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‘They Don’t Know What Tech N9ne Is’ – Tech N9ne Addresses Rockfest Naysayers

Published: May 29, 2015 in Tech N9ne by

Tech N9ne

Even after solidifying his legend in Kansas City, Tech N9ne still has a lot of potential Technicians who aren’t aware that he can rock any stage, at any time.

With Rockfest, Kansas City’s 0ne-day rock and roll extravaganza, within days of occurring, all eyes are on Tech N9ne, the hip hop Kansas City King who is set to perform at the festival for the very first time. Being the first rapper to appear on a lineup for the long-running festival brings a lot of naysayers, but Tech N9ne is ready to crush all doubts with his performance.

In this article from Timothy Finn of the Kansas City star, Tech N9ne addresses the very doubts of people who might be a bit uneducated as to what Tech’s music truly represents.

“I read the YouTube comments from people saying I don’t belong there because I’m hip-hop,” he told The Star on Thursday. “They don’t know what Tech N9ne is.”

Born Aaron Yates in Kansas City in 1971, Tech N9ne has evolved into one of the most successful independent artists in music. But his tastes in music are varied, which is something the naysayers don’t know, he said.

“I started my label (Strange Music) because of a rock band, because I’m an enormous Doors fan,” he said. “I worked with the remaining Doors on my last album and I got Jim Morrison on the chorus. I worked with Serj Tankian (System of a Down) on my last album. I had Corey Taylor of Slipknot on my new album. They don’t know that. They don’t know I’ve worked with the Deftones. I’m on Five Finger Death Punch’s new album. They don’t know that.

“There are people saying they’re not coming out to Rockfest because I’m going to bring gangsters, but they do not know what I’m about to do. ”


  • How does Tech N9ne stand up to your favorite rock and roll act?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  • Jose Miguel Rodriguez Jr.

    Fuck what those people say, they ain’t Tech fans. They don’t need to come to rockfest, it would be better off without those idiots there that do not know about Tech. A lot of people that comment on YouTube are idiots and dumb little kids with no sense in their minds, and no cents in their pockets.

  • Shani Andersen-Moore

    Tech N9ne is an incredible amalgam of immense talent and a wide array of musical influences….. I was thrilled they were in the line-up, and extraordinarily disappointed I was unable to see the show today. Proud of the individualism and intense drive….. Kansas City is proud of her native son.


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