hardcore fan, when ever i’d lose hope in rap and hip hop i would listen to your music and know there is hope for this music, and against all odds and people who listened to everybody mainstream, i kept it strange and undeground, thank you TECH N9NE for all the years of strange and years to come, AGAIN HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM SERBIA HAVE A STRAAAANGE ONE!!

  • Glenda S. Reed

    Glenda Reed

  • sir skrapy

    Happy kum out the pussy day homie!!! I got turned on wit tech by listening to a sway and tech wake up show. I was like, “This nigga is ILL!!!” So I looked for blood just to see if what i heard was a fluke, and hell naw; he just keeps elevating. What that means to me is that it IS okay to think outside the box and be different. The industry needs different. I think my favorite song would have to be “This ring.”

  • Patrick Voss

    Happy Bday to the King !

  • Buckethead Wendy

    I truthfully don’t remember the first Tech song I ever heard, I just remember it was something my good homie was always listening to around ’02 – ’04. And like many others have said before this… I was just hooked

  • Jason Rateliff

    thank you for your music ive heard you say in interviews that you wish you could get away from making songs from the dark side (also said it on wax ie last sad song etc.) i just want you to know for the first time at 31 years old i was suicidal last month and its all those SAD SONGS that saved my life i love you man thank you keep doin it FTI style peace brother enjoy your birthday

  • Jayme Nicole

    I love u. I always will im.28 and your music has been my life since I was 12! Your songs changed my life more than ican describe. Only artist that will be bangin out hits at 98!. Keep up the awesome art and u have remarkable.talent happy mother f”in bday love jayme nicole,

  • Alyssa Harrison

    Happy birthday Tech! Much love to the king!

  • AustinR

    Happy birthday Stay STRANGE

  • Ninja Moose

    Tech N9ne the Master Ghetto blaster. you my friend have a awesome birthday. Thanks for all the sick ass music you put out. The Strange has helped me out of some rough times man I wish the best for you today. its Caribou time

  • Camron Johns

    Happy birthday tech, been listenin for about 4 years now and i havent missed a show since the first one i went too. The independant powerhouse tour here in eugene oregon. Havent been to a better show yet. Your music inspires me man. Its just.. Killer man! Also not to mention the fact your music has helped me struggle and stride to where i am today where i struggle greater than ever man. Your my idol tech and ive made it my goal to at least attempt to be nearly as awesome as you when im 42 man! You are truly a lyrical genius and i dont really think anyone has shit on you man. After all your the #1 independant king of hip hop. I wanna get into the music biz man. You have truly inspired me. Oh and what got me into your music? Get this man. I was walking in the halls of my old highschool i went too and i was looking to find some music to save me.from all the bs of highschool and i just looked up the name tech n9ne and.the first song i saw was dysfunctional. I clicked it and it almost seems like a message from the heavens. Thank you tech. Have an amazing birthday and have a blast man. Cant wait to see ya next show!

  • Ry An

    Happy Birthday T9 !!!

    Thanks for comin and rockin out Omaha and Lincoln NEBRASKA!!!!
    Come back soon!!!!

    Much love…..

  • Marcus Johnson

    Happy birthday tech I Have been a huge fan and avid supporter since 2004 and you have never let me down thank you for your life changing and inspiring music

  • DJ Krazy A

    Happy Birthday TECH!! Will never forget getting to interview you on my radio show for the K-State student radio. Then having the pleasure to see you come to Manhattan to kill it live! Can’t wait til you come bavk through!
    – DJ Krazy A

  • Owwie Bagel

    Happy Birthday, Tech!

  • kenny james

    Happy bday ninja hope its filled with da strange shit!!


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