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LISTEN: Rittz – ‘Unborn Child’ [Audio]

Published: March 20, 2015 in Rittz by

Unborn Child

Rittz drops one of the most personal and heartfelt tracks of his career with “Unborn Child”.

Written as a letter to the child that he was supposed to have, Rittz pours out his regret and lost hopes. A cut from back in 2004, you can hear that Rittz always had the fearless, head-on approach to his life through music that fans love him for today.


  • What’d you think of the song?

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  • Arthur Hernandez

    Dope! That’s what music is missing nowadays Real Emotion!
    Keep the music coming man.

  • Brian W Etheridge

    man if that dont make you tear up !!! thank you RITTZ

  • Daniel Valenzuela

    That’s real shit rittz the truth

  • Woke YaYa

    Damn this song goes deep! I got the chills. Keep the good music coming RITTZ!

  • M. Ross Rubly

    This made me cry, me and my ex lost our kid before we had a chance to even find out the sex . . . This was really touching I love it . . . .Much love Rittz . . . .really brought up some crazy hard feelings to deal with . . . Thank you for this. . . . You’ve inspired me to go on with actually writing more about my experience and how I felt wish you could read this and know how you truly and deeply touched me and possibly a whole lot more people with this I could imagine how it felt and I hope it made you stronger . . . . Peace to you

  • You can tell he was in the mind of eminem, and studied him, cause this sounds like some eminem type songs talking bout his daughter

  • Brad Riggs

    Sounds nothing like slim anus man u need to get your hearing checked

  • Erik

    Man I don’t know how you lost your child ,it’s a Tragedy sorry for the lost of your child ,these are strange times and strange days keep your head up keep doing you.

  • and you need to quit slurping the cocks of 2 painted up men.

  • Brad Riggs

    Funny who the hell you think your talking to. Someone got ass hurt from my remark. Ah u must be speaking of Insane clown posse now that’s funny haven’t listened to them for 10 years but I see you like to assume and make stupid fucking remarks over the Web. keyboard warrior you

  • Brad Riggs

    Lmao this guy says a lot over the Web. He be tasting concrete if he ever said half this to someone like me face to face

  • i’d say the same shit on the street too, then put you on world start fight compilation video laid out like a hoe


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