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‘This Is Not Make Believe’ – Tech N9ne Talks His Most Challenging Verse Ever In April/May Issue Of XXL

Published: March 25, 2014 in Tech N9ne by

Tech XXL

Even for the most seasoned mic controller, there’s some verses that just take more than others to get out. In the latest issue of XXL, Tech N9ne reveals the verse that proved to be the most difficult out of the many eye-opening set of bars he’s unleashed throughout his career.

As it turns out, the verse he laid down for “Low” from K.O.D. proved to be the most challenging. For Tech, not only was it the writing itself, but the transformative process that occurred within the writing process.

“I only did two verses because I could barely do three. ‘Cause I write my life, so this is not just make believe. This is what’s in my head for real. The line between insanity and sanity.”

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  • – What’s the most depressing Tech N9ne verse you’ve ever heard?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • Cristian Ybarra

    Low is on my top 10 tech n9ne songs ever

  • Shelby Strange

    all <9 ; thank you for the beautiful music !

  • Chance Friend

    This is why Tech N9ne is the top independent rapper. write from the heart, people will flock to hear your story, im a small town rapper (will never make the big shots) and i respect Tech and listen to him on the daily, he gives me inspiration to do what i do, much love yall

  • bradley

    i cant leave my children with nothin so i got to keep bussin.

  • Jakob♛Hernandez

    Pain killer. From the K.O.D Lost scripts album. Sounds depressing but love that song

  • killkrabb

    Happy ending off the killer album

  • Joshua Cuellar

    Leave me alone-All your tech hatred has got you soundin like a bitch player.
    And this is to multiple haters and I swear it, ain’t about a pass but if the shoe fit wear it nigga.
    Its a size N9ne, wanna step inside mine?
    It’ll feel like you died tryin, and you will know that I can’t buy time, for you to catch casper its high time.
    You tried crimes against me cause you couldn’t follow the guidelines.
    They say respect your elders, you best go tell the lord forgive you cause whats next your failure.
    Just leave me where its less your hell brah.
    Invest your mail to somethin that sell cause the Tech don’t smell ya, Tech gon tell ya:

    This is a pretty sad depressing verse to

  • Nuri

    The last of “The Rain” and “Suicide Letters,” the ones that involved his kids. That’s about the heaviest thing that can lie on a man’s heart.

  • Guest

    Low was on K.O.D….

  • killkrabb

    They asked what was the most depressing tech nine verse that i heard…for me happy ending off of the killer album….i know low was on k.o.d


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