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‘We Finally Need To Connect!’ – Papa Roach Reaches Out To Tech N9ne

Published: May 28, 2015 in Tech N9ne by

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Rockfest is doing more than bringing together 50,000 people for the biggest one-day music festival in the country, it’s bringing artists together of the highest caliber.

Papa Roach, who will be appearing on stage at Rockfest, reached out to Tech N9ne, who will be playing the festival for the very first time. The lead singer Jacoby Shaddix, a big Strange Music fan, has given Tech a shoutout before, and hopes to link up with the first ever rap performer for Kansas City’s Rockfest.


  • Would you want to see Tech and Papa Roach on a collab?

Let us know in the comments section below!


Tech N9ne Special Effects Tour

  • Jasen D Scott

    No! But I am just one person with an opinion. I don’t think Tech and Jakoby would connect as well as he did with Serj or Corey.

  • James DarkFyre Vrchota

    I personally think that would be a dope collabo. Both are high energy, and Jacoby already has some rap styling to his music.

  • Gravel Beltran

    Why not? What are you waiting for?

  • Stephany Tisch

    This would be amazing. I love Tech and Papa Roach! Bring it on you guys!

  • Clinton McFeeley

    Oh yes yes yes! He set the bar high with Serj and Corey, but that bar will be raised with Jacoby!!!

  • Nicolas Neki Lami

    honestly… ive been a papa roach fan for a very long time now, along with tech, but this collab would turn out shit…. no other way to put it. not because one isn’t good enough, or that 1 will outshine the other. they just wouldn’t mix well in my opinion. but we’ll see, if it happens, and turns out well, I’ll be the first to admit im wrong.

  • Rob Triplett

    Plz plz plz for the love of God plz let this epic, world shattering collab happen

  • Seth Bell

    Hell yeah that would be dope as hell ! I’ve always loved papa roach and to see them and tech put it down would be sick AF ! Definitely needs to happen !


    Uh. No. Not even close.


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