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‘YES!’ – Fans Lose It Over The Tech N9ne ‘Special Effects’ Album Cover

Published: January 15, 2015 in Tech N9ne by

Tech N9ne Fan Comment on Special Effects

The verdict is in: fans want Tech N9ne’s Special Effects to be out yesterday. They also love the cutting edge album artwork by famed comic artist Rob Prior.

You probably know Rob Prior from the live paintings that he’s done at Tech N9ne shows over the past year and the album cover for CES Cru’s Codename: Ego Stripper (as well as the thousands of amazing art pieces he’s already made in his storied career) but now he’s finally gotten to put his hands on a piece of history, designing the cover for Tech N9ne’s most anticipated album of all time.

Tech took to Instagram to give fans a sneak peek of the Special Effects album cover before the official announcement dropped.

Check out what the fans had to say.



Special Effects Cover Blog

  • What do you think of the album art?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • Kris Hilleary

    The artwork is definitely the shit! I can’t wait for the album! When can we pre-order? Hell when can we pre-order tickets for the tour? ;’)

  • Michelle Amina Martinez

    I absolutely love this cover. Definitely a brain teaser I’m at awe

  • Dan Smallidge

    another amazing album cover Tech, I love how you and Rob came together ill never forget the live art from woosta last april

  • jasmine M

    come to raleigh

  • TedBigBundy

    Look’s cheaply done as usual, No effort put in-to it at all.


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