WATCH: Tech N9ne Says He Wants Band Of Psychos To Be Permanent [Video]

Jan 6 2015

Tech N9ne Sermon's Domain

Could Tech N9ne’s Band of Psychos be coming back to a city near you?

In this video interview with Sermon’s Domain, Tech N9ne reveals his intentions for future live shows. Not only does he want the core members of Band of Psychos (David Pastorius on bass, Alien Warr on drums, Tyler Lyon on guitar) to remain, but he’d like to add more members down the line (bongos, keyboard…even violin?).

Tech also breaks down what Special Effects means and what kind of pressure he’s operating under now that he’s on the radar thanks to the radio success of “Fragile” and his various appearances on television.


  • What do you think of Tech N9ne having a band at every show?

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