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‘CRISIS’ – Twista Confirms Tech N9ne Collabo On New ‘Dark Horse’ Album

Published: July 14, 2014 in Tech N9ne by

Twista Tech N9ne Collabo

Twista’s about to let the rhythm hit em with a new Tech N9ne collab that you’re going to want to check out.

The Chi Town emcee took to YouTube to answer questions from the fans and amongst those questions was a future collaboration with Tech N9ne on his upcoming album Dark Horse. Twista confirmed that Tech N9ne does indeed appear on the album on the song “Crisis”.

These are some of the most intricate spitters of all time and for this reason we can only assume that this collaboration will be a can’t-miss clinic of lyrical hip hop.


1. The Dark Horse (Feat. Tyme)
2. I Am Such a Mobsta
3. Devil’s Angel
4. Beast
5. Getting Paper (Feat. Dra Day)
6. It’s Yours (Feat. Tia London)
7. One More Joog
8. Crisis (Feat. Tech N9ne)
9. Burnin Burnin (Feat. Wiz Khalifa & Berner)
10. Want My Love (Feat. DJ Victoriouz)
11. Nothing Like Me (Feat. Gritz)
12. Me and You
13. 6 Rings


14. Throwin My Money (Feat. R. Kelly)
15. D.O.A.
16. No Friend of Me (Feat. Chief Keef & Stunt Taylor)
17. Got Away

WATCH (0:32 mark for Tech N9ne mention)

  • What’s your favorite Tech N9ne/Twista collaboration so far?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below because we want to hear your feedback!

  • Richard Martin

    Tech N9ne and Twista Mixtape he says??? Get on it!

  • Janice Murray

    please hit us with that tech & twista mixtape

  • William Mitchell

    Tech N9ne!

  • Beavs420

    the tech and twista is called midwest fury but it aint made yet.cant wait

  • Beavs420

    Problems Tech Nina and Twista goes hard

  • krayziemel

    Edge of destruction, favorite twista- tech So far.

  • small44

    The song Why is my favorite

  • Nate Fox

    problems or worldwide choppers n foreal that mixtape needs to happen


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