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WATCH: Tech N9ne Says He Wants Band Of Psychos To Be Permanent [Video]

Published: January 6, 2015 in Tech N9ne by

Tech N9ne Sermon's Domain

Could Tech N9ne’s Band of Psychos be coming back to a city near you?

In this video interview with Sermon’s Domain, Tech N9ne reveals his intentions for future live shows. Not only does he want the core members of Band of Psychos (David Pastorius on bass, Alien Warr on drums, Tyler Lyon on guitar) to remain, but he’d like to add more members down the line (bongos, keyboard…even violin?).

Tech also breaks down what Special Effects means and what kind of pressure he’s operating under now that he’s on the radar thanks to the radio success of “Fragile” and his various appearances on television.


  • What do you think of Tech N9ne having a band at every show?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • Ryan N

    I’ve for a while now been feelin like tech over a track with lindsey sterling on violin would be intense.

  • Aerynthe Hunter

    I was JUST thinking this when he said violinist.. Could you imagine Lindsey Stirling dancing around that stage looking bad ass with Tech N9ne?!?! would be amazing!

  • Ryan N

    If only tech read these comments. Listening to Sterling’s album I think how different but killer it would be for someone to rap over her music. We’ll see. Tech’s always ahead of the game. Watch him already have her on special effects. Ha

  • Justin Collins

    I think that some people need to let him do what he does. He obviously knows what he’s doing and I can promise he’s smarter then the average joe, especially in the music industry. So I honestly don’t see why anyone would be ashamed of Tech for what he said would happen a long time ago. “Tech will never go mainstream, mainstream will go Tech.” And that my friends is exactly what is happening. F.A.N.S.!

  • RandomViolentActs

    Shit don’t work…wtf is safety mode on YouTube..
    Shit says it’s enabled but Its not

  • sharon63duvall@yahoo.com

    Band of Pyschco’s at every show? Great move Tech! Loved meeting you all and the experience of your show was amazing ! Me and my son will be seeing you this year at as many shows as we can! Front and center with the posters!

  • jesse

    Those are fair waether fans and aren’t worth an artists time


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