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‘I Plan On Being The Number One Rapper…Period’ – Tech N9ne Talks The Ultimate Goal Of Strange Music [Video]

Published: August 27, 2014 in Tech N9ne by

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You would think with years of independent dominance that Tech N9ne would be satisfied, right? Not by a long shot.

Check out this interview where Tech says that Strange Music’s mission is far from reaching conclusion, for anything short of world domination is simply unacceptable. A bold statement, but coming from somebody who, along with Travis O’Guin, built a worldwide empire from Kansas City of all places, the outcome doesn’t seem unlikely.

Tech also lists off the people he wants to collaborate with in the near-future. As to be expected with Tech, the list is rather unexpected and features an unusual mix of talents.




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  • Do you think Tech N9ne and Strange Music will achieve world domination?

  • Who do you want to see Tech collaborate with out of the names he listed?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


  • juan

    I missed seeing prozac because he was “sick”

  • Ollie Gates

    I miss skatter and snug.

  • LabOwner

    It wont be too long before he is because of how much money they spend pushing and promoting Tech, that is why he appears on Mtv, Forbes, etc. Think of how much money they spend on Tech, hundreds of thousands; and then compare that to how much money they spend promoting the other artists on Strange, probably not even half of how much they spend on Tech. Krizz has been selling the same number of units ever since his debut, why; because they haven’t been pushing him and promoting him. The same thing with the other artists, compare how much units Tech sells compared to the other ones, it is at least 6:1. So they are pushing him to the top because of money. Now they dont spend that much on the other artists.

  • Kitty Cat Randy

    No words for how ignorant you are.

  • TruthSerum

    If more people felt that way they would have never left. There sales were dog shit, like 2000 copies both times. I liked them too but they never caught on for some reason

  • Eren

    Tech and Em need to have a song, it could be a bestseller for both artists. But Tech should also work with Flatbush.

  • Jeovan Flete

    Love all the people he name dropped. I really hope Em comes through and makes another song with him. I don’t even wanna think of the greatness that could come out of Tech and Eminem making a whole album together. Or even a Shady Records/Strange Music collab album. Slaughterhouse, Ces Cru, Yelawolf, Rittz, D12 (what’s left of it), Stevie Stone, Bad Meets Evil, Krizz, etc, etc. It’d be incredible. But for now, I’d love to see Tech and Em on a song or 2 together. And album is a long shot but I guarantee I’d buy 2 albums (digital and physical) and be damn sure I’m on that tour for my 2 favorite rappers.


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