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Tech N9ne Responds To Richard Sherman’s Instant-Classic Post-Game Interview

Published: January 20, 2014 in Tech N9ne by

Richard Sherman Rant

It was the post-game interview that became bigger than the game itself when Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman delivered a verbal smackdown to San Francisco 49ers wide reciever Michael Crabtree.

For those who have been off the internet for the past 24 hours, here’s how it went down: the 49ers arrived in Seattle to challenge the Seahawks to a spot in the Super Bowl to face the red-hot Denver Broncos. The game was tight and down to the very last play, with a 49ers pass to the end zone meant for star receiver Michael Crabtree. In an outstanding clutch play, Sherman leaped and deflected the pass which a teammate intercepted. In a brilliant troll move, Sherman quickly ran to Crabtree to offer a handshake only to be met with Crabtree’s hand to Sherman’s face mask.

After the game was over, Sherman had some choice words for Michael Crabtree.


Tech N9ne took to Twitter to give his opinion on the proceedings.

  • What did you think of Sherman’s post-game interview?
  • Was the trash talk warranted?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • DGZ

    Crabtree pushed him away because the handshake offer wasn’t genuine. It was Sherman being his usual douche self. Sherman pulled the same shit on Trent Williams on the Redskins, and got socked in the face for it.

  • sean

    Yes but Sherman approached him in a way in which I would have also hit Sherman in the face. Sorry tech but can’t agree with ya on this one

  • Gazoo

    Haters are gonna hate. A lot of back story between those two. Like Crabtree trying to start a fight at a charity event. Classy.

  • chris mili

    These guys are wayyyy over paid.

  • Tdubb292

    I agree with Tech N9ne.

    If the handshake feels out of line then be a good sport about losing shake and walk off till next year or ignore. He is the best right now and who wouldn’t be confident when making good money doing what he loves.
    His excitement and anger is fuel to perform in the big game.
    Let alone the the recivers on Denver watching.
    Go Seahawks!! #RedNose


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