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WATCH: Tech N9ne Says He Delivered Eminem A Verse [Video]

Published: June 16, 2015 in Tech N9ne by

Tech N9ne Summerjam Interview

Tech N9ne made hip hop history by delivering a track with one of the most mind-bending Eminem verses of all time. All Eminem wanted in return for his appearance was a verse from Tech.

In this video interview, Tech N9ne has confirmed that his verse for the yet-to-be-revealed song from Eminem has been completed and delivered. We can only assume that Tech went ballistic on whatever the track was, given his history of obliterating guest appearances on songs in which he’s set up by elite emcees (see Crooked I’s “Let Me Get It”, Rittz’s “Bloody Murdah” or Brotha Lynch Hung’s “Takin Online Orders”).

Now all we can do is wait…


  • What kind of song do you want Tech N9ne and Eminem to do together?

Let us know in the comments section below.




  • Ermin statebriga

    The song I want from Tech and Em is simple, well it should be. I want Tech to sound like he did on “URALYA” or “Fragile” preferrably both, but if one then any. I just want it to sound more smooth as we already had a burner (in a good way) by them.

    And please no Krizz, I love how he sounds but I’m still waiting for that Tech and Em only song 🙁 Guessing that this song will be on Southpaw I (even though I’m a Stan) probably won’t like Em’s flow on the song, which if it happens wouldn’t make it the perfect song either :/

    And Tech should pick the hook person, he picks ones who actually match perfectly. Ain’t no chance Em is gonna pick someone who fits better on the hook than Tech’s pick’s.

  • FacePuncher

    Not sure why this is considered “hip hop history”…except maybe for that fact that everything that has ever happens is history. People collaborate all the time, nothing special really.

  • Austin Olsen

    A new guilty conscious song with tech and em would be dope as fuck, with krizz or hopsin doing a hook about shit trapped inside of his head and tech and em are the good and bad angels on his shoulder, either one being the good or bad you could both pull them off either way

  • Kate Rose

    Maybe, one with my vocals doing the hook, and,…

  • Zin Brun

    probably because of the massive amount of fans asking for this.

  • Drew Harvey

    Get a super futuristic, trippy beat produced by El-P and go 4 bars Em, 4 bars Tech back and forth. It’ll be awesome.

  • Sumit chauhan

    MAke it more lyrical than ..just going for the speed this time ..I mean …u do your best and tell em to do his best … Love from INDIA

  • Thearn Delano

    Tech just need to be as strange as he can be like the strange n9ne he is and Eminem needs to go Slim Shady. They need to just both get in the studio find a beat that speaks to them both then spit it. Aint nothin to it but to do it.

  • Damian Fettes

    Consider…. Eminem, one of the most popular rappers of all time (and fairly decent at that), doing a song written by the greatest lyrical genius in rap history. Not to mention this collab has been requested for years.

  • Daniel Adam Turcotte


  • Ashley

    I didn’t like the speedom version with Eminem in Imean he can rap but he cant rap as fast as tech and krizz not hateing on him Imean iIlove tthem all but some times they need to put limits on some music. Eminem Ilove you but iIddon’tthink u can rap that fast and make it sound good like strange music can but ima say you do have major skills at what u do you are a fantastic artist

  • Chase Gosse

    A song about their moms.


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